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On your Account Control Panel, under Modify Account Information, you can pick your interests... and marching band is not on there. As a proud flute player, I am infuriated at this great injustice! I am truly surprised at you, TNT! Or, is it the Weewoo... more evidence of its mind-control abilities! You will not keep this one quiet! ~smudge909
D: We certainly don't want to infuriate marching band members. We feel that would be a grave error! We can imagine them now, descending on our headquarters marching in perfect unison. We'd have no chance! Also, Dragona has an unnatural fear of trombones due to childhood trauma. Yes, we see that our only choice is to give in to your demands. We'll add more interest preferences for both the general and two years or older accounts in the coming months. D:

So... in my search for the Wishing Well avatar, I noticed that "Yay for Suckerfish!" was written in the source code. I also noticed that you have mentioned Chaosfish in an Editorial question answer. Plus, if many want to go into detail, the trading card mentions using only water Neopets... are any of these things even related to the avatar? I ask because, if I find one more mention of fish or water, I may go insane! I just need to know if I am even making it anywhere. DX Oh, and then "behind" was in the code and Behind the Mask is from Mystery Island. All in all, Mystery Island seems to have something to do with it as well... or am I just looking WAY into things?
o_____O It's a Wishing Well. One normally just... tosses coins into it. We, uhh... really think you're over thinking this one, guys. Like, really really.

For the Atlas of the Ancients plot last year, the top prize was given for completing the task on the day of its release. Does the same apply for the current plot? If the news is out on Thursday NST time and I can only manage to come online after midnight on Friday NST time because of time zones, will it still be considered as the same day? (It is essentially the same day for me.) ~phanmagix1
"Day of" completion is not at all required in order to be eligible for the best prizes. There will be a prize shop at the end, which means you're earning points for your efforts as the plot progresses. We can't tell you how scoring will work, but we will say that keeping up with the story is definitely encouraged. Previous plots with prize shops (like Tale of Woe) will give you an idea of scoring, but things, of course, won't be exactly the same. ;)

Hi! I noticed that in the new plot, "The Faeries' Ruin," you happened to use the British English spelling of artifact: artefact. However, I found it interesting when I read the third comic of the plot and found this word: judgment. Under British English, shouldn't this word be spelled with an extra e: judgement? ~bob611611
Whoops! You're quite correct.

Colour us embarrassed. :)

Hello, TNT! I got scammed out of giving away a lot of Neopoints. When I went to confront the guy, I saw that he had deleted his account somehow. He must have sent all of the Neopoints to another account. So, I was wondering: what should I do? I was also wondering: why are Meowclops so expensive? I know that they are retired and all, but there are tons of them and people are selling them for 11 million Neopoints! Thank you for reading! ~googlierocks
Please report the username that scammed you. Them transferring the Neopoints or items to another account isn't going to do them any good and does not inhibit us from finding and freezing their accounts in any way. As far as your second question goes, it's because Meowclops are retired Petpets that are associated with an avatar. People are willing to spend quite a few Neopoints for them!

I don't know if anyone has asked this question yet, but could you please clarify something for me? Is playing Key Quest on a side account considered cheating? ~_miller114_
Very much so. D: Please only play Key Quest on your main account.

I'm really enjoying Neopian Battlefield Legends at the moment because it reminds me of Tower Defense from WC3, but wish it had more campaigns and maps (not the NC ones). Are there going to be more coming or a sequel at some point? ~nosillyhats
If the game continues to be popular, we fully plan to add more maps and campaigns. Therefore, if you enjoy it, please play it and let us know! :)

I'm just wondering: Snowbunnies haven't already been featured on the PPL, have they? I asked this on a board once and someone said that they had been five years ago, but for the life of me I couldn't find where it was in the archives. Additionally, a Petpage I looked through that lists PPL winners didn't have them listed. The closest thing I found was the Snotbunny. (Kind of disgusting, by the way. Ew.) So, HAS the Snowbunny been featured yet? One of my side Neopets has been holding onto one for... over 7 1/2 years. Also, I forget when this feature was added. ._. By the way, if you don't answer my question this time, I will sic my Snowbunnies on you. They're very hungry. :E ~rap_fusion_wok
*eyes surrounding Snowbunnies* o.o Eep. According to our database, the brown Snowbunny (Week 24), Drackobunny (Week 150), and the Snotbunny (Week 289) are the Snowbunnies (and related Petpets) that have already won the PPL. So technically it's possible, but you may be holding your breath for an extreeeemely long time. Also, unless you equipped your Snowbunny in the first few seconds (within the first minute, at the very least) of its release at the Advent Calendar, you're unlikely to get a medal -- though something tells us the players that have had a Snowbunny equipped since its release nearly eight years ago would be more interested in the nearly 30,000 NP they'd receive from the PPL. Multiply that by the number of accounts that probably have a Snowbunny attached to their Neopet from back then and that's quite a chunk of Neopoints to be dumping into the economy if we did select it. D:

*twitches nose innocently*

The Skeith from the National Neopian Bank told me a secret while I was making my deposit. Now, don't tell him that I told you, but he said to me that he was tired of wearing the same lousy black suit everyday for the past seven years or so. Oh, and I can't even repeat what he said about that briefcase... ~buildabearnamedkilo
Oh dear. D: We suppose the chap should at least get a new suit. Although he got some new duds not tooooo long ago, he's still way out of style. We'll see if the Content and Art Departments can pencil him in for an update. Also, if there are any shopkeepers you guys would like to see updated, feel free to let us know!

Three times now I have seen a user say the R-word and not get punished because they misspell or abbreviate it. Is the word retard allowed on Neopets? I'd really like to know (please, oh please), because if it is, then maybe you could make it so that it's not, since it's not a very nice word? Also, could you please leave my name out, too? Please? Thank you, and love you TNT. :* ~username removed
That word is blocked by our filters for a reason. If a player is purposely misspelling it to get through the filters (or other inappropriate words for the site), then please report them. We have a specific warning just for those players that like to try to get around our chat filters.

How do you pronounce Hanso? I thought it was "han-so" and others thought "awn-so." ~roddy1999
The name of that wily Ixi is pronounced "hawn-soh." :)

Being as talented as you guys are at what you do, I was wondering: how long does it actually take to draw one chapter in a plot comic? Do you have many awesome artists drawing it at the same time? I am sure other people are wondering this as well. Oh, by the way, have some Chocolate Elephante Cookies; I just baked a fresh batch. ~groncaloncy2
We sat down with one of the lead artists, and he had this to say about the process that goes into each chapter:

"Each page goes through the following phases:

Sketch: The panels are laid out and a fairly detailed sketch is drawn over the boxes.
Clean up: The sketch is then gone over and cleaned up to leave us with a nice clean line drawing.
Flat colour: A simple colour pass is done with no shading, in order to get a feel for the colour palette of the page.
Final colour: Details and shading are added.
Final touches: Word bubbles and sound effects are added, and final tweaks to the art are made as the original artist goes through and makes sure nothing was lost in translation during the other phases. The layout is then tweaked and finalised.

Each phase, aside from the first and last, is done by a different artist. Also, each phase takes about 1-2 days to complete, per page."

Egads! Let's give those artists a pat on the back!

Hi! As much as people love surprises (GOOD surprises), why did the Great Mystery Capsule Adventure Continues event deviate from the previous cap adventure by awarding a different number of Super Exclusive Bonus prizes to different people? Shouldn't you give people a heads up about the change in prize distribution before we spend lots of money trying for it? ~redgeisha
Previous Mystery Capsule Adventure events guaranteed players one bonus item. The same was guaranteed here, however, the event also awarded 1 to 4 additional bonus items depending on your luck. Essentially, we decided to give you more than you were expecting when you bought them.

Random happenings - be they good or bad - are a fundamental part of Neopets. A surprise is not a surprise if we told you about it, and getting more than what you paid for sounded like a good surprise to us. But we definitely got your messages and realise that some of you weren't happy and would rather go back to a single, identical bonus item with no surprises as in previous events so that it's "fair."

Are we allowed to do the plot on side account? (By the way, I suspect that Meepits are the cause of the faeries being turned to stone...) ~cute1144903188276
Noooooope! The Meepits have informed us they'll be at your residence shortly. They do not take such accusations lightly, even if they'r--*is dragged off by Meepits*


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