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I was just checking my pets into the Neolodge and, while doing so, I checked out the images for the example rooms (Economy Hotel, Luxury Hotel, and Deluxe Hotel). All three look rather shabby. Might I suggest an art update? Thank you! ~pandasrule1211
We've noticed that too, and are planning on having them renovated, but perhaps not until early next year. We already have so much planned -- between the plot, Halloween, our 11th anniversary, and the Month of Giving, it's hard to fit anything else in right now! D:

A while back you put the Mauket in the New Neopoint Items section on the main page. The Mauket is currently searchable, and I really want one, so I searched the Trading Post for one because many an item has been found at the Trading Post shortly after its release. There were none there, so I searched with the Shop Wizard. I didn't find any there either, so I decided to wait a few restocks at Peopatra's Petpets. It's not restocking! Have you not "officially" released it yet, or is this just a bug? It looks adorable. ~cianori0
It's released and restocking. We just checked and saw one in the Auction House. It seems they are just so adorable that they are being snatched up as soon as they restock.

Edit: It looks like several have now appeared on the Trading Post. Go get 'em, Kougra!

Hiya, TNT! *takes out some gummy bears from her pocket and throws them with great force at you -- so much force, in fact, that it hurts really badly but you don't care because gummy bears are nom nom nommy* So anyway, I have the lab map, and one Neopet that I've zapped for a few months turned into a clay JubJub about a month ago. Well, when I just zapped her, it said: "The ray is fired at wickedwendywoo...... and she changes colour to Clay!!" I know that the zaps are random, but my clay JubJub was zapped into a clay JubJub?!? I thought it was a bit odd and wondered why you didn't stop this from happening, because you got all of my hopes up for a decent zap but then I realised that that's what she already was, and therefore my hopes were then shattered. D= ~_totally_awesome_
Haha, wow. What are the odds of that? No really, someone tell us. We stink at statistics. Alas, we're sorry your beautiful, fragile dreams were shattered by such a Lab Ray zap, but random is as random does, we guess. That has such a low occurrence of happening, we really don't want to mess with the Lab Ray code to make such a zap impossible. D: Sorry!

Heya, TNT! I make guides for plots and events on the site, and have come across something most of us would really like cleared up. I've noticed that a LOT of people, when offering a guide to someone on the boards, don't use on-Neo guides; rather, they refer them offsite. Now, I've been warned for this before, so therefore I will never do it, but is this allowed? I've even seen countless people post LINKS with spaces in them to offsite help guides. Please tell me this isn't allowed. Thanks for clearing this up. ~_kate_e_did_
No. Posting offsite links (however beneficial) is not allowed on the boards (the very fact that one has to alter the URL to even post it means the rules are already being broken, by trying to circumvent the filters). There are plenty of Petpage guides to refer people to. Also, if someone really wants to find an offsite guide, typing "faeries ruin guide" into a search engine isn't hard. They should be able to do this for themselves. We know a lot of you guys love to help your fellow players (and we love you for that), but please do not put your account at risk by doing so!

And don't think we're not on to your filter-avoiding tricks! ;)

HI THERE! Can we report Pet Lookups that cover (thus hiding) their stats? I've seen a lot of these lately. Anyway, have a Meepit-destroying Feepit. :3 ~z0_0z
Sure can! We really appreciate it, too, because when people see others breaking the rules, they often assume it's an okay thing to do. This often causes the problem to spread and results in a lot of players getting warnings for things they assumed were okay to do because others were doing them.

Hey there! Could you please, please get your artists to fix the ghost Draiks' wings? When the original wings are removed the pale blue outline remains, which puts a crimp on customizing and looks just plain weird. Thank you. :D ~acquta
We've discussed this at length, and it seems like it's currently not possible to remove the extra glow due to how things are layered and still keep the glow on the Draik wings when it is not customised. :(

I was wondering: since I just got myself the pack rat avatar after a good while of trying, am I allowed to send the items to my side account and get it there, too, since it's completely funded by my main account? It'd be a lot of trouble, but it'd be nice. ~xxw_olfpackxx
If you're willing to do it, then by all means go for it. Just remember to send the items back to your main account if you want to sell them off after you're done. :) Good luck!

HOLA, TNT! I've noticed on the boards that, when a person makes a topic about how they've been scammed and that the scammer hasn't been frozen yet, a lot of people will tell the board maker to report them and send in screenies to prove that they were scammed. Honestly, though, can't you guys just check the logs? Do screenies really matter or help? This has been on my mind and I'd really like to know, in case I ever get scammed. :P Please remove my username. *throws chocolate muffins* ~username removed
Screenshots can easily be faked and are not solely used to make decisions regarding accounts. If scamming occurs on the site, we check our own logs to verify what occurred and use that information to make our final decision. Giving us detailed information about what happened is much more helpful. This is also why it is very important to stay on our site when trading or dealing with other players. We cannot help you if the deal was made offsite, leaving no evidence in the accounts as to what has occurred. If you make a deal on the boards, it's good to verify and confirm the agreement via Neomail so you have solid evidence if someone scams you.

On a related note, we'd like to give updated information with regard to the posting of usernames on the boards. Please do not post threads that portray a username in a negative light. While many are sincere warnings or questions, too many times this has been abused as a way of maliciously attempting to tarnish someone's reputation, or is often the result of a misunderstanding that results in a player getting labelled as a "scammer" and harassed. Basically, people are being judged before the Support Department has time to investigate the situation, which can make Neo-life miserable for people who could very well be innocent of any wrongdoing.

Unless it's a friendly hello or howdy to your friend, or "____, your inbox is full!," it's best to avoid calling out to other players, especially if your intent within the topic is to harass the player in any way. Monitors have and will be enforcing this by deleting topics with usernames in them to help players understand what is and isn't an appropriate thread directed at another player.

As always, if you need to report a player, please do so using proper site forms, and we'll look into the situation!

You can wake up now, we're done!

Hi TNT. What happened to the login process? Not too long ago you added that wonderful security feature of showing our active pet after our username was entered. It was meant to save users from the trap of fake login pages and the scammers that run them. All of a sudden you're asking for username and password all at once... seems like a step backward for our security :S ~diana_paldara
Unfortunately, that security measure was no longer effective. (We'd explain further, but any information on how our systems work is helpful to scammers, so we hope you understand why we don't want to give any details!) As such, we decided to remove what is now an unnecessary extra step and make the login process a bit easier. We do have another feature in the works, though. Still, always make sure you're on before you log in. That's the best security measure there is.

By the way, we're very sorry for not announcing the login change in advance! Our plan was to let you know it was coming by posting in New Features a few days before, but the code went live early. Those responsible have been assigned dirty sock-hunting duty. (Someone has to feed Dragona.)

Hey, TNT! I have a question: on average, how many people enter the Random Contest? A lot of the contests you guys have seem as though only a few crazy people would do them... like the contests for making a mural, a sundial, yarn Usukis, or recreating Neopian items. I mean, that is some dedication to a website for virtual prizes. (Not that I can say anything; I've placed in three Random Contests! XD LOL). I was really just wondering if there was a large number of people entering. ~gannonslovergirl
It really depends on the contest. For really bizarre contests, or ones that require a certain crafting ability (like crocheting), we'll often only have barely enough quality entries to make a page of winners. Or, if it falls over a weekend when people are out of town and don't have time to create anything, we'll often have to extend the contest in those cases until we have enough entries to announce the winners. On the other hand, for Random Contests that require brief writing or sound files, we often end up with so many entries that we can barely get through them all in time. Basically, the less time consuming it is to do, the more entries we generally have. ;)

Is it possible to view someone else's stock portfolio? If not, would you guys consider putting everyone's portfolio on their User Lookup? ~chedeli
Nope. This isn't something we're considering. How many Neopoints someone has invested in stocks is their own business.

Hi, TNT! *throws cookies* I was on the Trading Post today and found this written on someone's wishlist: "WOW, FREE! Offer 3 times to increase your chances. As soon as it hits 500 offers, I will literally scroll down halfway and pick one... I promise." I was wondering, is this allowed? Thanks for the clarification. Good work on the new plot, by the way! *thumbs up* ~incumtartom
Trades like this are not allowed, as they just spam and clog up the Trading Post. They are also often scams intended to get players to offer better items in hopes of "winning." If you see Trading Post lots such as these, please report them so they can be deleted.

So, last Friday I completed all three of the Nox achievements, but because of a sitewide glitch that was going on I didn't get the "Nox's Locks" achievement until Monday. Is this going to affect my plot score, or am I just getting concerned over nothing? (Please leave my username out.) Thanks. ~username removed
Nope. We're aware of the glitch that occurred, and this will not affect your plot score. Phew, that's a relief. And so, with that good news, we bid you...


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