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Hiya, TNT! I have a question about the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway. Is every single type of Neopet-color combination available to those who win? I looked at the list of Neopets and colors and saw that, apparently, you could select an ice Bori. Should a person choose that combination and be selected as one of the winners, would you still honor their request? The ice Bori, as you know, can't normally be obtained, as it was an offer for a special toolbar way back in the day. Thanks! ~gordy_777
That's why it's the Dream Neopet Giveaway! :) So yes, if the winner desires an ice Bori, then that's what they'll get. The only thing we can't do is non-existent colours (obviously) or unconverted Neopets.

Dearest TNT,
Could we have a Turmy and a Snowy Neoboard icon? Please? :) (Please remove my username!) ~username removed

We'll keep those in mind for the next time that we're scheduled to make new smilies. :)

Hey, TNT! With the closing of Treasure Keepers, some of us are wondering: What is the future of Neopets? ~q22365
Treasure Keepers was a separate, licensed endeavour. It's not tied directly to Neopets.com and is not indicative of how the site itself is doing. Neopets.com is fine. :)

Hey TNT, I was wondering: with the oh-so-loved Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway around the corner, I can't help but wonder. If someone has, say, a yellow Kacheek, and they wish for them to be, say, a Halloween Krawk, and then they put the Kacheek in the Pound (So disgraceful! Humph.) and someone adopts the Kacheek -- unaware that they had been entered in the giveaway -- on December 25th, would the Kacheek become a Halloween Krawk with their new owner? Also, would the old owner be able to enter a new Neopet? Thanks. C: ~neohappy123
In a case such as this, we would consider that Neopet "disqualified" and randomly select a different winner. The player that already consumed their wish would not be able to enter again. So, if you've made your wish, be sure to hold onto your Neopet until the winners are announced. :)

First of all, why is Treasure Keepers going away all of a sudden? Second, if we have spent Facebook Credits on an item and not been able to use it, will we get a refund? (It's only fair.) Lastly, will Neopets come out with another Facebook game? ~machadesu
Three questions in one. You're very efficient.

- Sadly, we were told that the game could no longer be supported. As soon as we knew the game was being closed, we announced it and came up with a way to thank the players for their devotion to the game.
- As for Facebook credits, Neopets did not manage the game, so we have no information on players' Facebook transactions, which unfortunately means we have no way to provide refunds.
- There is certainly the possibility that we'll make another Facebook game in the future. We're not ruling it out! However, we don't have anything in the works at the moment, no.

Hi, TNT! *throws Jellied Eyeballs* A board I was on just got me thinking... where do you get ideas for Gross Food items? I mean, Ketchup-Flavoured Milk? That's just wrong! So, how do you think of these things? ~redvengeance_x
Clearly you have never seen the inside of our office refrigerator.

Inspiration is just a break room away for us.

First off, TNT, I would like to say thank you for making my first year on Neopets so amazing ^.^ I have made it through a stressful year of studying mostly sane, thanks to you and this site! *HUGS* But now, on to my question: does it matter if the Neopet I enter into the dreamie giveaway is a lab pet? Does this Neopet have to look (species, colour, and gender) the same as it did at the time it was entered when you possibly go to transform it? ^u^ Thanks, TNT. ~bazz_desert1993
Nope! Zap away. If your Neopet suddenly gets zapped into an 8-Bit Grundo or something the day beforehand and you suddenly don't want us to change it if you win, then please put a large notice on your User Lookup or something so that we'll know to randomly select another winner. :)

Dear TNT,
As of this writing, there are 17 books with the word tail used to substitute tale. Are you going to make any more, and are you ashamed of how many times you've repeated that pun? ~digimonmaster1991

*hangs head* It's a weakness we all seem to share here. The story of us and our inability to escape from our love of puns is a long, arduous, rePREHENSILE TAIL. BUAHAHHAAHAHA.

No. We have no shame.

When a new Neopet or Petpet is created, who gets to choose the name / how is that decided on? ~olysseus
After the artist designs the Neopet / Petpet, the image is sent to our Content and Writing Departments, who brainstorm a list of different names. We then narrow it down to our favourites before the head of content decides what the final name will be.

Hi TNT, I was just wondering if we are allowed to enter the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway on side accounts. Thanks. ^^ ~canadagirl1996
Please be sure to read the very important rules on the giveaway page. It has all the info you need right there. To reiterate, you CAN enter on your side account, but you may only enter with ONE of your accounts. Therefore, if you make your wish on your side, do not make another with your main.

What made you decide to put this question in the Editorial? ~s314red
We were trying to reach our quota.

*gets hit with a shoe* Oww! What do you mean we're not supposed to say that?

TNT, I just want to say that I enjoyed Treasure Keepers so much and I wish I'd started playing much sooner. I don't suppose we can hope that TK will come back one day, even in another form? Anyway, I loved being able to organize and arrange my shop and merchandise, but I especially loved having my little Babaa following me around! Thanks again for TK! I'll miss it. :) ~kentuckyfrychickenrl
NTK was built for Facebook, so there's no way to move it to Neopets.com directly without, essentially, rebuilding the entire back-end. This, as you can imagine, would be quite a project. So, at the moment, no, there are no plans to bring it back as it existed. We agree with a lot of players, however, that Meteor Games did a fantastic job with the game's production value -- items, characters, illustrations, music, design, etc. The game had a wonderful look and feel, so we're in the process of going through and archiving all those assets to maybe use in a future project if we can. No promises! We have no real plans at the moment; we're preparing for the future, just in case. ;)

Since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, when will the Christmas edition be? (I want to know when to submit my short story.) Will it be the week of the 18th, or on the actual week of the 25th? ~babygirl2299112
The Christmas issue will go live with December 23rd's news. There is still time to get in, but you'd better hurry!

TNT, can you please, please, please, PLEASE make this Editorial 20 percent cooler? ~glitter34bubba


**HAPPY THOUGHTS** Perhaps it's just the holiday season (or joy induced by the Advent Calendar), but we got a lot of love this week!

OH MY GOSH THERE'S A HAPPY THOUGHTS SECTION. IS THAT NEW?!? So, I love Neopets so much. xD I've learned how to do so many things on a computer simply because of Neopets, and every day I walk away from the computer even more knowledgeable. I've found a great place to connect with so many people here, and I love it! Even when college times are rough, I have a place I can relax. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TNT! Don't stop. :3 ~cibola

Hey TNT, I just wanted to let you know, I've been playing Neopets for a while now, although always on and off, so this is my new acount, for keeps. :) Anyway, here's what I wanted to say. After a hard and hectic day at school, I came home totally exhausted. I logged onto Neopets and saw that someone had given me all of the omelettes that I needed to finish my Gallery, plus I had gained 7k in my dailies. I played some awesome games that really brought up my mood. Afterward, I realized it was December 1st, so I went to collect my first Advent Calendar prize of the year, and I was extremely happy with the prizes. :) It honestly made my day; thank you so much for making my life that much happier. *hugs all around* ~nakiessa13

Hi, TNT! I would like to say THANK YOU for having an AWESOME site!!! Even though I've only been on for less than a year, Neopets is the best gaming -- no, actually the best site on the Internet! Again, thanks, and Merry Christmas! ~leannemary

Hey TNT, I know that you probably get THOUSANDS of messages from players who want the old art back. Well, I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new art. I've been playing for almost six years and I remember the old art. Personally, this new stuff looks so much better. The shading and overall style is much cleaner. So, now you know that not every Neopian wants the old Neopets back. Personally, I thank you for changing the art. My giant herd of Unis thanks you, too, for making them even prettier. =) Love you guys; thanks for the awesome work you all do. ~username removed

Hi, TNT. I just found a Pirate Draik Egg at the Forgotten Shore. Can I just say how much I love you guys? I've been walking around in a haze all week, stressed out over finals, and when I saw that I got up and did a crazed happy dance and shrieked a bit. I know you don't have anything to do with stuff like that, but I'm gonna say thanks anyway. Love you guys. :D ~username removed
Wooo! Grats!!!

So, I was reading the Editorials and I could vaguely remember having sent in an Editorial question years ago, when I must've been around eleven, but I couldn't remember what I'd sent... then I remembered that I'd asked you guys to make me Empress of Terror Mountain! :) Haha, I just wanted to share that memory and apologize for my n00bishness. Thanks for all of the work you put into making the site that I now have so many fond memories of. :) ~evil_fluffy50
Bahhahaha, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing your memory. :)

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