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Dear TNT,
First, some 8-bit cookies. Now... what inspired you to make 8-Bit a color? ~darkness_present

Spending our childhoods playing games on our original Nintendos until our thumbs blistered. :) (We then put a plaster on our thumbs and went back to playing.)

If I wanted to write an article for The Neopian Times and create custom images for it, do I have to host them myself? ~lil_jen_aside
Temporarily, yes. Just insert the images' URLs into your submission where you would like the image to be in your story / article. If your entry is selected, we'll copy and host the image. :)

So, suppose I have a Buzzer and I paint it plushie. Is there any way to un-paint it so that I have just a normal Buzzer again, or will I be stuck with a painted one forever? ~cardsperson_ii
You'd have to paint it the apparent colour of the original Petpet. In this case, to "unpaint" a Buzzer, you'd have to paint it yellow.

Hello! *tosses spaghetti* Just curious: how do you guys feel about being pelted with various delicacies, items, and organisms? ~coco6468
We feel like we should bathe more often. We would also like to assure you guys that you really, really, really don't need to throw something, or emote in any kind of way, to get into the Editorial. Like, really-really. Really.

Hi, TNT. It seems awfully unfair that the Caption Contest is inevitably a popularity (and even begging) contest rather than a hilarity contest. (Points for rhyming, yes?) To avoid this, could you remove the username from each caption during the voting process? That way, people couldn't advertise their captions since voters wouldn't know if it was actually theirs. The names could then be released when voting ends. Thanks for reading and considering. Leave my username out, please. ~username removed
We considered this, but alas, players can just as easily post, "Vote for for my caption! It's the one that starts with 'So a Zebba and Noil walk into a...'" to circumvent such a thing.

I would offer y'all a chocolate malt, but unfortunately there is nothing like that for Neopians, so you'll just have to suffer this time. Anywho, I've been going through the Trading Post looking for a deal on certain collectable charms and I noticed that, while all the rest of the stuff for trade shows a rarity index off to the right of each item, none of the collectable charms have a rarity index number showing on the Trading Post. I'm curious -- is this deliberate, or do the Meepits have some unknown plot and this is just one step in a greater scheme for their world domination goals? ~senji1101
Most of the collectable charms just happen to be of a low rarity. Only items that are "uncommon" or rarer (r75 or more) have their rarity appear next to the item in the Trading Post.

*daydreams of one day being uncommon*

Hey there! In last week's Editorial, you said that Grarrls, Chombies, and Pteris are native to Tyrannia. This got me wondering: are all Neopets native to somewhere? With a little thought, I figured out that Koi must be Maraquan and Kikos are from Kiko Lake, but I don't know about most of the rest. Thanks! ~username removed
Not all, but there are some species that come from specific lands. A few examples are:



Mystery Island:

Terror Mountain:

Lost Desert:

And yes, we realise the discrepancy in the fact that there is a Mystery Island Kougra when Kougras are from Mystery Island, but this is a slightly different issue in that some of the Tyrannians are already basically dinosaurs. Sort of like how there's no Maraquan Koi because it's already a fish and painting it Maraquan would be a bit redundant. We're not saying you'll never see a Tyrannian Pteri, but it'd probably be very, very low on the list of colours we'd like to see it in.

Hi, TNT! *hits you with carrot* I have a question: is it okay for someone to offer to draw a picture or trade some art in exchange for a Neocash item? Please leave out my name if you publish this. Thanks! =) ~username removed
No; selling services for items / Neopoints is not allowed, regardless of the item type.

Hey there, TNT. :-) I know that Neopets have issues with items that have the same number of letters in their names as the Neopet has in his or her name. Does this also apply to Petpetpets? My Elaynimal's Biyako has been trying to get a Mootix attached to him for a while now, and the Mootix stubbornly refuses to have anything to do with our Biyako. Is this because they both have six letters in their name, or did I just buy the most stubborn Mootix in Neopia? Thanks. :D ~bobbye111
No, it seems you just have a very stubborn Mootix, or a Biyako that likes to keep its coat very clean.

Beloved TNT,
I read someone bad-mouthing your puns in the most recent Editorial... calling them awful and the lowest form of humor! What is this?!? I LOVE your puns. Please, please don't ever stop. D: ~tre_couture_chic

We're so happy that so many of you (okay, two people) assured us of your love of puns! *holds up can of Achyfi* Here's to many more years of having pun together! :D

Hey, TNT. I was wondering: if someone got their Editorial question into one of the 100th issues of The Neopian Times, would they get the avatar? Thanks! ~lola123_52
Nope. Getting your question answered is its own reward. It's like all those things you do in life that "build character."

Would you mind providing us with suggestions for how to correct the problems Internet Explorer is now posing with regard to many games that will no longer load? Games that include Habitarium and many Game Room games. Not even the calculator and clock on my Premium Portal work! I say you fire the culprits who booted IE7 out! Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure. Thanks and have a great day! ~bobbye111
Sorry, but we fully support the culprits that booted IE7 out, and encourage everyone to use more secure, up-to-date browsers. If you don't like the next number up in the type of browser you use, there are other browsers out there that may be more suitable to your liking. :)

Hi, TNT! I have exactly two questions about that 8-Bit color you debuted for Chomby Day. First, is it for real? o.O I mean, are you fooling, or is it going to be an actual new color? Second, if it is real, 8-Bit Neopets aren't customizable, are they? They seem like they fall into the same category as Maraquan and mutant Neopets. Am I right? Please put my question in the Times, TNT! I've tried with so many other questions for so long, and I just adore you guys! Please? =/ ~shaolin_girl
Haha, yes it's real. Unfortunately, though, like Maraquan / mutant / baby Neopets, they cannot wear clothing (aside from special 8-Bit clothes just for them). We will schedule in an 8-Bit background during the upcoming months, and do look forward to seeing the creative ways you guys will customise this new colour. :)

Could someone customise me? I'm feeling a draft...

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