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Hey, TNT. I was wondering: in previous Editorials you've said that it's okay to send in multiple captions for the Caption Contest, but in the "Help" page for the Caption Contest it says entering multiple times won't increase your chances of winning. Could you please settle this? ~bowsermario303
That's a reference to entering the same caption repeatedly. This generally does nothing but annoy the judge and lessen your chances of winning. You are more than welcome to enter multiple unique, thoughtful, and witty captions to the contest.

Hi, TNT! *throws the Lab Ray at you because it hasn't been doing anything good lately* Anyhow, just out of curiosity, what is the longest item name on Neopets? Whatever it is, I'd be sure to buy one! ~foreverh0mes
Hmm... our best guess would be Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium, which was purchasable for 4,000 Tale of Woe plot points. These days it will set you back about 62,000 NP.

Hi, TNT! *pours praise on The Faeries' Ruin plot* I know you're busy working on the plot (yay!), but it appears that some Neopets are misaligned in the Active Neopet images that appear on the boards. :( Is this a glitch, or are those Neopets just not very good at posing for the camera? ~burning_shadows_79
This is a glitch we are aware of, and are currently seeking a solution to help these poor, camera-shy Neopets.

Hey there, TNT! The Neopian Bank says it rounds up my interest, so out of curiosity I took my daily interest times 365 (the days in a year, you see) and it was higher than my actual yearly interest. What gives? :( (Please remove my username!) ~username removed
Your yearly interest compounds daily, meaning each day the interest you earn is being added to your savings, and therefore is continuing to increase your daily interest. (Assuming, of course, you don't remove the interest you earn daily from your bank account.)

I'm in the moneeeey!

Oh great and powerful TNT, I have a small request. Could you make it possible to delete paint brush clothing from our Closets, or at least give us the ability to move it to our Safety Deposit Boxes? I have a bunch of paint brush clothing from lab zaps that I don't want. It's really annoying to go through all of it to take other things out of my Closet. Thanks in advance. ~chuppacabrashelper
We were actually just discussing this ourselves! We're actively working on a decision regarding this, so we can't divulge too much at the moment. Rest assured, though, that we are giving thought to the issue.

*throws Editorial section of some random issue* So anyway, TNT, I was wondering if you keep track of questions that you want to answer in the Editorial but don't have enough room for in one or more issues? Should users who like to bother you with questions keep sending them in until they are answered? By the way, I will keep sending this in until it is answered, just in case... muahaha! :) ~grammy27272727
If we're lucky enough to have an excess of good questions that we can answer, we will save some for the following week, but most of the time we only find just enough for the current Editorial. Despite the number of questions we get asked, only so many are 1.) clear questions, 2.) something we can address, 3.) something know the answer to, 4.) not the same old question (unless we think it bears repeating), and 5.) something that could be useful to multiple players. If you have sent the same question to the Editorial each week for a month and haven't seen it published, then it might not fall under the above categories and just isn't something we can address here. In some cases, the Support Department may be able to assist you, though.

I love the new silencing rule, but people who get silenced can just go and chat on a side account. Is chatting on a side while silenced allowed? I ask because it seems to defeat the whole purpose of silencing someone if they can just use their side to continue. ~devidein
Moving to a side account if your main account is silenced is fine, as long as any rule-breaking does not continue. If we see a pattern of account hopping to break chat rules, we will take that into consideration when dealing with all accounts.

Does a whole series count as one publication for the NT Star avatar, or does it count for each part? For example, would two five-part series get you the avatar? ~patt788
Good news! Each series part earns you a trophy, and therefore helps you toward the ten trophies needed for the NT Star avatar.

*is too offended to give you stuffs* I was at the Neopian Music Shop and noticed the Bubble Tuba was a sousaphone, so I looked around a bit and discovered that none of the tubas that I saw were actually tubas. They were all sousaphones! Is there a reason for this? As a tubaist myself, I am worried about your instrument perception. ~_bobyo365_
D: You're quite right. We apologise for our lack of proper instrument knowledge. We've renamed the "tubas" to sousaphones, and will schedule some proper tubas be added to the Neopian Music Shop.

My identity crisis is finally over!

Hi, TNT. I have been on Neopets for a long time so it's possible that this changed a while ago and I just didn't notice, but it seems that my Jetsam can only eat food items (instead of being able to eat any item no matter what it is). I remember Jetsams and Grarrls having the ability to eat any item a while ago, even ones sitting idle in your Inventory if they were hungry enough. Is this a glitch, a way to protect people's weapons during the plot, or simply the way it is now? Thanks in advance! ~somename4
It's actually Grarrls and Skeiths that are the notorious Neopets known for eating just about anything they can sink their teeth into (or swallow whole). Jetsams simply have a taste for standard food and the occasional unfortunate aquatic Petpet.

Hi there, TNT. It's been a rather rough day, as my guild leader recently discovered that a former member (who left our guild ages ago) has now created her own guild. Her guild's theme oddly resembles ours and some of her pages even have text taken directly from pages of ours. Her graphics are similar to ours and she even used the same rank titles. I was wondering if any of this is against the rules, because it has really devastated our council and other guild members. ~xbeccaboo
Stealing the creative work of someone else is not allowed. Please report the situation to our Support Department with as much evidence as you have so that they can investigate the situation and determine if any action will be taken.

Hey, TNT! I have a very serious question, but first... *throws Snowager plushies.* Anyway, back to my question. Say that the account of someone you know in real life gets frozen and they don't even know why. They can't think of anything they've done to merit such a punishment. Would it be appropriate for you to submit a ticket to vouch for their character, or is that something that they need to work out on their own? Please remove my username! Thanks! ~username removed
The player whose account is frozen is the only one that should contact the Support Department about the issue. Adding tickets to "vouch" for friends will just clog the system, further delay our efforts to deal with the actual issue, and not really provide us with anything we can use. We need to base our decisions off facts supplied by the account information we have.

"I did not find anything with the name 'Hifflo Morphing Potion.' Please pick a different item and I will try again." I know it is late and I should be sleeping, but it this old news or really NEW news?!? Will Neopia be getting a NEW species?!? ~twtkodiak
Sorry to burst your excitement bubble. D: The Hifflo is a Petpet species that you can play on our sister site, Petpet Park. We're not sure why it might have shown up in a Neopets item search. We suppose it could have been entered into the Neopets item database by accident at some point. In any case, it appears to be fixed now.

Hi, TNT! I just discovered that I've spent a total of almost one million Neopoints to upgrade my Gallery's size. Are there any plans to eliminate the need to pay for these upgrades? I'm asking because Galleries aren't used for making NP and I remember that, years ago, we had to pay to upgrade our Neodeck size but then you got rid of that and reimbursed everyone what they'd paid. It would be great if you could do the same with Galleries. Thank you! ~mercy_angel
Sorry, we have no plans to remove the cost of upgrading your Gallery. It's a vital Neopoint sink for the economy. Even mr.coconut agrees. Don't you, mr.coconut?


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