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I'm wondering which days were the ones that the artists have taken day off. I know they took July 22nd, 2006 and August 5th, 2009 off, but are there more? ~ramotswe
Nope. Thus far those have been the only two "Artists Day Off."

Hey TNT! I know you've already answered in a previous editorial that as long as we're not begging or spamming the boards, then advertising paperclip trades is fine. But any time I or one of my friends post ANYTHING about a paperclip trade, someone always says it's against the rules. We don't beg or spam the boards, but they still say it's against the rules. The way I see it, it's just like advertising for any other trade. Have the rules changed or something? Could you please clear up some of the confusion? Thanks! :) ~justice1710
We talked it over for a bit and we decided that since we allow players to advertise trades on the boards, advertising paperclip trades is fine too. However, please be aware that if a monitor feels the line has been crossed to spamming/begging/scamming, the player risks getting warned. Also, if the trade seems to be severely out of balance, chances are we'll look into it as well to make sure everything is on the up and up.

After you answered the inquiry about a background for a mutant Gelert in last week's issue, how many questions regarding background opinions did you get this week? ~aingeplease
Surprisingly few! D:

Hi! *throws Yooyu plushie* I went to the Staff Tournament Prize Shop and bought a TNT Staff (I saw what you did there) and a Paper Document Garland. I placed both in my Closet and went to customize my Aisha. When I applied the staff to my Aisha, however, it was invisible! Also, the garland didn't even appear in my Closet. It just went POOF! Could you please fix this? ~meimyself88
We got quite a few reports about these items, and we're happy to say they should all be fixed now. :)

Hey, TNT. So, after all the time I've been on Neopets, I still don't get side accounts. What exactly are they? I basically know that they're often used so that you can have more Neopets (generally speaking), and that you can't do dailies and such on them. How do they work? I really don't understand. If you can help, thanks, because I would love to have more Neopets in a while, so therefore it would be great if I understood side accounts. Again, if you can help, THANKS!!!! ~doggybird55
Your main account is the account that you use to play the site. You're welcome to enjoy Neopia to its fullest on your main. Side accounts are more like extra storage, for additional Neopets, extra Galleries, a secret place to tuck away your most treasured items, etc. You can also use a side account for chatting on the boards (as long as you're not up to any shenanigans). What side accounts are not for is playing the site or earning Neopoints. You may only do those on your main account. You are welcome to send NP to your side accounts, though, so that you may properly care for the Neopets on those accounts.

Why, hello there. I have come across a weird glitch(?) with the Advert Attack Stamp item. It appears blank in my album page, although it doesn't show the little stamp label, so I know I still have it. I can't see the image when I search for it on the search bar, and I cannot see the image in the Post Office or other user shops, making it impossible to buy. ~psychopiz
We've heard this complaint before, but the image seems to be working fine on our end. We're thinking that, due to the existence of the word "advert" in the image URL, user-run browser plugins may be blocking it. Please check your settings and see if that fixes the issue. We'll put an image of the stamp below so you can check. :)

You guys have no idea how tempting it was
to put a broken image here.

If you get a Random Event that gives you an item on your side account can you transfer it to your main account? ~goldmedgirl97
Yes, that's fine, as it's completely random and you can't really avoid it.

Hiya, TNT! :) You know how we can organize items by category in our Galleries? Well, what if we could organize the items WITHIN the Gallery? Like, if someone had a collection of concert items, they could make it so that all of the M*YNCI stuff was listed first, then all the Chomby and the Fungus Balls stuff next, and so on. Do you think you could add something like that as a Gallery feature? Thanks! ~caitirocks2
That functionality already exists. Visit Rank All Items or Rank Items In Categories to assign numerical designations to the items, which will then dictate the order in which they should appear within your Gallery. Please note, as well, that if you would like to enter your Gallery in the spotlight, then we recommend ranking all items instead of categories, as when Galleries are displayed in the spotlight, it shows the "view all" mode of your Gallery.

Hi, TNT. I have a slightly odd question. Once upon a time a young innocent Neopian ran across a bad Neopian, who stole the good Neopian's account. I created a new one, but several months later the old one was returned, and it remains a much-loved side account to this day. Well, story time is over, but the fact remains that I still have a stamp worth many millions that I pasted into that account's stamp album before it was stolen / frozen / returned to be a side. D: And SO, to my question! I was wondering if there would ever be any way possible for you to take pity on tragic cases such as mine and move things like stamps / avatars to main accounts? I'm obviously not asking for the stamp to appear in my Inventory, but if it were to mysteriously find its way into my stamp album here on my main, I may weep ever so slightly! Please leave out my username if you humbly choose to answer! ~username removed
While we are sorry for your plight, no such functionality exist for us, and we are unable to move stamps like that. :(

Hi, TNT. I've noticed that there have been a lot of U.S. sponsor freebies lately (e.g., Smurfs). Why are they never available to the rest of the world, and do you think this is fair? Maybe you could find a sponsor for all us lowly people in the United Kingdom, for instance? After all, Neopets was invented here! ~ihatemaths2
It's up to the companies to tell us what countries they can advertise to. We must abide by our contracts and international law. It's not simply a matter of our preference.

What's the difference between a transmogrification potion and a morphing potion? Aren't they basically the same thing, transforming one species of Neopet into a different species? I don't get it... ~pixflix
A morphing potion is a potion (likely) made by Kauvara. It has the ability to change your Neopet into a beautiful new species and colour. Transmogrification potions are horrendous potions produced by Dr. Sloth that mutate a Neopet into a mutant species.

Hola, TNT! I was looking through the Rainbow Pool earlier and I happened to notice that the desert Acara's image is plain ol' brown when you click to look at it. When I went to the Lost Desert Paint Brush Stall to see if that was really what a desert Acara looked like, I found that they're not even listed as having the capacity to be painted that color. I'm assuming this is just a glitch and that a desert Acara probably doesn't exist, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks! C: ~josieposie48
D: Looks like the desert Acara and its clothing weren't linked up. You can see it properly at the Rainbow Pool now. If you've painted a desert Acara previously and were not granted the paint brush clothing, please write in to the Support Department to have it granted.

Argh! I had finally just gotten that all off!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to walk
with all this gold on?

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