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As a restocker, I have seen problems of late. Mainly, shops don't get bought from as often as they used to. This means that they quite often fill up with junk and, unless we buy them out ourselves, we can't restock in them. Besides this being annoying, it also means that rare items don't restock any more, and as a result become rarer. Would you consider reserving one or two places in shops for items of greater rarity? ~caz_sage_owns
We've been combating this issue by slowly retiring items that are old / have exceptionally low rarity and reducing the cost of other items that aren't purchased. We've also been working on other solutions to help clear out the shops while we consider additional options of how to deal with the situation.

The Magical Bookshop's shopkeeper just said to me, "May your hair fall out and your tongue grow warts," because I was offering him one Neopoint for his 1,000 NP book. D: Isn't that a little violent? I only had like 600 or somethin' NP. ~magic_by_heart
Well, considering that hundreds of Neopians rush into his shop every 8 minutes shouting and haggling with him, then run out again only to return en masse after another 8 minutes, we can totally understand why he might be a bit grouchy.

Hey, TNT! *tosses a fuzzy pillow* I have a somewhat perplexing question that is entirely hypothetical (but interesting nonetheless) and stems from my frustration over certain hard to sell items in my trades. Suppose a Neopian puts an item up for auction on their main account. To drive up the price of the item they are auctioning and pique the interest of other Neopians who are scouring the auctions, they transfer Neopoints to side account A and bid on the item. They then transfer some more Neopoints to side account B and use this account to bid on the item, switching back and forth between side accounts to gather interest and make the item seem highly contested (and, therefore, as if it were a good buy). Is this allowed if all of the bidding funds come from the user's main account? Again, this is entirely hypothetical. Please remove my username. ~username removed
The hypothetical entity performing such shenanigans would be considered a scammer and be frozen, as he or she would be purposely trying to trick others in order to increase their profits.

Dear TNT,
*throws Neopian Times avatar at you* What font do you use for your avatars? I make fake avatars to use on my guild's "council chatter" section, yet I CANNOT find out the font you use for yours! Please help! ~peppernose

We typically use a font known as "04b03." It seems to be freeware, so have at it!

*ponders how far one can throw an avatar*

Heyness, TNT! With respect to the new silencing feature you guys have added to the site, I have a question. If you are permanently silenced, would there be a way to get un-silenced eventually, or is it really permanent? Thanks for clearing this up! ~warriorsrock965
Permanent silencing is permanent. For players that are temporarily silenced, it's a bit like a suspension, but without being restricted from games and other areas of the site. If a player says something or behaves poorly enough on the boards that they likely would have been frozen otherwise, that's basically what a permanent silence is.

Dear TNT,
Why, oh why do the Lutaris not have a default Petpage? My Lutari, Moeraki, was so depressed by the thought that The Neopets Team just don't love Lutaris enough that I had to make him one myself, just to stop the tears! Please TNT, just look at their little faces! How can you not be moved by that? ~dodos_r_not_extinct

The long-lost text for the Lutari default Petpage was recently discovered in the deep, dark depths of a disastrous email Inbox. Our programmers are a bit swamped with the plot and other shenaniganry at the moment, but we will try to get the page up when possible.

Hi, TNT. Long time reader, first time inquirer! Anyhow, with regard to the new "silencing" option, I was wondering if this means that people will no longer be frozen or suspended for breaking rules on the boards, or if you are just adding another level to the infraction platform? Can people still get frozen for breaking board rules? Thanks! ~nuculers
As always, it's up to the monitors' judgement as far as what our response to any given infraction will be, since each case is unique. The intention of having this "silence" option, however, is to not have to freeze accounts for the day-to-day rule breaking that occurs on the chatboards. Accounts that are being shared, scamming, buying / selling Neopoints, or account hopping to repeatedly break rules, etc. will still get iced, of course, but we're hoping to limit the number of accounts frozen for chat infractions with this new system.

A friend of mine and I had an argument as to whether asparagus or starfish are more epic. I say asparagus, he says starfish. Who's right? Thanks! *throws Angelpuss-shaped cookies* ~jazycat_12
Why choose when you can just create an item monstrosity consisting of both? ASPARAGUS STARFISH, coming this December to a New Features page near you! *dramatic music*

So I've been fighting in the Battledome for the recent plot with my Lutari, but I've noticed that every time we fight (even if we win), his happiness level slowly decreases. Is this a glitch, or just part of the game? ~okami_ginhane
Well, isn't that just odd! It doesn't seem to be a glitch. Maybe something is going on...

Hi TNT, I think there really should be more staff items and hijinks on the news. Especially Dirigibles. He's my favourite. ~dirigibles
Hijinks are always fun! We seldom get requests for Dirigible-stuff, though. Heeeey... wait a sec!


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