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I'll get to the point real fast: if I'm on the Pound Chat, am I allowed to make a topic that pretty much says "Basic Neopet with aged zapped Snowbunny UFT! (Get Snowbunny avatar!)"? From what I see, there are two conflicting points. 1. No Neopoint profit can be made, but 2. It "sort of" breaks the spirit of trading a Neopet for an item instead of a Neopet for a Neopet. Ambiguous, sort of, so I figured I'd ask. xD ~tealnova_dragon
Not ambiguous to us. You would be attempting to trade a Neopet for an avatar / Petpet. Neopets can ONLY be traded for another Neopet. Rest assured that, if we see a plain blue Lupe being traded for a royal Acara, we're going to know something is up and investigate.

So, I've noticed that many of the Editorial questions that are submitted have gifts for TNT tagged onto them (such as cookies, asparagus, or other rare and expensive objects). Do these bribes actually have any sway in deciding which questions get answered? If so... *hands you Moehog transmogri-- morphing potion ;)* ~potential_ruler
Haha, no. Offering any type of Moehog item will, however, certainly get DJ Skellington in here to answer any questions you may have about all the stylish ways you can wear black clothing.

Dear TNT,
We love you. In the last Editorial, you mentioned that stealing someone's signature code is reportable if the original artist is identifiable. Does this also apply to custom pet designs (like markings, etc.)? ~black_wolfhearts

Yes. If someone has clearly stolen creative content you've made (coding, art, writing, etc.) then please report them so we can look into the situation. We do reserve final say on the matter, though, and what action (if any) will be taken.

Hello, TNT! Okay, so you mentioned that you were looking into something to help the restocking recession we are in at the moment... what kind of "something" would this be? Like, a mass retiring session of junk items that fill out shops? Random resets or "clear outs" of shops every few hours? Reducing item prices / stock levels? Also, when could we expect this help to appear? Restocking is the prime means of making Neopoints for so many people, and it would be sad to think you would put it to the back of your minds until... goodness knows when! From all the restockers in Neopia: we would be thankful for any help we can get!!! ~epode
We're already doing most of that. :) Not all of you have noticed, but quite a few items have been retiring each week. Additionally, while price decreases aren't quite as noticeable, they are also happening to items that don't clear out as quickly.

You mean I'm no longer clogging the toy shop? /sob

Hello, TNT. I was curious: if a male Neopet is wearing clothes typically worn by females, would he still have a chance of becoming a Notable Neopet, or is this something that's frowned upon? ~teratogen
Notable Neopets is automated, so there is no distinction with regard to what type of clothes a Neopet is wearing.

Um, I blame you for the fact that I've wasted my life and not thought about this, so... could you please choose my college major, TNT? :) ~caseyagain4
Philosophy! Enjoy.

Heya, TNT! *hugs and throws pieces of cake* Happy birthday! I hope you have enjoyed the day that this awesome site was born. My question is about the rarity of Strawberry Gummy Flotsams, which was set at 180 when I saw one in my Inventory, yet I'm pretty sure that I restocked one two days ago... is this a glitch or something?!? Keep up that hard work, guys! :) ~0taviuxside_1
It's not a glitch. Please see our response three questions above. You'll be seeing more items being retired each week - mostly low rarity ones or those with severely outdated art. :)

Can you please release the Soreen as a Neopet species? ~davymuncher
No, but we'll release more colours for it. Sound fair? Good! :D

Hey, TNT! *throws cookie* Let's say you have a Neopet named "neopets" for trade. The n is not capitalized, but you have a piece of code to make it appear capitalized on your User Lookup and Pet Lookup (yet don't tell anyone that when advertising). If a trade has gone through and the new owner then finds out that the n was never capitalized, is that reportable? ~_babyxdoll
We're going to say that, yes, it's reportable on this one, as it's similar to trying to trick someone with a fake picture or stats.

HI, TNT! I have one quick question: on the Faeries' Ruin plot board there are tons of threads that consist of people complaining about the "lack of updates." There are always arguments over whether the plot is made in advance or if you guys make it up as you go along. So, which is it? ~jenash215
For The Faeries' Ruin, the entirety of the plot was envisioned well before it began. Art, and programming, and some of the writing however (while given a head start), have been done as we go along. Otherwise, you guys would have had to wait quite some time before the plot started, and we knew how badly you were itching for a new plot. :) Doing it this way also allows us some flexibility to modify things according to your feedback, which is awesome. Wouldn't you agree, mr.coconut?


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