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Editor's Note: No one asked the Editorial about it, but as we compiled our weekly feedback last week, we noticed a high number of people commenting about the (lack of) lower jaw on the wraith Scorchio. Our art team looked into it and realised that the wrong head had been uploaded. Apparently it was an unfinished head from earlier in the design process. We just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the design is slightly different now than what you saw in New Features. Here's the proper design as originally intended:

Not like there haven't been loads of wonderful new books given out during this year's Daily Dare competition, but majestic_grarrl_7225 would really, really, really (well, you get the idea) love to read I Made it Past the Loading Screen! Is there any chance it can be made readable? ~lavaaug
Nope. It's a gift card, not a book, and not one of those long, thoughtful gift cards that you need to awkwardly feign reading, either. It's more like a "Good job, you!" kind of card. So, while perhaps it's motivational, your Neopet's reading skill isn't likely to increase as they ponder its deep words.

Ever dearest TNT,
It has come to my attention that you lack a top hat or monocle smiley. This is quite depressing, as I have moments that could use one whilst posting on a chat board of the fanciest caliber and have no way to show other Neopians that my post does, indeed, exude fanciness. If it is possible, may I humbly request a smiley to help show off the fanciness that is ever-present in Neopia? ~elegys_song

Hmm... well, when you phrase it that way, it's quite hard to deny such a favour. Dragona said she'd handle it, so that you can post "like a sir."

Okay, I'm dying to know. What would you do if a zombie crawled through the office window? *chucks zombie Neopets at you* ~animalhaven
First off, we'd create a barricade to slow the zombies down while we collect office supply weaponry. Then we'd group together and move as a unit to the stairwell and make our escape. We might lose a few on the sprint from the stairs to the parking structure, but it's a zombie apocalypse, so that's to be expected. We'd then pile into a car like clowns and drive over the remaining zombies and head to... oh, drat. Did anyone remember to sync the site? Okay, so we'd battle our way back through the zombie horde and sync the day's news and then, well... we'd probably all be zombies by this point, so...


I was wondering: being a veteran of 11+ years here on Neopets, I remember back during the Gadgadsbogen of old times that, when new fruits came out, older fruits were then retired. Is this still the case? ~tranzfigured
Yup! Seven new fruits were released this year and seven old fruits were retired. :)

Railroad crossing look for the cars, can you spell that without any R's? :D ~blue_cow
That we can. ;)

D: In last week's Editorial you not only insulted people that eat socks, but also insulted those that speak with rapid arm guestures -- both of which I do!!! I think I spelled guestures wrong. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!? First the cheese, now THIS! AHHHH!!! *runs to the crazy Lutari man for counseling* ~countrygirl7
We're very sorry that you took offence, but we're determined to make amends! Here, just go into this janitorial closet, where you can speak with Dragona and the crazy Lutari with a plant growing out of his head, and tell them all of your concerns. Yep, right in there... a little further... perfect. *door slam and locking sounds* Phew! Next question!

How is a handheld plushie different from a regular plushie? ~fishsalad56
A handheld plushie generally describes a wearable plushie, as opposed to a toy item.

*ahem hem* Dearest TNT,
I was just a-wondering (as one does) about the Random Contest and looking at some of the beautifully... well, random entries for past contests, and saw that when 3rd place is applicable, it always says "100 runners up." Are there always 100 runners up? Do you have to bribe Lawyerbot to enter an extra 100 times to make up the numbers, or could you maybe change this little bit of text? Much love to you wonderful people! ~zooziezoo

No, that's text that got set up when we first created the Random Contest, and we didn't bother adjusting it from contest to contest. We'll see if we can change the wording a bit so that Lawyerbot doesn't feel compelled to send in more pictures of Usuki dolls.

Hey, TNT. Thanks for being you. I was feeding all of my Neopets from my Everlasting Apple today and it made me wonder: what's the story there? Is there some great history to go with it, like the Neopedia entry for Thyora's Tear, or will its existence forever be shrouded in mystery like... well, pretty much everything Dragona does? ~eevee133239
We've sent out a request to our Writing Department. Let's see what they come up with to explain the mystery of the Everlasting Apple. If only it were so easy to explain Dragona...

Actually it's quite easy to explain. She's nuts.

I wouldn't talk about her that way.
She DOES know how to edit images, you know.

Pfft. Like she'd do anything to me.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Well, I suppose it could have been worse.

I was hoping for a plant to be
sticking out of your head, honestly.

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