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Hey, TNT! I love what you did with the Plushie Paint Brushes so it's less likely that people get scammed. I was wondering if you're planning to do the same renaming with other items like the codestones. ~goldi_loks
Thankfully codestones aren't a problem to the degree Plushie Paint Brushes were, and are more distinctive-looking than their paint brush counterparts. We'll keep an eye on it, though.

I can't seem to find my Neopian address. Can you please tell me where to find my Neopian address? Thank you! ~stacebug
For newer Neohomes, visit your Neohome from your User Lookup. The last series of numbers in the URL is your address number. For classic Neohomes, just visit your Neohome and your address should be at the top of the page.

Has anyone actually gotten the Wishing Well avatar up to this point? I've seen some people claim they have on the boards. Just want this cleared up to dispel any rumours, thanks! :) ~spinkzy
Heh, there have been people claiming they've had it since the first day. We say that, when they can display it on the boards or on their account as their active avatar, then you guys should believe it. ;)

Hey, TNT! So I noticed something that upsets me very much. EVERY single land in Neopia, except my beloved Kiko Lake, has some sort of background (whether it be available for purchase with Neopoints or Neocash) available with which you can customize your Neopets (excluding Altador Cup backgrounds). Why is this? Can you please make a Kiko Lake background of some sort? Thanks! ~evanprofane
*gasp* You're quite right. We'll add it to the schedule for sometime next month.

Hi, TNT. Is it possible to be granted a Super Attack Pea at the Wishing Well? For about a month I have been wishing for that every day, but still no Super Attack Pea. :( The list of items granted usually consists of Snorkle Snouts, Bags of Peanuts, and Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet. Can the Wishing Well give away very highly-priced items? ~dododo_1
Sorry, the Wishing Well cannot grant such rare items. It's best to stick with things of lower rarity, such as the items you often see it granting.

With the month of Hiding coming up, we recommend this.

Dear mighty Neopets overseers,
How possible would it be to put PINs on the ability to convert your Neopet? We know you're working hard right now to sort out all of the coding drama, but I don't think anyone would disagree with that bit of protection! ~handella

This request has already been suggested to our programmers, and should appear on the site when they've completed the task. (How is that for a vague timetable? D:) Oh, and congratulations on winning the Site Spotlight earlier this week!

Right. I have been suspended five or six times since the start of the Altador Cup. Is it just me or do you hate me? I'm being suspended for the stupidest things. Anyway, my question is: do you think that you are too hard on some people? Also, could you please find another way of punishing people? :) Thank you. ~999lynden999
We looked at your warnings, and they were all obvious violations of the rules that you agree to abide by when using our site. If you need to refresh your memory, they can be found here: Terms & Conditions. Also (hypothetically), if you're pulled over for speeding that many times in a single month then maybe, just maybe, you might want to consider... not speeding? You know, rather than complaining that the cops keep pulling you over? Just sayin'. As for other ways of punishing people, there was a time when we didn't even have suspensions. When someone got too many warnings they were frozen. D: So, yeah... honestly, it's better these days.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: is it okay to visit the Magma Pool on a side account? You know, since it doesn't give you any Neopoints or items. I just wanted to make sure it was okay before I tried to paint my Neopets magma. Thanks! ~leesheme
Yes, that's fine. :)

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering: how is Baby Insane doing? Has he been promoted to Toddler Insane yet? Thanks! ~tiarabearandaw
Oh yes, he and his younger assistant are already wreaking havoc. Djskellington, TigerCatcher, and Dragona have also replicated themselves. Soon our army will be complete. *rubs hands together* MUAHAHAHAHA.

First of all, let me thank you for creating this awesome site! Anyhow, I just wanted to say that... I don't really understand the Altador Plot. You know, with the Darkest Faerie, the trophy room, and all of that? Is there a place I can read that? Like, maybe a link I could click on or a web page I could type in? Thanks! ~chestnuttiger787
The Altador Plot does not have a comic to read; not all of our plots do. If you're interested in experiencing the plot, we suggest you head on over to the Hall of Heroes in Altador and speak with a rather irate orange Yurble. :)

In Cellblock, the name of one of the opponents is spelled Galgarrath. In the Gallery of Heroes, this Grarrl's name is spelled Galgarroth. Which one is correct? ~vw1282
Yeeaaaah, that poor Grarrl has had more name changes than the Eyrie. The Content Department has decided they're officially going with "Galgarroth."

*throws portal to the past at you* Out of all the crazy things that have happened lately, which has been your VERY, VERY, VERY favorite memory? *pulls you into the portal* ~kucklehead
Well, as we are not a collective intelligence, we probably each have our own favourite memory. One that does stand out in our minds, though, was when some of the staff sang "The Twelve Days of Neopets" at a staff meeting this past holiday season, complete with people playing out each verse they were responsible for every time. It was absolutely hysterical. Lawyerbot was dressed up in "armour" made of cardboard, Comastar kept splattering herself with fake Meuka snot, V-Man did his best Meepit impersonation, one of the artists was throwing Neopet plushies into the air every time the song got to his part, and that's just a third of it. No, we're not even making this up. Yes, we know we're weird. You guys already knew that, though. And so, with that wonderful story, we bid you...



oodlesafnoodles says:
Dear TNT,
This is a response to the person whose parents told her that Neopets is for children. When I was a teen I played Neopets on a different account and self-froze because I felt like I was being babyish by playing. Boy, was I wrong! *sits down and offers cookies and milk... regular and chocolate for those who prefer chocolate* So I restarted playing almost three years ago on a new account and I started learning to code. I then started learning to do artwork. I get discouraged when things don't come out the way they should. However, I had people who encouraged me here. The same was true with coding. Without Neopets, I never would have learned! Then there's the games: take, for instance, Food Club and the stock market. I can learn to use a stock market or play a game of chance (and win) for free here! The things I've learned on Neopets are what adults call "Transferable Job Skills," and I've enjoyed the whole thing! My point: don't let people who have never played ruin Neopets for you!

7splat52 says:
Hi! I just saw the letter sent by that artist in the Editorial. I now feel obliged to thank you for keeping Neopets up and running. I've been playing since I was much younger, and I don't know what I'd do if the site closed down. As silly as this sounds, I love Neopets! Thanks for being awesome!

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