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OH HAI THAR TNT. *throws a chocolate bar at you* ENJOY. Ahem, I have a question. Is it possible to submit and be accepted for more than one section (Article, Editorial, Story, Comic, Series) of The Neopian Times? Like, say I were to enter a comic *coughcough* and this question; could they both get in? (Please leave out my name so people will wonder if I got in or not. :P) ~username removed
The Editorial is done completely separately from the rest of The Neopian Times, so yes, you could get in both.

Back in Ye Olden Days, some Neopets got "evolved" into new versions - Fuzio to Kyrii, Tigren to Acara, etc. Although some old Neopets would really throw a wrench into the customisation process (*cough*Fleye*cough*), do you ever consider resurrecting "old" Neopets as "new" Neopets? (I do miss Tatsus...) ~toholdher
We consider them art updates, not evolution. And no, we haven't actually considered making old versions into new Neopets, much like we aren't considering making unconverted Neopets available again.

Hello, TNT! *hands you a smelly sock* Once the Forgotten Shore Map is all nicely put together and completed, does one win Neopoints like you do from completing the Secret Laboratory Map? I ask because, after following the link to the shore, I had many more Neopoints than I did before. If not, then perhaps I had just missed a very Random Event. e_o ~talsytenacity
We *cough* missed a bit of code and the map was giving out Neopoints like other map turn-ins, which wasn't quite our intent. Rather than remove it at this point, however, we're adding a page to clarify that you've been granted NP. Lucky you!

Why does Balthazar hate the faeries? At first it seemed as though he trapped them to make money, but during The Faeries' Ruin, after finding out that his faeries were the only ones not turned to stone, instead of profiting on the increased demand for bottles he threw a bottle opening party just to turn them all to stone. This isn't a very wise business decision, so there must be some reason that he traps faeries other than to make money. ~hitsukineko
The Gallery of Evil sheds some (purple) light on why Balthazar hates faeries. Even though it was technically mischievous dark faeries that tormented him, his rage and anger are directed at all of faeriekind.

Last week, I noticed that someone complained about your super awesome and entertaining random space-wasting pictures! D: I just wanted you guys to know that I love the random pictures! *gives cookies WITH SPRINKLES* ~alex4425


Why, hello there TNT. So, after reading the last Editorial about the "Which Petpet Are You?" quiz, I decided to check and see if, in fact, it was true that you could only get pink Slorg as an answer. Before I began this daunting task, I checked to see just how many combinations of answers there were. Before you get all excited, no, I didn't actually check all 3,906,250 possible combinations. This makes it almost impossible for one person to actually check if you can only get pink Slorg. I now issue the challenge to any Neopian to check every single combination by themselves. Just to let you know, the odds of randomly selecting the correct response is .0000256%.

The AP Statistics Student. ~katrab285

See guys? Just because you happen to get pink Slorg suspiciously often doesn't prove it's the ONLY possibility. Thanks, AP Statistics Student! *salute*

Hello, TNT! So, I saw the image of the [mutant Koi] you put in last week's Editorial (and it is awesome). Might this image appear as a smiley anytime soon? If so, may I suggest that you make it appear by typing 0.o.0? ~piticent123

Hi, TNT. If you enter the Gallery Spotlight and win, are you allowed to change your Gallery to something totally different and still keep the trophy? Thanks if you answer this!!!
By all means. :) The spotlighted Gallery is saved as it appears at the time it wins in our Gallery Spotlight database, so any future changes you make to your Gallery will not affect your winning display.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering how much longer you think it will take us to find the Wishing Well avatar? ~username removed
We thought it would take you guys about two months to organise and come up with the solution, so at this point, we really have no clue how much longer it will take. x_X

In the spirit of the Faerie Festival, I would like to ask a faerie-related question that's been bugging me for a while now. Why is it that some faeries are human-(er, Neopet-)sized, while others are small enough that you can fit them in a jar? I thought I read once that the small ones are young faeries, but I can't seem to find the article... is that it, or are the most powerful faeries the bigger ones, or can they simply change their size at will, or... or... well, why is it? O.o ~sporty2443
The larger faeries are Neopia's more powerful faeries. The smaller faeries (like the ones the aforementioned Balthazar captures in his bottles) have more limited powers, though still enough magic to bless your Neopets and other minor spells.

Hello there, TNT! I recently noticed that my birth date was wrong, so... my question is: do you have any images of the tail of a faerie Grarrl? I can't see it due to its big wings. :( ~andy_the_sniper
o.O *brain explodes*

Now look at this mess I have to clean up!

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