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'Ello, TNT! *throws scones and tea* So I've been wondering: how exactly do y'all come up with SOOOO many different and impossible Lenny Conundrums every week? Do you have geniuses locked up in your office somewhere or something? I mean, it's hard enough to try and figure them out, but to come up with one week after week just blows my mind! ~catastrophye
We have one poor, unfortunate soul that can actually do maths well enough that we force him to come up with new Lenny Conundrums every week for you. You should send him cookies. He's been doing it for nearly seven years now. He deserves them!

Back in Editorial #180 you mentioned it was possible to feed Chias chocolate items to have a chance of turning them chocolate. After reading that, I thought, "I wonder if it works for other species?" And so I started my adventure. However, 1,500 chocolate items later (yes, that's two zeroes!) my Bori still has not turned chocolate. Is it just that rare, or does it only work for Chias? My poor Bori is sick of all the chocolate. D: ~0o0slytherinpride0o0
x_X Wow. We salute your dedication. However, we regret to inform you that it only works on Chias. D:

Since quite a few of us rely on the news to update us on when a particular Pet Day is, would you please synchronise Neopet-themed updates moreso with the actual Pet Day? For example, Wocky Day was on December 12th. It wasn't advertised in the news until December 14th, so we missed out on the free training. Could TNT please look into synchronising Pet Days in the news better so that users don't miss out on free training? :) ~katsuroma
Alas, we have to put up the news when we do because of our work hours and taking the rest of the world into account. If you don't want to miss out on Neopet training, you can check the Neopian Calendar and set up some automated reminders for yourself. That way you'll be sure to never miss a free training day. ^_^

*gives you money* How old are Brynn, Hanso, and Xandra? ~ducksarefun
By our age standards, Brynn and Hanso are in their late teens, while Xandra appears to be in her mid-twenties, though she could be older.

The new Holiday Dream Pet Giveaway is awesome! I am wondering, however, how you would feel if someone asked for a rare Neopet like a Chocolate Draik with the intention of trading it for their true dream Neopet (like an Unconverted Neopet that you couldn't win in the giveaway). I didn't see any rules forbidding this, and it is still a way for someone to get their dream Neopet. What would you think about that? (Besides all the nasty Neomail that someone who did that would probably get - and please leave my username out!) ~username removed
Alas, we'd be delighted and prefer that the player receiving the Neopet would love and adore it for the rest of their days, but as we have no rules against 1:1 Neopet trading, we can't really do anything about it. D:

The Vine-Covered Gazebo can only be placed indoors for Neohomes. Please, PLEASE fix this, as it would be so lovely outside where it belongs. ~o00angel_wings00o
We've notified the Art Department of this glitch, so hopefully it will be capable of being placed outdoors (as is proper) soon. :)

Update: All fixed! Yay!

I can see the sun again!

Hey, TNT! *squee* I really love the idea of your new Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway! I have a question, though. Once you enter a Neopet in the raffle, what happens if you place that Neopet in the Pound? If it's still in the Pound, or adopted by someone else, will the Neopet still change if it's selected? ~alby
We've already had our program give us 10 randomly selected winners, and we've gone through and made sure each account followed the rules. Our volunteer that will be manually updating the winning Neopets late at night on the 24th will do a quick double check to make sure the Neopets are still with their owners (though transferred to a side account of the owner is fine). If one of the Neopets is in the pound (or other issue has arisen), our volunteer will have our program randomly select another winner, and do so until ten lucky Neopians have the Neopet of their dreams to wake up to. :)

If you've not had time to start a Habitarium, will the items from the Advent Calendar on the 21st still be waiting for you in your Habitarium when you do start one? ~scifi_crazy
Yes, the items should be waiting for you when you have time to start your adventures with your Habitarium.

*throws a batch of cookies* So, just a quick question: if items are retired, is there a chance their rarity will ever be changed to something else again? ~jamespottertje
Highly unlikely. We don't change the rarities of existing items very often (except to r180 to retire an item).

Who is the blondish staff member who makes the adorable "Eep!" sound when she gets whacked? It almost makes me feel bad for whacking her! ~whispering__wolf
Hahahaha, that would be Dragona. She's short and makes the same noises when we accidentally bump into her in the office. Don't feel bad for her; she makes fearsome "rawr" sounds when she's under the meeting table trying to pull off our socks to eat.

Greetings, TNT. :) *throws stale gingerbread ornaments* So, I recently moved the Neopets from one side account to a newer side account. I was planning on deleting this now-empty account, but (for understandable reasons) when I log onto this account I am instantly directed to the "Create a Neopet" page and am not able to go to any other part of the site. This makes it impossible for me to get to the "Removing your Neopets Account" page, and therefore impossible to delete my account. Could this possibly be changed? Please remove my username. Thanks. :D ~username removed
Hmm... we certainly see the issue here. We're talking about this and looking into it.

Hello, almighty TNT people! I was wondering if we could ever get that awesomely awesome avatar you have? I mean, IT'S AWESOME! ~aquamist223
Sorry, the TNT avatar is for use only by us, so that it's easy to recognise a staff account posting.

Okay, two questions: what kind of faerie is Ilere and why isn't there ANY info on the site about her? ~dolphinsareawesome
Ilere is an earth faerie, though not one you would want to encounter in the woods. Her first appearance was in this TCG Card. She is quite a mysterious character, so there is very little information with regard to her, but you can see her in action in the Tale of Woe.

TNT, I think you guys need to take a nice long, calming break! Here! *throws cake* Just a thank you for all your hard work on this site. :) Keep up the good work, but remember to take breaks! :) ~ixi900286
Haha, we will. After all the hard work churning out the latest plot and our efforts to improve the site this past year, our ankle chains are being unhooked and we'll be able to run free for the entire week between the Day of Giving and New Year's! We will miss you all very much, and look forward to our continued servitude to the Meepits in the new year. :)

What's that mr.coconut? You have something to say? Oh, all right. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a...


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