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Um... hellooo? Anyone here? Is, uh... anyone going to do the Editorial,
or is this just a long moment of silence for Rutu?

I found a letter. Apparently, an unfortunate combination of vacations and "jury duty", whatever that is, have struck the Editorial team. They asked if we could handle it this week. I can't imagine how this could possibly go wrong...

That sounded like sarcasm in your voice.

Yes, imagine that.

Well! *rubs hands together* Let's pull up some questions! Here's one: "Dear Editorial, what's the secret to having amazing hair?" from HansoFan786.

Well, it's all about having the proper hair products, you see...

You just made that question up!

Yes, true, but do you want to learn how to have good hair, or have things thrown at our heads?

Just pick an actual question and read it!

Fine! Here's the next one, submitted by luckie0603.
They ask, "Why does a Weewoo not have wings?"

I said, stop making up ridiculous questions!

I didn't! Look for yourself.

I-- Oh. That would indeed be a real question.


Well, pick something else then.

Okay; slorg_lover_1234 asks, "Have you noticed that the abbreviation
for Paint Brush (PB) is the same as Peanut Butter (PB)?"

... ...

Wow, no wonder it takes them so long to do the Editorial...

This is getting painful. Just look for something we can answer.



Still looking.


Ahh, here's one!

"Inquiring readers want to know. Okay, so I lied. It's only my
weightlifting Elephante that wants to know. What is the
heaviest item in Neopia?"
asks bedbugz.

I believe the answer to that would be the crushing weight on my soul having been given this assignment.

For once, I agree with you.

*sigh* Next!

Fight_til_forever sent this: "Hey, TNT! I was on the Trading Post boards and saw someone that said if you offered something rare / expensive (a paint brush, etc.) on their junk item, then they would screenshot your offer and put it on their User Lookup so that others could see your good deed. Could you please clarify if this is against the rules? P.S.: YOU ROCK!"

Ah, finally. Something I can answer. Yes, I would say it's quite the nefarious attempt at deception and would not be tolerated.

I would say that if people fall for that, I think I need to plan a vacation to Mystery Islan--


I mean, uh... what a despicable trick! Of course it's against the rules!

*glares and walks off*

Where'd she come from, anyway?

I'm not sure it's safe to ask. Next.

Hypertext_godess1999 asks: "Can I get a Boo-yah?!?"



You're no fun. You know that, right?


Bowsermario303 wants to know: "Is TNT really a
bunch of bobbleheads that eat asparagus?"

That's it. I can't do this anymore.

Does this mean I win?

Yes, congratulations. You get to do next week's, too.

I don't think I like this prize.

Can we end this now?

Yes, yes. They always end with some art, though.
What did they leave us? Ah, here we go.

By Fyora, what IS that?

Why does this even exist? I don't want this to exist.

Find something else!

I am so not looking through their images again.
You're welcome to try.

On second thought, this picture is fine.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Editor's Note: Erm, sorry about that, folks. We'll be back next week with a real Editorial.

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