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With the Snowager now taking a well-deserved hibernation for the first time in twelve years, some of us were wondering if it is still possible to get the elusive avatar from him (as he seems to have stopped blasting people, at least for now). So, could you tell us if the avatar is retired forever (T_T), just for December, or not at all? Thanks! ~larryland
As you noted, the Snowager is just getting some much needed shut-eye this month. We're sure that, once the month is over, he'll be back to blasting cheeky Neopets that come to steal his treasure.


All I want for Christmas is a Jinjah smiley. Oh, please? 'Tis the season, TNT! ~slayryder
Oh, we SUPPOSE. Since you asked nicely. :)

Since bread is square, why is sandwich meat round? ~tigrismoon
We hope you know that this brought the production of our work to a grinding halt for several minutes as we discussed it.

*sings "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"* Yes, the Advent Calendar is one of my favorite site events. Do you think that, this year, you can send a nod to the gourmet feeders and include a gourmet food gift? Could you help fill those gourmet grumbly tummies with an r90+ holiday treat? ~flame5324
Generally speaking, all items given away by the Advent Calendar are new items that are exclusive gifts. This means that they don't restock and will be r101 (eventually becoming r180), therefore making them ineligible for the Gourmet Club. We will be releasing new gourmet foods during the month of Celebrating, but they will be your standard shop items.

o.O So apparently, I'm a pink Slorg? ~frystbyte


Hi, TNT. Are we allowed to use the art displayed in the Art Gallery for making layouts and other graphics, or can we only use art created by TNT? Thank you! ~fireairshadow
You can, but only if you personally request and have the artist's permission to use their work, as well as heed all of their conditions (link back, credit, etc.).

Greetings. In the Editorial from issue #474, there was a Community Notice posted alerting us to "remove any extraneous items in your Gallery" so that we will not be disqualified for having items other than those for the submitted theme. Upon reading this, I removed all of the up for trade Neocash items from my Gallery and tidied it up, per this notice. I am now wondering: how do we know if we have been disqualified? I entered my Gallery sometime last year -- prior to this community notice -- but I often wonder if I should re-submit my Gallery, as I may have been disqualified because I had NC items in my Gallery prior to this notice. Thank you for answering this so my brain can rest. ~laniesma
If you've made considerable changes to your Gallery, then we would recommend that you resubmit. :) So, yes, please resubmit your Gallery if you've removed non-themed items from it.

Hi there, TNT. :) I've seen a lot of people refer to female Lupes as Lupesses, and I was just wondering whether this is official or if it's just something that players came up with? ~_moonsfire_
That's something that players have come up with. There's no official differentiation for species names based on gender.

Hey, TNT! *hands cookie* So, I was reading The Lord of the Rings and I found that one chapter is named "Flotsam and Jetsam"... curious. I then realized that "Ring of the Lost" (RotL) has the same letters as "Lord of the Rings" (LotR). Therefore I was wondering, as it seems you guys like reading... will I be able to find some hint about the Wishing Well avatar in a book, or am I just overthinking? ~blackie1407
You're overthinking. No one on The Neopets Team can read. In fact, we're not even sure how we're typi33o47k thwls68es.

Hey, TNT! Have you ever thought of creating a way for older Neopians (say, 18+) to chat with each other that involves less filters? I understand having to keep most of Neopia appropriate for all ages, but sometimes the restrictions are a little much for those of us who aren't children. It'd be nice to have a little corner of Neopia for those of us who are older. Please remove my username! Thanks. ~username removed
While we do understand that it's sometimes hard to tone ourselves down for the Neoboards, please understand that there are many reasons for our chat rules. All of our members are an important part of our community, and we want a place where everyone can shrug off the outside world for awhile and enjoy the world of Neopia together.

I'm curious as to whether there's a time limit on the Wishing Well avatar? You know, something similar to the Deadly Dice, Snack Time, or The Darkest Faerie avatars, for example? ~pandasaywhat
There sure isn't.

No, this picture is not a hint.

I know you guys are probably getting sick of these thank you notes, but I had to tell you guys. Neopets has been a large part of my life for over 9.5 years, and it has meant a lot to me. I started learning HTML for this site and playing around in Photoshop to make User Lookups years ago, and I ended up going to a magnet school for digital arts in high school. Anyway, I hope you guys can keep up the awesome things you do. Thanks bunches! ~silverxkey

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