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Hey, TNT! I was just wondering: would it be okay to do a Gallery with a movie-based theme? Like a Harry Potter-themed Gallery or something? I wanted to do one, but really don't want to get frozen for it. Thank you SO much if this gets in! ~twifan_cherry
No, you would not get frozen for such a thing. It would not be eligible to win the Gallery Spotlight, however.

Hi, TNT! A simple question: is "Krawk Island Disappearance" a plot or an event? ~darknova177
The disappearance of Krawk Island is not a plot; it's just more of a transition, really. :)

While lurking around on the NC Mall boards, I saw that some people were searching for the treasure chests on their side accounts. I know we're allowed to participate in Neocash events on side accounts, but this one gives Neopoint items, also. Therefore, are we allowed to search for the chests if we discard any NP items we obtain, or is it just off limits period? I wish I had cookies for you, but after going to the dark side Lisa ate them all. :'( ~username removed
No, please do not participate in this activity on your side accounts.

I've been thinking about this for a while. Let's say you have your Sales History in your shop open for a time and someone buys something. If you then click clear, does that sale go with it or will it show up still? ~maggie6474
All sales will be cleared, even if they occurred between you loading the page and the clearing of your sales history.

Why in Neopia are you publishing this question? ~chocholatedog
Just to irritate you.

The last Kadoatie I fed was named "chibikadoatiekawaiibaka." Who names these poor Petpets? D: ~_mee
Our Content Department, which suffers from... how shall we put this nicely? An excess of personality.

We think these images say all you need to know about the content team.

So, I was permasilenced on my main account (beagums) last month for what I feel was a silly reason. Now (hypothetically), if I managed to rally enough loyal users to show up at Comic Con with UNSILENCE BEAGUMS signs, would you appreciate the farce enough to unsilence me, or be super mad and unleash your wrath? ~beagums
Most likely you'd just make the artists there terribly uncomfortable and want to call security. If you feel you were silenced unfairly, we recommend contacting Support; they're the ones who look into these things. :)

While the new Royal Mallard appears in the Petpet Puddle when you search "Mallard," the Cloud Mallard announced on the same day does not. Oh dear... ~sick_swimmer
It seems he was just being a bit shy. It's fixed now. :)

Does the method by which you get the Wishing Well avatar change over time? Is it affected in some way by the date, year, or number of coins people have put in? ~michaelruss
You guys are still way overthinking this. x_X

I have recently discovered that there are "cheat codes" for some of the games. Will I get banninated if I use them? ~apophis4994
Many of our games come programmed with "cheat codes." If you have to click a special spot or type in a word like "kadoatie," or do something that we added to the game, then that's just fine. If you're trying to interfere with the game's function by using programs or attempting to manipulate the game in other ways, then that's what will get you banned.

Dear TNT,
*tosses sacrificial Stone Pie* After some careful comparison (and a few lucky lab zaps), I've come to believe that the earrings of the pirate Cybunny and those of the island Cybunny are mixed up. On my main account I have a pirate bunny who has a large earring, whereas I just zapped a bunny island on a side account and noticed that she had a very small earring. The item images show them the other way around. Which earrings belong to which Cybunny? ~brokkenwing

We stared back and forth at those two earrings for a while and, by golly, we think you're right. We'll see what we can do to fix it.

Grr! How could you mess earrings up?
Earrings are very important!

*Warm Fuzzy of the Week*

Hi, TNT. *muah* I just wanted you guys to know that your hard work is really appreciated. It doesn't just bug you when people complain about plots or other events? /cough This site helped me improve my drawing and graphics skills, and I knew basically no CSS or HTML before I started here!!! I know I'm not the only one who thinks this; I'm just letting you all know that we appreciate everything you've done for this loverly site. :* Thank you! ~wtsabilfy

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