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Hi, TNT. I was just wondering: is it possible to wish for and possibly be granted NC Mall items at the Wishing Well? *bows down and places cookie at feet* Also, I just wished for a Super Attack Pea. What are my chances? ~oceanseajub
Sorry, the Wishing Well can't grant Neocash items, and we're afraid that your chances of getting a Super Attack Pea at the Wishing Well are zero. It's a wishing well; it just doesn't have access to such rare things.

I love the new wraith color. Great job! Moving on to my question, I was wondering how the Notable Neopet on the main page works. The reason I ask is because I saw a green Chomby with a cool customization there, but then when I clicked on her she was actually a red Chomby with a totally different customization. Does it take a snapshot at some point during the week? I had always assumed that it was fed live whatever the Neopet was right then. ~lark_nightwing
Hypothetically speaking, the Notable Neopet pulls images of Neopets that are currently entered in this week's Customisation Spotlight (and are wearing at least a certain number of items) and displays them. Since Custom Spot takes a "snapshot" as you put it, that's indeed what you're seeing. By the time you see it on Notable Neopets, it's entirely possible that, by then, the Neopet could be dressed differently, or even be a completely different colour or species.

Hello, TNT! *hugs* I just have a quick question. I noticed the awesome new Wraith Paint Brush and squealed! It made me want to get a Korbat! I was just curious whether this color is available through the Lab Ray, or if it can only be obtained through a paint brush? Thank you kindly! ~groovyjenny
It is, indeed, available from the Lab Ray. Happy zapping. :)

On Tuesday, I went to the Masks of Dread cart to do a quest. I completed it and received the items. However, when I went to do the next quest the following day, it said that I had already completed the quest (from the day before). Is there a certain time the Masks of Dread quests become available, like 8:00 AM NST? ~supernugget123
The quests become available at midnight PST, but in consideration of all time zones, we extended the "first day" of the first quest through the next day, to make sure everyone could get credit for day one of the event.

How did Sabre-X get so buff? 0_o ~diahn_
By chasing off Neopets that try to grab more than their fair share of Tyrannia's #1 food source.

I just wanted a second piece of omelette...

Will wraith-colored Neopets be able to wear clothes? ~xobridgetox
Yes. Neopets painted wraith have the standard body type and are fully customisable. :)

Hi, TNT! *gives you a plate of cookies* The Masks of Dread event is really awesome.*screams with joy* My Neopet is still wearing the mask even after I finish the quest, though. Are you letting us keep the masks? If so, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! *yells about how awesome you are for five hours* ~lhauren
Yes, you get to keep the mask that you use each day, and as you use a different mask each day, everyone who fully participates before the event ends will get to keep each of the five different masks. :)

Do the Healing Springs heal every type of disease? *throws cookie* ~__milinium__
Yup, cured is cured at the Healing Springs. That's one powerful faerie!

Hey, TNT! *hands Candy Pumpkin Latte* I was recently asked a question that I do not know how to answer. I am curious whether you can clarify issues with regard to side guild accounts. SO, let's say Bob joins a guild on his side, which I understand it is okay to do. However, what happens when the guild does fun stuff like tossing goodies at each other? Is that a freezable offense on a side - receiving items even though you throw some back? I mean, you are NOT selling them or making a profit. No one wants to get in trouble or get iced. :( Please help to clarify this issue so Bob can avoid getting in trouble! Thanks so much, and please REMOVE my name if you decide to publish! Have an excellent Neo day! ~username removed
Getting legitimate items and gifts from friends and guildmates on your side accounts is perfectly fine. What we don't want you to do is visit dailies and earn Neopoints or items that would normally not be brought into the economy. However, if you do get items from friends and wish to sell them, we recommend doing so on your main account.

Why is it that the people with questions that are rather idiotic (many of which could be answered simply by making a help board or Neomailing another user) get into the Editorial, yet people who have legit questions don't? I've sent in so many questions over the years, and not a single one has been answered! However, as in the case of last week's Editorial, you answered a question full of zeros and ones. What gives? ALSO, HERE'S A JOKE FOR YOU BECAUSE -- EVEN THOUGH YOU FRUSTRATE ME SOMETIMES -- I STILL LUFF YOU GUYS: there are 10 kinds of people in this world; those who can read binary, and those who can't. (thank my science teacher for that one. ;D) ~zestymayo
Aside from questions that are intended to be silly, everyone's questions are just as legitimate as the next. Sure, some are bit more... odd than others, but we're sure most people feel that the question they asked us themselves is more important than that other person's question.

How many mr.coconut fans do you think rejoiced when they spotted that mr.coconut mask in Saskia's cart? Would it be alright to finish up the Editorial with a little bit of mr.coconut? It's his season of cheer, after all! ~parody_ham
Hopefully a lot! mr.coconut seems to have been feeling a bit shy lately. Let's see if we can coax him out. Oh mr.coconut, are you there? Could you come and close the Editorial for us? Oh yay, he's here, but what's that he's wearing...?


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