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I have never bought a Neocash item before, and I'm very new to Neopets. I've seen some people say that NC items disappear a while after you've bought them. Is this true? ~heathereye
Nope! NC items do not expire. There are items that are usable during events and thus become unusable once that event is over, but the item doesn't actually go away. It stays in your inventory and becomes a pretty thing for you to look at. :P (This rarely happens. You usually buy it and use it right away for the event, but it is possible!)

We think those people must have been talking about NC itself expiring, which does happen. NC expires a year after it was purchased, and you'll get a Neomail warning you that it's about to expire so you can spend it. If you still don't spend it after that and the year is up, then the Mall will choose some items to send you so the expired NC doesn't go to waste. (It means well, but it chooses randomly! Therefore, it's a good idea to spend it on something you actually want before then.) ;)

Hello, TNT! I am a 10-year-old and I LOVE to write! I was wondering if users under the age of 13 can also publish their writing (short stories, series, etc.). I REALLY hope this goes in the Editorial. Thanks, TNT! ~username removed
Yes! Since all contest submissions (like NT stories or Art Gallery entries) are manually screened and selected before they go up on the site, all players more than welcome to participate regardless of age. Submit away!

There are a lot of Petpages out there that offer premade coding for User Lookups, Petpages, Pet Lookups, etc. The most important thing on all of these pages seems to be the "Don't remove the credit!" disclaimer. Some of these pages, however, want us to have unsightly buttons that link back to the site where we got the coding, and say that if we remove it we will be reported for theft, even if we replace it with a simpler and less distracting form of linkage, such as "Pet Lookup coding from ______." Can we really get in trouble if we don't use their link back, or can we use whatever kind of link back / credit we want, so long as it links back and gives them credit? Thanks and please remove my username. ~username removed
Since the original creator put in a lot of hard work to offer you something you can use for free, please credit them they way the would like to be credited. If you don't like their terms, try finding another layout and credit that you're happier with.

I've heard it all on the boards, from lily pads to hostas to grape leaves. No one seems to know for certain, however. What plant is the woodland Grundo's design based upon? After some digging (if you'll pardon the pun), I found a picture of the North American pitcher plant, which has me absolutely convinced. Can we lay the less-awesome theories to rest and confirm that the woodland Grundo is, in fact, designed after a carnivorous plant? ~valibee
You have done well, Neopian. You are, indeed, correct, and we would like to congratulatate you on your excellent plant-identification skills!

So, um...*kicks a can* I was thinking about transparent Neopets after Lenny Day and... what would a JubJub's skeletal structure look like? 0_o ~mrbannano
Thankfully, our artists have already figured out this presumed anatomic nightmare. They're basically just a skull with feet.

Thank you, Non-Ionising Lab Ray T-Shirt!

Dear TNT,
Can you please give me a list of Petpets that are brave? I've been trying to look for one, but having had trouble with it. :c Thank you so much! ~anoesy

While no Petpet has a description containing the word "brave," we can recommend a couple. Werhonds are known for their aggressiveness, and the Blurgah is known for being a bit hot-tempered (though always backing your Neopet in a fight). Either would make an excellent choice for a fearless companion.

TNT, this is a hypothetical question. Suppose there was an insanely fast writer and artist with brilliant ideas that popped into her head every second or so. Let's say she managed to do an article, short story, comic, and a series, all of which were so utterly wonderful that you could not help but publish them. Anyway, supposing that this author / artist submitted all of these entries at the same time with the obvious intention of getting them all into one special edition (like the Christmas issue, for example), would the aforementioned author get, like, four Plushie Paint Brushes (one for each entry)? Please leave my username out. ~username removed
We asked our NT queen, and she had this to say to her beloved people:

"Alas, we can only publish one entry per user per issue. So the poor editor would be forced to choose between the wonderful entries and only put up one of them, making her a sad Pandaphant indeed. On occasion when this has happened before, the user resubmits the extra entry the next year, though, and it gets in then. Hooray!"

TNT, I am completely stumped. What animal is the Maraquan Bori based upon? ~digimonmaster1991
D: You know, we're not entirely sure. If it is based upon a real-life creature, then maybe valibee from a few questions ago can figure it out? She's good at this stuff!

So... is the Rubbish avatar truly random when doing a certain task, or are there certain specifications that we must meet in order to get it? It's exhausting me. :( ~coastermaster392
Cleaning up Neopia is hard work! However, it's also not randomly rewarded. It may seem that way, due to the somewhat malfunctioning start that it got, but we can assure you it's not random. :)

Can you ask the Database Myncis (if you dare) what kind of impact this database purge, er-- new Rubbish avatar has had on your databases? I am just curious from a DBA perspective and would like to see some of the numbers that have come up; e.g., the number of items discarded, number of items per hour discarded, and so on. Thanks. ~big_goose
While the Meepits have forbidden us from giving any exact numbers, we can say that it does help out our database a bit, and that several million items have already been discarded. Yay for a cleaner Neopia!

A lot of users who'd previously never had access to the NC Mall can now enter, see the board, and so on. I'd be thrilled for this to be deliberate, since there is no big news update about how it's just a mix up in coding, but... eventually we assumed that this must just be an evil glitch, right? I ask because the country list has not been updated and... well, you tell us. ~_grim_reaper
Nope, this isn't a glitch. The NC Mall is now open to most countries. Yay! We will be updating the country list in the FAQ's shortly.

Could you please end this Editorial with a picture of a Lutari that has a plant growing out of its head? Please and thank you. *heart* ~orange_hissi
Your wish is our possible compliance!

Also, since Dragona did such a... remarkable job piecing together this week's Caption Contest, we decided to give her another chance to provide the final image for an Editorial.

She certainly left us speechless once again.

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