Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 187,887,734 Issue: 508 | 19th day of Hiding, Y13
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Hey, TNT! So I know the mods went on a locking spree for a bit on all of the Avatar Chat's wishlist / gold digging boards, but it appears it didn't do much good. Now, instead of just begging for Neopoint items, it's becoming increasingly more common for people (often living in countries where the NC Mall is accessible, mind you) to gold dig Neoboard pens and other Neocash items. Now, maybe I'm just a cranky old lady, but this seems pretty horrible to me. It's one thing to ask people to give you free stuff that was also basically free in the first place, but it's something else entirely to ask for free stuff that cost someone else their real, often hard-earned money. Could we be a little harsher on people participating in this NC gold digging nonsense, or am I really just cranky and the only one who sees it as a problem? Please leave my username out. ~username removed
We discussed things with our lead monitors and agreed that it's an issue. If you encounter a board made by a player that is blatantly begging / gold digging, please feel free to report the thread so that we can remove it and make it clear that such begging is not allowed.

*tosses cookies* Okay, well... the new Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie and Super Attack Pea smilies are great, but I think you should make one for the Bony Grarrl Club! Remove my username, please. :) ~username removed
We got several requests for this, so sure, why not? We'll add it to the set on Monday.

Dear 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene: lately your real-life Caption Contest pictures have made me el-oh-el quite literally, but this week with Lawyerbot and all the Usukis takes the cake! Please, do tell -- whose head did you cut off to replace it with Lawyerbot? How did you even think of this picture? ~m8gic_8_b8ll
What do you mean whose head? That's a picture of Lawyerbot himself! We just snapped a photo of him during his daily maintenance break.

Hey, TNT! *nicely hands you a tin of cookies* I'd throw something at you, but my aim is quite poor. I'd hate to see you hospitalized. ;-) Anyway, I just got published in the Neopian Times last week, and I'd like to ask you a favor. I need you to pass on the following message to the person that makes the pics that go next to each NT story:

Dear NT Picture Person,
I've got a shout out for you, my friend. The pic next to my story, "A Pirate Called Pudgywinks," is INCREDIBLE!!! It's SO CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It's so perfect!!! I was wondering: do you draw these for each individual story, or do you pick from an existing pool of images? If an NT writer wanted to, could they request an image? Again, great job, and I laud your amazing work!

Your faithful admirer,

Pretty please pass this exultant outburst / question on to the NT pic person. Thanks, TNT! ~uberdancingdolphin

We're glad you liked it! (Your compliments have been forwarded to the artist.) Most of the images for Neopian Times stories and articles are from an existing pool of images, but we may pick one entry from each issue to get a custom-drawn image. We don't take requests, since we can't give everyone a custom image. You just have to be lucky!

You're right. That IS really cute.

In order to get the Faerie Queen Avatar, you have to play with a Faerie Queen Doll. Does this also include the Reject Faerie Queen Doll (as it is less expensive), or must it be the actual non-reject Faerie Queen Doll? ~pixflix
Sorry, it has to be an actual Faerie Queen Doll. The reject version will not do.

Hiya, TNT! :) Um, what do I have to throw? *throws Meowclopses and Meepits* Okay, now for the question: Skeiths can eat anything, right? So, say they ate a piece of furniture or a book or whatever with a rarity between 90 and 100. Would that item count toward their Gourmet Food Club points? ~pretsel_is_back
Nope, it has to be an actual food item, not just eaten. ;)

Where in Neopia is Treasure Keepers set? ~queenmoofin
While certainly based off of Neopets, Treasure Keepers is not considered a canonical storyline, and isn't located in any specific Neopian place. Think of it as being a fantasy tale made up by someone living in Neopia. :)

If you get into the Editorial once, can you still get in again? ~skittyfan100
Yep. There's no limit for getting in the Editorial (and no reward, either). All that matters are the questions you ask.

What is the maximum fishing skill a Neopet can acquire? I imagined that 300 was it, but then my Neopet got to 302. Anyway, I think he's bluffing about being that skilled, since he still fishes up the same things he's been getting since being a newbie, hah. :) ~_grim_reaper
The maximum fishing skill is 500, and even the most skilled fisherman ends up catching algae from time to time. ;)

Hi there, TNT! I was just wondering how long a typical drawing sits around waiting for a chance in the Art Gallery? If, for example, I did a drawing of a Neopet and submitted it weeks / months before the Pet Day (not intending it to be for that Pet Day), should I resubmit it if it hasn't gotten in prior to that Pet Day? Is it okay to resubmit a drawing that didn't get in before? ~appologies
You can reasonably resubmit your drawings, especially if it hasn't won yet and is appropriate for an upcoming event or Pet Day.

Dearest, darlingest Editors,
I have an awesome request for you! In honor of the upcoming Usukicon, will you make an Editorial end in an image of the Usuki Coconut Set saying "GOOD NIGHT!"? I wuvs you guyzzzz! Wuv, ~funkiechunkymunkie


Bah, why not? It's Friday. Enjoy!

"GOOD NIGHT!" ? I wuvs you guyzzzz!

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