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On the Help Chat, a person asked if they could change their six year old account's username because it contained their full name. This sparked some curiosity, so I was wondering: can you change your account's name for security reasons? ~hi_hello_hi_3
We're unable to change account names, regardless of the reason. In this case, we would suggest that they open a new account if they are concerned about privacy or security.

Do you guys have a group of people who read all of the Storytelling Contest entries and vote to pick the best ones? ~pahbee
We usually just have one person looking through the entries for any given contest, though sometimes they seek a second opinion if there's a tough choice to be made. Also, the positions occasionally get rotated, too, so the same person isn't always necessarily judging the same things.

Dear TNT,
PLEASE HELP! I'M GETTING HYSTERICAL NOW! I have the complete set of a map (not saying which one) and I can't PUT IT TOGETHER! Sticky glue doesn't work! Can you tell me how? Thank you if you respond, and please leave my username out. Big HUGS if you help me! ~username removed

Oh, dear. Don't use sticky glue. If you're anything like us, you'll just end up with all of your fingers stuck together. You can go here to turn in your map pieces. :) If it's the Petpet Lab Map you're trying to piece together, remember you need to turn in the original lab map first.

People seem to be taking what was said in Editorial 446 (and any other Editorial that may be similar to it) as an okay to go ahead and refresh any page on the site just for the sake of refreshing in order to get Random Events. While I doubt that was actually your intention, would you mind clarifying again whether or not refreshing just to get Random Events that have nothing to do with avatars or Battledome challengers is allowed? ~esomera
You're welcome to refresh the site where and however often you like, as long as YOU are PHYSICALLY doing the refreshing without the aid of your cat/mug/water bottle/robot butler sitting on the F5 key. So, if you want to sit at your computer pressing f5 for 6 hours straight, that's acceptable, though we wouldn't advise it for your own well-being. (Also, to clarify, using any "refresh all" browser functions and the like are also off limits. Again, you must refresh each page yourself or we consider it using an outside force to aid you.)

Happy Birthday, Neopets! I was wondering which staff members are in this week's Caption Contest image? I just want to compare it to the list I made on the Charter Caption Contest image board. *cough* At least it wasn't a request for a Wishing Well avatar hint. ~hottie_2004_67_888
For your information and amusement, here's the full picture (with everyone smiling nicely) of some of our staff. :)

Click on the image to bring it up to full size!

I'm sure you've gotten many comments like this, but I feel the need to express my delight in the new Fance Top wearable. It is, indeed, very fance. ~warriorreader


*logs onto Neopets* *sees new item entitled "Fance Top"* *reads item description* pftpftpftpftBAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ME GUSTA, TNT. ~lamaluver691


Dear TNT,
Fance Top. I LOVE YOU GUYS. ~robamaya


Just wanted to tell you guys: I had a really terrible day, but I got on Neopets and saw the Fance Top and LAUGHED. Thank you, TNT. What does mr.coconut think of it? Please leave out my username. ~username removed

We think mr.coconut was likely as amused as the rest of us were. We're very glad everyone seemed to like and appreciate it. :)

Hi, TNT. A few months ago, you announced a Bronze Gong in the news. I haven't seen it anywhere on the site. Is this item really this rare? ~shadowman2004
Considering it's r99, it really is just that rare!

This is a question I've always wondered: do you, the Neopets staff, ever vote in competitions like the Beauty Contest or Caption Competition, or do you stay blissfully oblivious to them? ~takila
Occasionally, if we're playing on the site, we'll toss our play account's vote to a nice piece of art or a particularly funny caption, just like any other player might. :)

I heard that Jetsams can eat everything, but this is not true. I have a Jetsam and I wanted him to help clean out my Inventory, but he doesn't eat that junk. What's up? ~jargar
Skeiths and Grarrls are the Neopets that are known to eat just about anything. Jetsams are more notorious for eating Petpets. :X

Hey, TNT. I always read the Editorial and, while I often find your answers most enlightening and often very witty, I have never been moved to actual, real life laughter... until your image last week of the bug-eyed Mynci saying "BUT NOT AS MUCH AS CHEESE." As someone who watched that video 10 years ago, I felt very pleased to have that old memory resurface. Kudos, TNT, and thanks for the giggle. ~not
You're quite welcome! XD We used to watch that video an unhealthy amount years and years ago, back in the old office. Someone would turn up their speakers, hit play, and the whole office would sing along.

Hey, TNT. Do you think you could make a Paint Thinner Petpet Paint Brush? That way if you had, say, a Plushie Slorg, you could use the thinner to turn it into a normal Slorg. ~demopetsneedlurve
If you wanted to make a Plushie Slorg into a normal Slorg, you would paint it green. Painting a Petpet its apparent standard colour returns it to its basic colour state.

Hey, TNT! You might have noticed the "Socially Awkward Meepit" meme, and I was wondering if you could enlighten us with your own versions of socially awkward Meepit. PLEASE ANSWER! WE NEED A LAUGH! ~dunning99
Nobody knows socially awkward like we do!

Here's the template so you can make your own. :)

**We got lots of nice letters on our birthday! **

I just celebrated my 6th anniversary on Neopets! I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been. When I started, I never thought of how much Neopets would help me in life. In August I got a job coding websites, thanks to the experience I gained designing User Lookups on Neopets! :D ~queenmoofin

Hi, TNT! I know this is a letter and not an actual question, but hopefully you'll see this and see my message to you. I found Neopets a few years ago and it was introduced to me by a cousin of mine. She helped me get started and Neopets soon dominated my free time. Although she no longer plays, I will always thank her for introducing me to the wonderful site. Now, I want to thank YOU, TNT for all the great times. Without all of the hours you have put in, the site I have grown to know and love would never be around. Every day I log on to Neopets and have the satisfaction of knowing that someone somewhere helped to make this site possible, and I strive to make sure every single second on this site is spent wisely. Thank you, TNT. ~abbi2hip1023

Dear Neopets,
Congratulations on reaching your birthday. You have officially passed go, collected 200 EXP, and leveled up to 12. ~pikakeet


Happy Birthday, TNT. *gives cake and presents* From the Wishing Well board, we just wanted to wish you well on an amazing day. Hopefully all wishes are granted today. *cough*hint*cough* :) ~mikh26

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