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Hi, TNT! *throws mr.coconut at you* I was just wondering: how long will the Six Flags sponsorship stay on the site? I'm asking because I really want to be able to get the Faerie Petpet Paint Brush and I wouldn't want to rant when I find out that Six Flags is gone and I wasn't able to get my paint brush. Thank you! :D ~weirdo_gandingan35
You have until September 2nd to collect all of those flags and get that paint brush. :)

Hey, TNT! I was wondering: are you planning on revamping the Snowager and / or his prizes? He doesn't seem to give out anything better than a Purple Negg and, since I already have the avatar, I don't really have a reason to visit him anymore. ): ~krazybabeh
There's actually a chance you can get a very rare book from him called Diary of an Ice Cruncher. It's worth about 750,000 NP. We think that's a good reason to visit. :)

I have a question about sending Neomails to friends that can't go through because their Inbox is full. It occurs most often with the people who are always buying or selling items from the Auction House or Trading Post. Some of us have devised an "emergency signal," which entails sending a junky item to the person. Others aren't aware of this, though, and in turn do not accept it. Therefore, my idea is to have an inexpensive item made (a card, a letter, or something similar, with a name like "Your mailbox is full" or something along those lines). Well, perhaps the title can be a bit more creative. I hope you can use this suggestion! Thanks for a great site. :D ~michael_von_lucas
Hmm... a creative title? How about sending them an item that lets them know they have... wait for it...


Do you realize that the Health Food Store is no longer accessible to the average Neopian? Whenever I try to get inside the Shop of Offers comes up instead. Is this just a mistake on your part, or is it a huge conspiracy to replace good nutrition with blatant advertisements and Slorgs? ~spidey1200
While we fully support replacing good nutrition for Slorgs-- oh wait, Lawyerbot is beeping and running over... what? Oh. Okay.

AHEM... while we fully support a nutritious diet that supports your personal food preferences, we acknowledge there was an error made, and that the Neopian Health Foods Store should not be linking to the Shop of Offers. We will endeavour to fix this issue as resources become available.

Hiya, TNT! *tosses mr.coconut at you* I noticed something with the emoticons on the Neoboards. You know the face that's red with the teeth sticking out? Well, on the emoticon page that explains how to make those smilies, it says that :[ is the correct way to do it, when it's really :K. Could you guys please fix this so that others can be correctly informed? ^^ Oh, and GOOD NIGHT! ~clydesdalejen
oO It's odd that we haven't seen anyone mention that before. Let's see if one of us can figure out how to fix that without bugging the programmers. Wish us luck! /cackle

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He does. This is why we always keep a Binary to Lawyerbabble to English dictionary on hand at all times.

Hi, TNT! I've noticed that the newly released stamps (specifically the Faerieland stamps and the Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp) don't have Neopoint denominations on them. Is there a reason for this? ~jbaptista
You're quite right. oO We guess we didn't notice that detail. We often get distracted by Meepit invasions. We'll see if the Art Department can fix that during the next lull in battle.

*passes evil coconut head* This may be a little self-answered, but I'll ask anyhow. Can you advertise a shop on your User Lookup, in your signature, or anywhere else and charge for it? I'm sure it's not allowed; I just want to make sure. Please remove my username. ~username removed
No, that would fall under the rule of not providing services in exchange for Neopoints. Sorry about that! Good idea, though. ;D May we suggest a business degree in your future?

Hi, TNT. Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering: what is the selection process for the Art Gallery? :) Is it random? Do you choose based on age groups? I'm really curious. ~raindanc3r
Oh, it's certainly not random -- otherwise you'd see sparkling photographs of kittens and other bizarre things people submit. When judging, we don't have age information available; we just see cute pictures and pick the ones we like the best. We do, however, try to keep in mind various levels of artistic ability.

Hey, TNT! *throws Issue 453 of The Neopian Times* Why aren't there any symmetrical avatars? The closest one I've seen is the Quiggle - Mutant avatar. ~faunfur
Because one of the most common design principles is to avoid symmetry? ;D

Is it still possible to get Tarla's mist? I've needed one mist since Tarla's Tour ended and have tried to get it in Tarla's Shop of Mystery. As a result, I have spent a lot of Neopoints and am now wondering if my efforts are hopeless. I know you said it was the hard way, but is that the only way to get the mist now? Please help solve Tarla's mystery and let me know if I can still hope for her prizes by getting my last mist. ~bdaybear
Just keep at it; sounds like you've just had a bit of bad luck. You can still get the mists from Tarla's Shop of Mystery.

Dear TNT, my parents are constantly going on about how Neopets is for young children and how I should grow up. I tell them the site is for all ages and was even created for people around my age. Yet they do not listen. Could you please come up with a reason that will put their minds at ease about this wonderful site? ~cleaver112
STORYTIME! Once upon a time, Dragona was a young college dragon. On weekends, she would come home and play a super-fun game she had discovered... Neopets! She loved the site so much that she'd play for hours and hours. Her father, being a kind (but practical) man, said she shouldn't waste her time with such an activity. Even though she assured him that she had learned how to use HTML and was getting a better sense of business and economy, her father wasn't convinced. Then, one day, Dragona applied for a job with Neopets. Eight years later, she now has a career she loves, health insurance, and a nice set of bedroom furniture from selling her company stock. To this day, she and her very proud father still laugh and laugh over the "wasting time" comments he made so many years ago. The End.


P.S.: If your parents don't trust dragons (not many do, especially the sock-eating variety), then perhaps this warm-hearted letter we received will help convince them:

*tosses a golden cookie* Hello, TNT. You probably have no idea who I am, but that's okay. I just wanted to thank you guys for making such a wonderful site. Because of Neopets and the activities you guys have created, I am now a digital artist who has grown from her early days of drawing Neopets to doing realistic portraits. All the Neopet drawing seriously helped me grow and learn in creating the art I make. Your stories, characters, and plots have inspired me in many ways -- not to mention the fact that you guys let us code our own Petpages, which has taught me the basics of coding as well (yet another useful asset). So, thank you TNT. Because of you and your wonderful site, I can honestly say that I am who I am because of it. *hugs* Thank you! (Please, if you would, remove my username. Again, thank you. :) ) ~username removed

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