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People have been making topic titles on the boards lately such as, "post moo on the board above this ^" and people are actually doing it. I've had some Neopets up for trade and it makes it VERY difficult to sort through offers with all of these random people posting "moo" every two seconds. The Pound Chat is fast enough without people posting "moo" on every board every two seconds. Is this considered spamming? Please, please, please put a stop to this for my sanity. ^_^ ~heydudeitsjen
Egads, yes, that is spamming. Anyone encouraging others to uselessly spam like that can be silenced by our monitors if reported.

Is it against the rules to edit a note sent by TNT for humorous reasons? Like, to put on a User Lookup or Petpage? ~katthegoldenawesome
Taking a screenshot and making silly MS Paint comments and stuff is fine, but absolutely do not edit something to make it appear as though it's saying something we didn't say. We'd consider that staff impersonation, and it could get you frozen.

How do you get pictures added onto an article? Please answer this, as I really want to find out for my upcoming article. ~hallopiot
If you want to include images with your submission, please just add the URL for each image where you want it to appear. If it's your own art, it will need to be hosted somewhere until we can view it and save it to our servers (provided that we use your story).

Sometimes people talk about TNT as if it were plural. For example, someone said, "TNT have stated," but to me that sounds incorrect. Wouldn't it be "TNT has stated," or is it actually considered plural? That doesn't seem right, because if you say "The Neopets Team have stated," it seems like The Neopets Team is one thing, not multiple things. I really need some clarification. ^^ Thanks! ~meow_meow101
It probably has to do with how one interprets us. Some see us as a giant Borg-like entity with a collective conscience, while others understand that we are team of many (odd) individuals. :)

Hi, TNT! Is there any chance you could implement an automated response so that, when people do not get into the Art Gallery (for example), they understand why? Some examples of responses could be things like, "Your entry did not have enough effort," "Your entry did not look enough like a Neopets character," or "Your entry is being considered; do not submit again." This might sound a bit strange, but I entered the Petpet Spotlight and won almost five weeks later - however, I've entered the Art Gallery at least five times and have never won. Perhaps a little feedback might help us Neopians to stop clogging your inboxes with re-entered work and allow us to improve the kind of submissions we send in. I know it would definitely help me to not feel discouraged, which I kind of feel right now. ~luv_my_pets_666
Unfortunately, the Art Gallery is not set up like other competitions and there is no way for us to contact you or provide feedback with regard to your entry. Please make sure your submissions do not contain any offsite links in the artwork, that they portray an existing Neopet colour, that both your art and username are appropriate for all ages, and that you are submitting your entry on your main account. Occasionally the previously mentioned issues cause entries to not be selected, even if the art is excellent.

Just keep submitting. We love to see your art!

I enjoy playing Petpet Park and am proud of my accomplishments in the game. Is it possible that we could see our Petpet Park statistics (Petpet name, level, etc.) listed on our User Lookups, or is it considered separate from Neopets altogether? ~skunk0nwheels
While thematically related, Petpet Park is considered a completely different game and not something we'd really display on Neopet User Lookups.

Hey, TNT. *pulls flowers out of sleeve* I recently noticed that there is now a spell checker on the board that underlines words spelled wrong and all Neopets-related terminology. HEY! Even now, the word Neopets is underlined. Please tell me if I'm spelling it wrong; I'm pretty sure I'm not, though. Thanks much. ~julchik1191
The spell checking is from your web browser. You can right click the underlined Neopian words and select "add to dictionary" to stop it from underlining such words.

We Kreludorkians have a very important question for the great Neopets team. How is "Qyldae Wegg" supposed to be pronounced? Not knowing makes it difficult to cheer for him, and he definitely deserves to be cheered! Your response is greatly appreciated. Slushies for all! ~plasticpanther
This quick Kreludan forward's name is pronounced quill-day wegg.

So, TNT. How much did that Tonu earn on the first day of the Wheel of Extravagance's existence? ~kevinpayravi
Haha, we're not sure how much he earned total due to people winning a portion (or all) of their Neopoints back, but let's just say that he was handed well over a billion NP by players eager to take their spin.

On May 4th, 2004, you released purple as a Petpet Paint Brush colour for the Warf, Ona, and Miamouse Petpet species. The Purple Warf and Purple Ona were added to the Petpet Puddle, but the Purple Miamouse wasn't (and therefore isn't paintable). Could you please add the poor thing? ~juney4
Egads, talk about overdue! D: The Purple Miamouse is now available at the Petpet Puddle and appreciates you alerting us of the situation (along with providing the news date so we could quickly confirm its announced release). We also fixed the Krawk Swashbuckler Collectable Card issue you mentioned in your second (unpublished) question, and we think you'll be pleased with the response to the question below with regard to that third Ed question you sent us. ;)

Hey there! So, I was wondering: will the new Wheel of Extravagance give out retired items? ~pets101999
No, it doesn't give out any r180 items, but it does have an extremely rare chance of giving out certain r100 items.

After a very scary search through Neopia, my Neopet finally acquired the necessary forms to file a complaint against the bank's stated policy. While forms NP-12344A and NP-3434B, C, E and W were lengthy but manageable, she almost had a breakdown filling out triple copies of form NP-34783443C (which are duly notarized, as you can see). These forms were hand delivered to Lawyerbot's office (signature required and received), however we have not heard back yet. All Neopia awaits the response.... ~annekatrina

Error 2302: Documents prepared using blue ink. Please resubmit.

**Happy Thoughts**

Hello there, TNT! I don't know if this'll ever get into the Editorial, but even if not I just wanted to say thank you. I've been on Neopets for a long, long time and I am in awe of how much work you guys put into the site to make it an incredible place for us. (: Neo has always been able to cheer me up; for instance, just the other day after coming home from a horrific day of stressful school finals, something astonishing happened: I won a Halloween Paint Brush from the Test Your Strength game! It completely turned my day around. It's the little things you all do that make Neopets so special. Thank you for being so dedicated. (: ~talsytenacity

Hey, TNT! Can you guys believe that The Neopian Times has made it to its 500th issue? Did you ever think that The Neopian Times would be up and running this long? Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love you guys, and this site, and everything you do to make it spectacular. It gives me another identity, another awesome, epic life outside of work and school. Thank you, TNT, sooo so so so much for everything you do for us users! ~deliquant

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