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Hey Neostaff, hey Droplet. I was reading The Neopian Times when I came upon a pattern. Comics, stories, and articles that are about a plot / event going on at the time, or some other new development in the news or something, are often sorted in a group together toward the bottom. Take, for instance, during The Faeries' Ruin, or the release of the Transparent Paint Brush, all of the TFR-related and Transparent PB-related stories and comics were sorted toward the bottom. Was this on purpose? If so, could you explain your sorting system? If not, then how do the stories and stuff get sorted together by theme like that? ~kaljinyu
Droplet says: "Our sorting system for the NT is by date submitted. So, the sooner you send in your entry, the higher up it will be in the list... assuming we use it that week."

Please remove my username. So, we can sell Petpets, right? What if we aged high-end Petpets and then sold them attached to a Neopet for more than the Petpet is worth? For example, instead of selling just a Slorg I would be selling an aged Slorg, and the Neopet it was attached to would just be a bonus and no profit would be made off the Neopet, just the Petpet and the aged status. Is this against the rules? ~username removed
Yes, this would be against the rules. You may not sell Neopets, and therefore you may not sell equipped Petpets. The concept is similar to the fact that you can't get away with selling stolen goods by claiming you were actually only selling the bag they were in.

I was wondering if you could tell us whether Wraith Day is going to be annual celebration or if it was just a one-off? Thanks. ~weaponstar
It was just a one time event theme day. :)

Hi, TNT. *throw British accent* So, I accidentally cancelled a faerie quest today. D: Does that mean I won't get the super-mega-I-don't-know-what spiffy prize at the end? If it's an avatar or something along those lines I could never forgive myself. D:
Yours truly,
Jocas ~ze_jocas

We know everyone doesn't have the funds to complete faerie quests, so all you need to do is collect the free daily items to qualify.

Hey TNT, you'll be getting asked this a million times this week, but I would be honored if you selected my question. Seriously. Anyway, are we allowed to do these faerie quests on our side accounts? I'm really hoping for a Fountain Faerie Quest to get a coconut JubJub, but I don't yet have the Buzzin' avatar on my main. Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
You're welcome to do Random Event faerie quests on your side accounts as long as they're funded by your main. However, the daily faerie quests like the ones from the event right now should only be done on your main account, as they are a daily / event from which you earn items, not Random Events.

*throws plushie codestones* Where can the Spring Flowers Foreground be purchased? I can't find one anywhere, and I don't know where it is sold. I want one so badly! ~neo_farietiger
Like the Spring Snowbunny we addressed somewhat recently, that foreground is only available from the same Random Event item. You should be seeing more of them soon as spring comes around. :)


Dear TNT,
I was recently given a faerie Xweetok by my awesome sister. I was excited about how awesome she is, and wanted to customize her with equally awesome Xwee-specific clothes, so I headed over to the Trading Post to see what I could find. To my utter disappointment, there was a very slight selection of awesome clothes for my Xwee, and all I could find was five trades with "Easygoing Xweetok" clothes, which wasn't quite the style I was looking for. To make a long story short, what's with the lack of availability for Xweetok clothes? ~sky_pelt

You may want to look in player shops rather than just the Trading Post. To make it easy for you, here's a list of the different Xweetok clothing sets:

Xweetok Repairman
Xweetok Wizard
Snowy Xweetok
Easygoing Xweetok
Lotus Xweetok
Space Gypsy Xweetok
Laid Back Xweetok
Xweetok Space
Xweetok Popstar
Space Pirate Xweetok

There you go! Ten outfits to mix and match, and that's not even counting paint brush clothing! :) Also, congrats on having an awesome sister.

Hey, TNT. *throws buckets of love* In your last Editorial, you posted a picture of a Zafara holding a heart with the caption "seriously, I think there's something wrong with her" and I couldn't see what was wrong with the image (as you said you wouldn't ask Dragona for an image again), since it was exactly what I thought it should be! It then dawned on me -- it was meant to be a cuddly picture of a Zafara holding a Valentine's-style heart, wasn't it? Is there something wrong with me, too? =( ~rupert_bunyip
Okaaay, you're going over there with the other Dragona minions. * scootches you into the corner*

Alright, TNT... I've been a minion to this website since 2001 (previous accounts). I've had Premium since its launch, and I'm really disappointed in the lack of updates for Premium users. The portal is boring and doesn't boast many interesting privileges. Don't mistake me -- I love the whole "no ads" thing and the scratchcards, but c'mon, can you give us a little more for our money?!? Thanks! (Oh, by the way, thanks for being so funny!) ~_chocolatefrosting_
We agree! (Hey, some of us are Premium members, too.) And... well, you may remember a batch of surveys we set up for Premium members a few months ago? All that feedback has been read and read some more, and we'll be taking over the service completely soon so we can offer you more of the things you want. (There will be some casualties as well, but DON'T PANIC!) We can't talk about anything in detail just yet, but we're very close to an official announcement. You and your fellow Premium members will be getting an email in the next week or so outlining the changes more specifically. We'll also update the FAQ as we go along. Please watch your Inbox and New Features for more information.

(Also, thanks for being such a loyal minion. Dr. Sloth Fyora will be pleased to hear it.)

So I hurt someone, and wanted to make them happy. Behold, however, that there's, like, zero items for those of us with a grieving heart. No "I'm sorry" cards, no "Forgive me" cards, and absolutely no "I was wrong" bouquets of flowers. In fact, there are no apology items of any kind. That leaves those of us longing for reconciliation with a void! Do you think you could possibly solve this problem? (If by some weird chance this gets accepted, please remove my username. Thank you.) ~username removed
Whoopsie. :X We'll add such items to our future content list, but we're afraid they won't be ready in time for you to send some apology items. Perhaps some Hand Picked Spring Flowers and an Oopsy Daisy book would suffice for now? It'd be good to back that up with one of our apologetic Neogreetings, as well. Also, a rare paint brush or a Draik Morphing Potion never hurt, either. ;)

Hey, TNT! You're all so lucky to be working for such an awesome site. Any chance you can end this Editorial with a picture of a Cybunny wearing a silly hat? ~pinkprincess899
Here you go!

Doesn't he look THRILLED?

**Community Notice**
We discovered a glitch this morning with the new avatar, which was causing it to be granted in ways that were not intended. If you got it already, no reason to worry or write in, but we have also fixed the glitch so it will no longer be given out in this unintended manner.

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