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Hi, TNT! *pokes with poke-y stick* We all know that zapping a Petpet into a Krawk Petpet won't let you transform it into a full-grown Krawk. If you zap a Krawk Petpet and it changes colour, though, would it grow into its old colour or the new one? Thanks! ~nucnad_eloop
Any Petpet that has been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray (even if it really is a Krawk that has been zapped into a Krawk of another colour) is ineligible to be turned into a fully grown Krawk. To make it eligible again, you'll need to remove it from your Neopet and then give it back to them. The only exception to that is, if your Krawk Petpet gets zapped back into the colour it originally was, then it should be capable of growing into a Krawk Neopet without being removed.

Unfortunately I don't have any cookies. I do have some chicken salad, though, if you would be interested in that! I was wondering: the Smugglers Treasure Chest lets you pull out a select few other cove items, but is missing a plethora of the good items (Super Attack Pea, Grapes of Wrath, Battle Plunger, Attack Pea, and so forth). Was this done intentionally, or was it a mistake? I find the item would be a lot more fun if you could get all of those items listed above. Thanks! Please leave my username anonymous. ~username removed
We suppose we could be nice and do this.

Hey, TNT! I have been drooling over that new item, the Doctors Bag. It was announced in the news a couple of months ago, but I have not seen any of them on the Shop Wiz or Trading Post. There also don't seem to be any in anyone's Gallery. Is it possible you forgot to activate it? Thanks for checking! ~a_pet_vet
Thanks for the heads up! It looks like it was activated, but not assigned a rarity, so we missed it! It's all fixed now, though, and you should already be seeing them. :)

Recently, User Lookups and Pet Lookups have been distorted by the advertisement bar that is now showing up at the top. Why is this? It was never like this before. Are you going to fix it? If this gets in, please remove my username. ~username removed
That's odd; there shouldn't be ads on those pages. Thank you for alerting us so we can look into it. D:

Hello, TNT! *throws cookies* A few days ago I was playing Key Quest when, due to a glitch, I had to quit the game. Within minutes, the user I was playing mailed me with a dung symbol. I blocked them, not wishing to receive anymore mails. I then got a rude mail from another account, only to find out later that that was the user's side account. If I know that I have been harassed from a user's side account, can I still report their main account? Thanks! *please remove my username* ~username removed
Yes, please give us the name of both the main account and the side account when sending in a harassment report. Remember, everyone -- if someone has blocked you, contacting them from a side account to continue to harass them is reportable (even if you think they "deserve" it), and can affect your main account.

Hello, TNT. How many plushies currently exist? ~anumbfreakonaleash2
We currently have 1,686 items that are classified as plushies. That's quite a lot of fluff!

That's okay, though. Some Editorials are fluffier than others.

I bought all nine pieces of a map and the site won't let me put it together. I went to the Treasure Map game and it showed zero percent complete!!! What's the matter? ~fightfight80
We looked into it, and it seems you're trying to turn in the Petpet Lab Map, correct? You need to gain access to the Secret Lab Ray first (where Neopets are zapped). Only through access from there can you reach the Petpet Lab Ray and turn that map in.

Dear almighty TNT,
*throws you an Ona* Today I noticed there is a Floating White Ona (a customization item), but no White Ona. Could you make the poor little White Ona exist before Neopia explodes from confusion? D: ~flurry65

The White Ona exists; it just doesn't show up at the Petpet Puddle because there is no option for Onas to be painted that colour. (Remember, only colour options available for painting show up at the Petpet Puddle, not all possible colours.) White Onas were given away by the Advent Calendar in Year 5.

Bonjour, TNT! I was wondering if you guys had any plans to redraw some of the lands around Neopia. Quite a few of them need a bit of an update. Some of them seem to have prehistoric graphics. ;) ~prawnt
We couldn't agree more! New maps take quite a bit of work, but we're itching to update them. Hopefully we'll have another one updated later this year. :)

Ohaidur, TNT! I was just wondering: can I still get Abigail's prize if I am unable to beat AAA's score? I've done that for two days, and I was just checking so I don't make the same mistake again. C: ~ayakae
According to our official rules: "If you have challenged AAA but come up short, you will still receive Abigail's prize and be credited with a win over her if you have beaten or matched her score. However, you will not be immediately awarded the Abigail prize for the challenge, so you can continue to try to best AAA's score for that challenge and win his prize. If you are still unable to beat or match AAA's score, you will receive Abigail's prize for the challenge at the end of Daily Dare."

What are some of the actions that TNT is taking to combat the inflation of item prices? It seems that recently inflation is getting even worse. For example: in December, the price of a full lab map set was a Baby Paint Brush + 490,000 Neopoints, and now it's a Baby Paint Brush + 690,000 NP. I fear that prices will soon outrun my ability to earn Neopoints. ~rain10423
We've done quite a bit, actually, introducing a number of NP sinks (which help reduce inflation), plus we have some other ideas in the works for how to make certain things a bit more affordable.

Hi, TNT! *throws butternut squash* I was wondering who the Korbat is on the 49 months shield? ~berry_blast
That would be Koya, the Korbat Huntress. She appeared in the first edition set of Neopets TCG cards, which we released oh so very long ago.

Hello, TNT!!! *tosses Darigan Citadel baked cookies* You might want to duck, because those spikes can be sharp. But seriously, it has recently been contested amongst my friends whether Lord Darigan founded the Darigan Citadel in his own name (like King Altador), or if he is simply referred to by his title (i.e. as lord of Darigan, making him Lord Darigan). Could you clarify this for us? Thanks. ~richie910842
Just as King Altador founded the kindgom of Altador, Lord Darigan was responsible for the creation of the Darigan Citadel. Way back then, though, it was a lovely land, led by Darigan (who was a warm and wise leader). While he is still a wise, caring, and well-loved leader of his citizens, much of his old warmth is gone.

Hiya, TNT! I'm not going to give you any cookies. I need you to explain something. For the Customization Spotlight, why is there no category for Neopoint AND Neocash items? I think the creative juices would flow more if we had a combined category. Could you PLEASE make a category for mixed items? I might bake some cookies then. ;) ~ninjackson
Any number of Neocash items places a Neopet into the "Neocash" category, whether it's one item or all. So (technically) there is a category for mixed items, in a way.

Mixed is good, though. Our supervisors always say our meetings are similar to a big bowl of mixed up nuts! :D

Warm fuzzy of the week:

After reading the lovely letters at the bottom of the Editorial, I thought I should send in my own. When I started playing Neopets at around eight years old, I fell in love with the idea of customizing Userlookups and Petpages. It was my first real foray into the web and I wanted to say THANK YOU for making Neopets so amazing! I'm now all growed up and attending a tech college for web design, and I have you guys to thank for starting my passion! ~username removed

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