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Hi, TNT! *waves frantically* I hope you're doing well! According to my calendar, Daylight Savings Time is happening this Sunday... which is all well and dandy for me, but many people (international friends, most notably) might not have these messages printed on their calendars. If it's not too much trouble, could you please make an announcement about it so that folks are aware of the change? Thank you so much! You are awesome! ~cocobuggedyou
Oh, thanks for the reminder! As many of you may know, Neopian Standard Time is the same as Pacific Standard Time. This Sunday at 2:00 AM we'll be observing Daylight Savings Time, which means our clocks will be set forward one hour.

Hello, TNT! I've been a happy Neopets player for over 11 years now and am amazed everytime I log on at the new editions and fun stuff you constantly supply for your users! With this in mind, after reading a few negative board posts, I had to ask: does it drive you all bonkers to read some of the ridiculous complaints users have to share? Please remove my username and thanks for such a great site! ~username removed
Haha. While we, of course, prefer to see our players happy, we've accepted it as a fact of NeoAdministrative life that there will always be complaints. Constructive complaints are good, as they help let us know what we can improve! Ones that are just meanspirited conjecture make us :( . The ones that drive us bonkers, though, are the ones that comment on two completely unrelated departments not working on the same thing. "Why are they redrawing shopkeepers when Key Quest is still glitched?!" We assure you, you really don't want our artists working on site code.

So, last Friday was "cancelled" due to "lack of interest." Whose interest was "lacking" that day? It's not like any ONE person can "cancel" a certain day, can they? Depending on you answer, THEN I will throw something at you. ~jennyandamelia
Of course one person can't cancel a day! We voted, so there were multiples of us, who apparently CAN cancel a certain day!

*offers jellybeans* TNT, why did you take away the ability to play games in different sizes and game quality? :-( Please remove my username. ~username removed
We didn't! We just moved it. :) To adjust those settings, click the gear in the lower right hand corner of the play button before you begin.

Hey, TNT! *throws Faellie* Thanks so much for redoing the magical Krawk plushies. This might help to keep a lot of people from being scammed due to the former similarity of their appearance to non-magical Krawk plushies. Did you guys do this revamp with that in mind? (please remove my username) ~username removed
Yes. Our support and site monitors, who are always trying to stop such things from happening, suggested it. We were more than happy to oblige, and will be updating the art of magical plushies in groups like we did with the Krawk plushies.

Yay, sparkles!

Hello, TNT. The new Games Room is wonderful! There does seem to be a small problem, however. I think that the points ratios are listed backwards. For example, the ratio for Hasee Bounce says that 1 NP = 2.66 points. However, if I was to play that game and send a score of 100 points, I would receive 266 NP. Shouldn't the ratio say 1 point = 2.66 NP? ~xx_andromeda_xx
You're quite right. We're working on fixing that.

[Editor's note]: Hold on, there's an odd smell coming from the break room. Dragona will be answering questions while we check it out.

Dear TNT,
I have a couple of requests. You see, Illusen Day is drawing near, and lots of shamrock-related stuff is going on. I have a Neopet named Shamrocks and she REALLY wants to paint her Pikis green like the one in this image. We were wondering if you would please consider releasing that color combo? Also, maybe an avatar with shamrocks on it? Lastly, we were hoping for some new images, like maybe a wallpaper with shamrocks? Thanks for your time! ~skizzabella

Hey everyone! Dragona here. *rubs hands together* Let's get this Ed editorialised!

Sure, why not? No one's looking. RELEASE THE PIKIS! Okay, that doesn't sound nearly as cool as "hounds." Avatars and wallpaper I can't do, sorry. :( How about a nice Neoboard smilie?

I opened around 15 of those green clover devil capsules in the hope of getting both the wig and the foreground, but ended up with five foregrounds and no wig! What is this madness?!? ~heartbreakahh


THIS. IS. NEOPIA! *kicks you into the Wishing Well*

Shoot, I didn't really answer her question, did I? *leans over the side of the well and shouts down* Sorry, it's just luck of the draw!

"Jelly Crab Legs"? TNT, you're joyously ridiculous. ~pharoah850
They're quite good. I have some boiling in a pot in the break room. Well, kinda. We don't have a stove in there, so I-- *watches a group of firemen run past* oh, I think they're done!

Making us all lose the game with Monday's Games Room pushdown was brilliant. Which one of you can I thank? ~sammy42004
You can thank the Writing Department for that one. Also, I just lost the game.

Why is March 3rd always so uninteresting? ~svaie
Likely because it's cancelled. Of course, it's cancelled due to lack of interest, isn't it? o_O That means... *brain explodes*

Hi! I was told that, if a paint brush is retired (like the Lost Desert Paint Brush), then that means you cannot use it to paint your Neopet that color. Is this true? ~gardeneraprum
Jazan: Aaaand, I think that last question broke Dragona. Looks like it's my turn to lead the Editorial. *reads the question* Hmm... let me consult with my advisers.

Okay, I see. The Lost Desert and Faerie Paint Brushes are indeed retired, but they still work just fine when painting a Neopet. However, the glass and Stone Paint Brushes are also retired, but they don't work because the colour is retired? Additionally, they then released the Relic Paint Brush, which looks like stone, but isn't? What madness is this?

Dragona: Madness?


[Editor's note]: --the end of this Editorial. Sorry about that, folks. We'll be back next week with a... more traditional Editorial. Our apologies.

*Looks around office* Psst, guys, find me an image to end the Editorial with.

Dragona: Here you go!

Yeah, uh, thanks Dragona.

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