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Dear TNT, *throws amusing object* do you guys know where the Chocolate Stamp came from? A website that has a lot of information on items claims the origin was a stocking, but it doesn't have anything else about it. Does it restock in the Neopian Post Office? What about the Chocolate Factory? I MUST KNOW! ~battlegallery
We're assuming it does come out of a stocking. Just so that you're aware, though, it is considered a candy item and is not an album item. If you lick this Chocolate Stamp, it's just going to melt on your tongue. ;)

There are two different mutant Moehog shopkeepers that are completely different colors and shapes! Is one of them Darigan and just misnamed, or is it a glitch? P.S.: The Save the Wheels idea is GENIUS! ~stallion345
Whoops, looks like we accidentally labelled two Darigan Moehog shopkeepers as mutant. Thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed. We'll just, uh... blame that on Meepits or lack of coffee or something. (Possibly both.) Also, we're glad you're enjoying the Save the Wheels event. :)

This is the first year I've played in the Altador Cup, and I achieved rank 19. *claps for me* Anyway, I went to the prize shop the day after it opened and bought my prizes with my points and such, but I didn't receive the avatar or site theme for doing so. Why is that? Are that avatar and site theme no longer available? ~odis_4
Congratulations on your ranking! /highfive As for the avatar and site theme, we gave out the avatar this year for reaching rank 1. We will be giving out the theme to everyone, so if you don't have the theme then please go back and visit the prize page.

Hi, TNT! *tosses you a Wheel of Monotony Plushie* They don't really exist... *shifty eyes* ANYWAY. When donating to Save the Wheels you can receive a prize for donating. I received a Conservancy Newsletter, but when I went to read it to one of my Neopets (as she loves books) I discovered that it was unreadable! Do you think you could change this, please? ~notonetobequiet
When we tested it, our Neopets' eyes just glazed over a few paragraphs in, so we thought perhaps it would be best not to force other Neopets to read it. We've seen the error of our ways, though (we guess some Neopets will read anything!), so it will now be properly classified as a book.

For Save the Wheels, if you donate, let's say, 200,000 Neopoints, do you get the Faerie Mazzew as well as all of the other prizes under it? ~stygian_ice
No, you will only receive the gift associated with that donation amount.

*examines a Darigan Gelert in my secret evil lair* Hmm... so as you and any wise Neopian would know, Darigan Gelerts have wings. During my research, though, an astonishing discovery was made! The well-known and adored Yooyuball player Tandrak Shaye of the Darigan Citadel team has no wings during gameplay whatsoever! On the other hand, the Eyries, Buzzes, and other winged Neopets all have their wings while playing Yooyuball. What I ask you is: why does Tandrak Shaye have this exception? ~sammygdog_1
It was an unfortunate training accident he doesn't like to talk about.

Now that was one heck of a lawsuit!

With regard to the NC Mall item Here Lies Fluffy... what exactly is, err... was Fluffy? He has three eyes like a Triffin, plus a halo and wings like an Angelpuss. I thought he could have changed as a ghost, but on his tombstone he has three eyes, too. Please remove my username, and thanks! ~username removed
You're more right than you think. Fluffy was a Blooky, which is the result of tossing an Angelpuss and a Triffin together in a certain Cooking Pot...

Dear TNT, I was going to trade recently and saw a Neopet advertised with an OTB (Offer To Beat) of a rare Neopet that I really wanted. After trading, I found out that the owner had lied about the offers his Neopet had received, and it would be near impossible for me to trade for my dream Neopet. Is misleading others with fake OTBs a reportable offense? ~congo2777
Yes, that is lying to take advantage of someone, which is considered scamming and reportable.

I love the new bug reporting system! I've been getting quick and positive responses. Is there any way I can show my appreciation to the TNT staffers who help me out (other than handing out these cupcakes, of course)? *hands out cupcakes* ~terragainsborough
Smiles and cupcakes work nicely, thanks. :)

'Ello, TNT! *hands a healthy wormless apple* I'm just wondering why you decided to do a "real" picture for Caption Contest #1124? Can we expect this for future Caption Contests? I'm asking because it was uber fun. :P Thanks! ~minipup700
We just felt like doing something fun and different to see if you guys enjoyed it. From what we've seen a lot of players did, so we may consider doing more in the future, though preferably not so often that it gets overdone.

Considering the new renovation of the Wheel of Knowledge (which looks nice, by the way) is the avatar still available? I didn't see a flag on the wheel, which is why I ask. Maybe it was spinning too fast when I was trying to spot it? So then, is the avatar still available or is it retired? ~brat_1030
The avatar is still available, but we will let you figure out where you have to land to get it. :)

Hey, TNT! What is the official stance on Neopet name ownership? Let's say that someone, regardless of intention, posts a name that isn't taken on the Neoboards. Someone else comes along, sees it, and creates a Neopet with that name before anyone else can. It's not a nice thing to do, but is it against the rules? ~annerz
It's a rather mean thing to do, and we won't be too pleased with such behaviour, but it is not against the rules. If you have a great idea for a Neopet's name, it's best to keep it to yourself or use Neomail.

Hey, TNT! *throws coconuts at you* Today I decided to read books to my Neopets, and I just so happened to have Altador Cup Through the Ages. When I read it to Emelisea, it didn't disappear! Is this a glitch? Thanks! ~twiddle58
Nope, that isn't a glitch! One of our more recent Loyal User Perks is that there is a small chance a book won't disappear when you read it to your Neopet. :) *picks up the thrown coconut and looks at it* We think it's trying to say something...


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