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Hello, TNT. I recently made my first million Neopoints, and an idea came to me. I wanted to purchase a Faerie Queen Doll from the Hidden Tower and rent it out for a very small fee, like 10,000 to 20,000 NP. This is something of a grey area in the rules, though, and I have never seen it on the boards. Could you clear this up for me? Thanks. (please remove my username) ~username removed
While we applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, this type of thing just isn't allowed. You can't make a profit off of lending. There's also the danger of losing your doll and your hard-earned million. We suggest finding a different (and safer) way to invest your Neopoints.

*hands out Shenkuu tea* Oh wow, the new Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush is awesome; great job on making a fun, new, fresh paint brush for Neopians to enjoy. It's also really neat how a lot of the paint brushes kinda have a yin and yang vibe. I mean, you have the "elderly" paint brush and baby p.b., magma p.b. and water p.b., faerie p.b. and Darigan p.b., pirate and, well... hmm... too bad there isn't an awesome-stealthy-counterpart p.b. to pirates. =/ ~twilightfox0
Well, played, Neopian. Well played. However, such stealthy things are hard to see until they are right upon you...

Dear TNT,
Today I went to Coltzan's Shrine and he made my Neopet's feet feel warmer. My Neopet is a Peophin. ~peoviper

Coltzan is just THAT powerful.

Can soot Petpets be zapped back into normal Petpets? I feel like I remember this happening to me once, but it hasn't happened again and I was wondering if that one time was a glitch. ~silverxkey
Yes, Petpets that are turned into soot can be zapped back into another Petpet, but if they get zapped into oblivion then it's all gone.

I was transferring my Neopet to a friend and I clicked the wrong name (they were similar names). The person I sent her to now hasn't been on in 63 days. So, how do I get my Neopet back so that I can transfer her to the right person? ~brislayton23
If no one accepts the Neopet, then it will be returned to your account in a few days. Also, please always be careful when transferring Neopets and items, for precisely this reason. :)

We imagine they'll likely be bored after three days in an
abandoned Neohome, but they'll live.

Hey, TNT. In a previous article you mentioned that you can't lend items in return for votes for something. I was wondering if you could please clarify this. Do you mean to say that, if you are in the Caption Contest or Beauty Contest and have a link in your siggy promoting that you got in, then it would be against the rules to lend out items, or do you strictly mean cases where you are only lent to if you vote? Thanks. :) Please remove my username :P ~username removed
What you are not allowed to do is attempt to "buy" votes by offering someone a lend, item, or anything else aside from a heartfelt "thank you." If you aren't doing this, then don't worry about it. If you are, or are trying to do it on the sly, then worry about it.

I just noticed that the winners of the Random Contest won in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Are you biased against the end of the alphabet?!? D= (lawl) ~lil_jen_aside
The Random Contest winners are always listed in alphabetical order. After we select the winners, our script generates the page and lists them that way automatically.

I recently saw a Neopet with a Darigan Pteri Plushie as their Petpet. I can't tell if this is a coding trick (is that allowed?) or if you can really use toys as Petpets. If it's the latter, how do you give your Neopet the plushie as a Petpet? Thank you! :) On the off chance that you actually put this in the Editorial, please remove my username ~username removed
On rare occasions, items are sometimes misflagged as the wrong type of item. What likely happened is that the plushie got set to "Petpet" by mistake, and between that time and when we fixed it, the player attached it to their Neopet. This has happened a few times in Neopian history, which explains why you'll occasionally see an omlette or something acting as a Petpet. We've also been informed by those with better memory, that very briefly there was a glitch where just about anything could be equipped as a Petpet.

Can you end this Editorial with a grey theme? ~angelkilby
*sigh* We suppose... I mean, if you really want us to, we don't mind. We guess. Is this enough?

*sigh* We bet you want some witty comment here too, huh?

**Happy Thoughts**
Bah! Who wants to end on a dreary note? Enjoy this happy thought! :)

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful work that you do. I remember hearing about Neopets from a kid at summer camp when I was ten or so and having my mom help me make my first Neopet when I got home. Now I'm in college and I still love hanging around on Neopets. I can't fathom the amount of work that goes into all of this, and even more, you've managed to pull this off without making anyone pay money that can't. So, thank you sincerely for your creativity, passion, hard work, and that loveable TNT sense of humor. :) ~00piggie24

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