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I was wondering about something, since it's been brought to many users' attention on the boards. If a user is silenced, is it against the rules for them to go on another account and continue chatting? Also, if they are permasilenced, does that mean they are no longer allowed to be on the boards / send Neomails / communicate at all? Please clarify this for all to see. Thank you! ~acrylic
Players are welcome to chat on the Neoboards with a side account if their main is currently silence. However, what players may not do is hop onto a side account and continue whatever conversation that caused them to get silenced in the first place. That is what will cause additional warnings and possibly place all their accounts in jeopardy. And yes, when an account is permanently silenced it means that an account will no longer be able to communicate at all all. This includes Neoboards, Neomail, guild boards, and any areas where text can be edited, such as the User Lookup, shop, and Petpages.

Howdy-doo, TNT! I was recently looking through my Safety Deposit Box, in search of any map pieces for the Forgotten Shore Map, when I began wondering if there will ever be a "Map Pieces" category for Safety Deposit Boxes. Thanks, TNT! You're the bomb! (I bet you've never heard that one before.) ~steponalego
We're going to have to say that this is unlikely. Map pieces are considered "special" items, and can be found in that category. Alternatively, you can search for the keyword "piece" in your SDB.

In light of all the complaints I see on the Neoboards regarding perks for paying users (whether they are Premium users, Neocash users, etc.), and as someone who doesn't use those aspects, I would like to commend you outright for doing a very good job of keeping things that you pay for from being intrusive to those players that simply use the free aspects of the site. Thank you. *passes out snowglobes in the shape of the words "THANK YOU"* ~little_lamb_94
Aww, we're glad you appreciate it. We really do our best to balance offering content for everyone while still making worthwhile things for those who choose to spend their money with us. We know there's been some confusion regarding the Lulu aspect of Daily Dare, but we assure everyone that they are not missing out on any sort of "plot" by not purchasing NC. The Lulu portion is similar to the backstage pass of the Altador Cup and other previous NC additions to site events. Also, anyone is welcome to read along and enjoy the story for free. :)

This travesty has been going on for much too long, and has continually been blatantly ignored by TNT's staff members. Snargan is cheating, and you people are just looking the other way. I can even provide screenshots of the evidence, featuring Snargan himself saying, "Hang on, that coin was supposed to have tails on both sides!" and, "No, look closer, I think it's tails..." on many separate occasions! I am beginning to wonder about all of my past tosses that conveniently came up tails just as I was about to win big. What do you have to say for yourselves? ~lizlaw
We assure you that we are aware of this issue, and are taking every reasonable step to make sure this suspected cheater is brought to Neopian justice.

Good job, guys. That will keep them off my tail for awhile.
Here's your monthly take as always! *hands over bag of Neopoints*

Who's Dragona? Can you give me a picture of her / him? ~awesomer_maggie
Dragona is one of our more... eccentric staff members. She's been here for 10 years now, and claims to work in the Content Department (previously in the Writing Department). Frankly, we think she's just here to eat our socks, hence why we tend to keep her locked in the utility closet. We occasionally invite her to meetings, but considering she primarily communicates with reaction gifs and rapid arm gestures, things can get awkward quickly. She can also be a bit shy, so she submitted this frighteningly accurate drawing of herself rather than a picture.

So, I have a question regarding something I've been wondering about for the past 9+ years: what do the rarity numbers stand for? I know that certain rarities have titles, such as "Very Rare" for 90-94, "Ultra Rare" for 95-98 and 100, "Super Rare" for 99, and "Special" for 101. Then there's the "Mega Rare" 105-110, "Retired" 180, "Artifact" 200, etc. Why did you choose these numbers? What do they MEAN? ~krazybabeh
Snarkie explained it the best, so we'll post her response!

"The number choices can be explained quite easily! 0-99 [the restocking rarities that determine how often an item stocks in the site shops] makes a hundred total rarities, including the 0, so that was used first and really thought of at the time as the only ones that would be needed. Then 101 was used as "freebies", or things you get from dailies and random events, because 100 was an awesome number and was left open for something special... which never happened. So then, of course, we later added 100 into the restocking set for super rare stuff that stocks. Anyway, then rarity 180 was chosen as the "retired" rarity, leaving a good chunk of numbers open in the middle for other things to be determined later. Those numbers (102-179) were then filled up over time to mean very specific things. [And differentiate them from r101.] For example, there are numbers in there specifically for TCG items and are representative of their real-world card rarities, etc. Then 200 [Hidden Tower items] and 500 [NC items] were chosen to use nice round numbers that are easy to remember, and to again leave the numbers in between free for future use if we ever needed them. And giving each item a rarity number is just a way for players and staff alike to have a general notion of what an item is worth and where it came from at a glance, though you can never just tell from the rarity. In any case, it's all pretty simple as you can see. *nod*"

If that's a simple explanation, we think we'll skip her presentation on the adverse effects of snorkle bellies on the Neopian Stock Market.

Okay TNT, I have now forgiven you for the conversion. Angry Meepit Eyes are the best thing in the world. That is all. Best wishes. ~kubacko
YAY, finally! Also, you're quite welcome. :) We were punished severely by our Meepit overlords for this infraction, but you guys are worth it!

Dear TNT,
*throws Magic Ghost Marshmallows* What happens if a ghost Neopet goes in the water? Can they swim like normal Neopets or, being intangible, would they act just like they do in the air? I tried asking my ghost Neopet, but she just told me to go away unless I had any Eyeball Sushi to give her. She then told her Seti to attack me. ~i_heart_xweetoks

They would remain cohesive in their form, just like they do on land, though they may end up walking along the bottom of the lake.

P.S.: Additionally, you may want to seek some counseling for your Neopet.

Suppose I want to base my Gallery on a well-known Disney movie (say, Mulan or Snow White). Would basing Galleries on literary themes be less preferable to the judges? Thanks! ~secant
It's always best to theme things in a Neopian way, but we don't want to cramp your creativity. Please avoid basing your Gallery on anything copyrighted, however, as we won't be able to spotlight it. If you want to base it upon an older story that is in the public domain, then that may be interesting, but please be sure to avoid copyrighted material, and use your own art or art from our site.

Ahahaha. As much as the antics amuse me, I have to wonder -- haven't you guys learned by now that it's not a very good idea to ask Dragona for favors concerning the Editorial? ~sweetangel1927
Sometimes, you just take what you can get. :'(

Back in Editorial 467, you "promised" a monstrosity called "asparagus starfish," yet the item was never added. Although you promised the item jokingly, I -- and all the other asparagus fans out there -- would appreciate the item. ~gothiqueprincess
Actually, we did deliver on that promise! The Staragus was released on March 5th of last year. :)


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