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Hi, TNT! *throws 5,478 Meepits at you* So, I received my trophy for the Games Master Challenge today, and AAA said that I completed 34 challenges. The challenge I supposedly did not complete didn't have a check mark, but I saw that the prize for that challenge had been awarded (it was in my Inventory) and I am quite sure that I completed it. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something? Thanks! ~penguin_pal12
There was a glitch that we worked around prior to the end of the Games Master Challenge. Some players may have noticed our post on the Official Neopets Team Message Board. It explains things fairly well. We'll repost it here as well since that link will eventually expire:

"Heya, GMCers.

We know some of you have been unable to complete today's Random Challenge, 'World Class Gamer'. We've been looking into it, but there's not much time left since GMC ends tonight and we don't want anyone to miss out because of a glitch. So, to be safe...

- The event now only requires 34 challenges be completed, rather than 35, to earn the top trophy. Being unable to complete that challenge won't affect your trophy.

- Anyone who completed the challenge but couldn't collect the prize because of the glitch will hopefully be able to collect the prize some time tomorrow. We have a separate set of data that will likely confirm whether or not you did the necessary steps, so we'll go through it and mark the challenge complete for you manually. Then you can collect the prize as normal. To be clear, you must send score on 10 qualifying games from 10 different lands TODAY to be eligible. All 10 games must be played on the same day. If you haven't done this yet, you still have time to earn the prize. The challenge won't be marked as completed in your list because of the glitch, so double-check your games!

- Anyone who did complete the challenge glitch-free keeps the prize, of course!

That's it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

- The Neopets GMC Glitch Response Team Alpha X "

Dear TNT,
*throws Baby Paint Brush Plushie* Are you thinking about coming out with a new paint brush soon? ~planoshark

D: *pokes the Maractite Paint Brush in the Hidden Tower*

Hello, Neopets Team! *throws, uh, something random at you* Well, my question is for all of the staff members: what exactly do all of you guys DO? I know some of you work on Editorial questions, and some work on bugs, and others work on making the site safe, but... what else do you do? Also, when Faerieland was falling, was someone just sitting there changing the numbers constantly? A few of us were wondering about that on the plot boards. Plus, how many members of "TNT" are there? Just wondering. ;) Thank you for reading. ~acorna12
Right now, there are approximately seventy-five employees working on Neopets. We're made up of artists, writers, programmers, managers, marketers, content designers, translators, email support, monitors, and several more that we've missed, we're sure. And, yes, we did have someone adjusting the altitude of Faerieland. ;) It never ceases to amuse and confound us when people complain that we wrote a Neopedia entry instead of finishing plot art, or worked on art when there's site bugs to fix. We really, honestly assure you that you do not want our writers to be drawing or our artists programming. With daily content and everything else going on, we assure you that we are constantly working at a feverish pace to keep the site working and bringing you new things as swiftly as possible. :)

Double Rainbow across the sky??? What does it mean??? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!? ~zoomom23
That you played an awful lot of Flash games last week! Well done! :D

Hello there, TNT. *throws BISCUITS to be culturally inclusive* I was just wondering whether the shiny new Gold Mauket given out on Day 5 of the Games Master Challenge is, indeed, paintable? Thanks! ~agl126
Noooope! Much like the Fire Werhond or Advent Calendar-exclusive Petpets, the Gold Mauket will not be paintable.

I'm special!

So, TNT... you are wise. Perhaps even wiser than the wisest Neopian player out there. Why is this? WE NEED THE TRUTH, WISE TNT. So here's my question: before you started working and writing for Neopets, were you a Neopian yourself? Did you spin the Wheel of Excitement? Did you challenge AAA? Did you search for the most hidden avatars, as we do now? ~gemmaha
We have a large number of people working here, so we can't speak for all of them. The current creative content staff, though, are pretty much all players themselves, and many of them spun the Wheel of Excitement long before there was AAA or even avatars. :)

What species is Xandra? I've heard so many theories that it's not even funny. ~ferretchris
Xandra is a speckled Xweetok.

Hello, TNT! So, on the Neoboards and in Neomails, I keep seeing people type in "svck" instead of the word that people can't use due to Neo Rule #1 in the Chat Rules. I see people do this all the time, and the rules clearly state that using spaces, symbols, or creative spelling to try to hide those words is not fooling anyone. And yet, people are disobeying the rule and posting "svck." I was wondering: is this spelling allowed, since people are posting it all the time? Also, by the way, please remove my username. Thanks. :) ~username removed
No, even if you see people using it, that does not mean it's allowed or okay. As you stated, bypassing filters with creative spelling will result in a warning / silencing when those who do it get caught.

Hi, TNT. Will you please freeze the faeries? They keep harassing everyone, and are constantly begging us to buy them items with the promise of a reward afterward. To top it all off, if we say "no," they then throw a fit for around 600 seconds! We all know that's against the rules. I mean, if you don't wanna freeze them, then at least turn them to stone for five weeks!
Done and DONE. We love it when players are easy to please! :D

HOW do the Habitarium Petpetpets carry bubbles of water?!? O_o ~username removed
Surface tension! No, really. Go take a liquid dropper and see how many drops you can place on the surface of a penny. You'd be surprised! This YAY, SCIENCE moment has been brought to you by The Neopian Foundation for the Education of Neopets That Really Like Cheese. Mmm... cheese.

While playing the Games Master Challenge, I mentioned to my Neopet, Peeeeeace, that the Kookiths on the menu of Kookia were quite cute. She agreed, but pointed out to me that Chocolate Kookiths and Strawberry Kookiths weren't even listed in the Rainbow Pool. She also pointed out that there aren't any chocolate or strawberry Petpets in Neopia. I didn't want to believe her, but she reminded me that something similar has happened in Chariot Chase... ~racingroadrunner
Chocolate, strawberry, and gold Petpets do exist, but they are almost always exclusively available through the Petpet Lab Ray.

*makes Thanksgiving dinners (and desserts) for the entire Neopets Team* Thank you all so VERY, VERY MUCH for the Faeries' Ruin plot! It is the best plot I have ever participated in. There should be a way that we can send you these good thoughts and thank yous. Is there a way that this can be done? A board? A page? A button to click? So many of us appreciate your hard work and creativity, yet have no way to let you know how much we like something on the site. ~fleetingfame
You've already been doing so on the boards. We love reading the positive feedback we've been seeing on them. Even if we don't post ourselves, please know that we're always watching your reaction when something is happening on the site. :)

Dear TNT,
Thank you for the new colour! Maractite looks wonderful, and the Usul was a great choice with which to debut it. I was wondering, though... will you be releasing many Neopets with this colour over the following months, or will we have to wait for a species' day and cross our fingers that they will be released? I'm hoping to have a Maractite Draik much sooner than next September! Thank you again! ~small_cow

We're planning to have a day that celebrates the new colour in the upcoming months, so keep your fingers crossed! We know mr.coconut is excited. Aren't you, mr.coconut?


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