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Okay, this is a legitimate question, so I'd like an answer, even if it isn't put in the Editorial! Let's say I buy a Mootix and attach it to my Petpet. If the chance comes along to zap that Petpet and it is sucked down the perverbial black hole and disappears, would the Mootix be lost too, or would it hop away? Would it end up back in my Inventory? Thank you for (hopefully) reading this! ~ravyn_nightshade
Petpetpets live on Petpets, so if anything happens to a Petpet that removes it from your Neopet, then the Petpetpet will go *poof*. Additionally, they will never return to your Inventory for any reason once they attach themselves to a Petpet.

Why does the Hidden Tower in FAERIELAND sell Baby, Darigan, and Royal Paint Brushes, but not faerie ones? ~meowkitty88
It used to, but Faerie Paint Brushes were retired from the tower quite a few years ago.

Hi, TNT! Is it possible for a side account to have the lab ray map and the main account not have it? ~_power_puff_girls_z_
Yep, the Secret and Petpet Lab Ray maps can be redeemed on any of your accounts, regardless of whether you already have it on your main account or not.

I rather wonder who's answering these questions. Clearly The Neopets Team must be comatose from all the sugar they've been given. Whoever you are, though, I'm sure you've noticed the delightful user-organized "theme weeks" in the Beauty Contest -- the goldfish suit being most notorious. Since we're only allowed to advertise our own Neopets, however, would the organizer of said event be in trouble if they kept a list on a Petpage of the participating users? I'd appreciate it if you left my username out. Thank you for this site. :) ~username removed
We always love it when our players work together creatively like this. :) However we don't want joining along to be an "I win" button either. Listing the participating usernames in plain text to help you keep track is fine (no links to voting / Petpages / User Lookups, though). After the week's competition is over, you're more than welcome to link usernames and display all the wonderful art for everyone to see. :)

How come Nox Memorial Day isn't on the Neopian calendar? ~xxxtaetaexxx845
The Nox Memorial Day was a one-time event, not a recurring annual event.

Yeah, so, TNT... you know the woodland Tonu? Did the art get mixed up or something, because apart from its leafy mane and tail-tip, the rest of its body is grey, wrinkled, and dead-looking, and its front foot appears to be held on with sellotape. This screams "ZOMBIE!!!" to me, and as there isn't a zombie Tonu... ~karen_mckenzie
We've been trying to explore different types of flora with the Woodland Paint Brush. :) The woodland Tonu is based off a birch tree. :)

Why? Because birch trees are awesome,
and it's fun to peel their bark!

I was browsing through the NC clothes and I noticed that, the whole time, my wife was saying, "Aw! That's cute!" I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to dress Equava in something my wife thinks is "cute." Can we expect to see some more... "manly" clothes for our male Neopets? (By the way, my wife said that if this got into the Times she'd let me buy some NC cards. *nudge nudge*) ~vicentorus
Enjoy those NC cards! We'll give our NC item creators a little nudge so that, hopefully, you'll have some more masculine clothes to purchase with your soon-to-be newfound wealth of NC.

Hello TNT, I just wanted to inform you that I recently had a nightmare that was intended for one of your artists. In it, I was a Neopets artist and I was tasked with the duty of drawing every multi-species wearable (including NC Mall ones) for a new species of Neopet by myself. It was a horrible experience, and I just want to send it back to were it came from. So, have a good night sleeping artists... mwahahaha! ~subzeroace
Funny, this same dream flashes before our eyes every time we see a request in the Editorial for a new species. Thankfully we have a paper bag to hyperventilate into.

What is ETS?!? People say things like "offer this many NP or overpay in ETS" on the Trading Post. Seriously! What is ETS?!? ~toxic_lemons
Ahh, the joys of Neopian abbreviations. For the Trading Post, some you're often likely to see include:

ETS: Easy To Sell (items the player could quickly and easily sell)
HTS: Hard To Sell (items that are sometimes more rare, odd, or generally not as sought after as easily-sold items)
UB: Unbuyable (something that costs more than 99,999 NP, which is the highest price you can sell something for in a player shop)
RS'd: Restocked (an item a player purchased from a Neopian shop)
TP: Trading Post
OTB: Offer To Beat (they may list a current offer they have, which is the "offer to beat" if you would like the item)
###k: (the "k" after a number means "thousand," so if something is listed as 400k, it means they want 400,000 NP for it)
Pure: Not really an abbreviation, but "pure" means they are looking for Neopoints, not items.
Auto: This term means that, if you offer the "auto" price, they plan on accepting your offer without further haggling. Please note that this is not guaranteed, and not reportable if they don't accept.

TNT, I was just wondering: I know Premium blocks ads from coming up on you. Do y'all still get paid even though the ads are blocked, and could you explain that? :P Thanks! ~sportsandmusic69
Our Premium service doesn't block ads; rather, it removes them entirely. The monthly fee for the Premium service covers that, so those with Premium are just supporting the site in a different way. :)

TNT -- quick question for you. Would it be against the rules to gather data on the results of everyone's spin for the various wheels (via the boards, most likely), then compile and publish it on a Petpage? You guys seem pretty cool with us working together to figure stuff out, but I haven't seen this (rather obvious thing) done before, so I thought I would check. Thanks for all of your hard work and putting up with us lot! ~fashionguru
Go for it. :)

I saw that almost every story in Issue 514 had to do with thieves, the Thieves Guild, or the Grundo in Freaky Factory. Do you know why you did this? ~mondaybear21
Hahaha, it sounds like our wonderful Neopian Times writers were having a bit of fun with working together on a theme, much like the Beauty Contest participants above.

There were only two small pictures in last week's Editorial. I miss the big pictures. *cries* I don't care what people say, I love the space consuming pictures!!! If this gets in, could you do something with rainbows? I loooove rainbows!!! ~alinicole731
Well, we certainly wouldn't want to disappoint you! How about DOUBLE rainbows?

All the way across the sky!

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