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Yo, TNT! *gifts Gelert plushie* Today I went to the NC Mall to try on a few new things and instantly fell in love with the Maraquan Fancy Dress! However, my Lupes and I left brokenhearted, as we realised that the NC Mall was stopping us from trying it on! Is there any chance you could save me and my Lupes from further sadness by making sure the Maraquan Fancy Dress is allowed for our Neopets? ~riverflight
Sorry, the Maraquan Fancy Dress is only for (converted) Maraquan Neopets. We suppose that, if you painted your Lupes Maraquan, they could wear them, though that might be a tad expensive. D:

Hey, TNT! *gently passes you some macaroni & cheese* Careful, it's hot! I was playing Hungry Skeith and got a high enough score for the avatar and even a gold trophy! When I checked out other people's User Lookups, though, I noticed that no one has their trophy. Even the silver and bronze winners are missing theirs. Is this a glitch, or some cruel joke where the trophies for this particular game just aren't awarded? Thanks! ~buppity
Ack! We're looking into this issue. We'll attempt to find the cause and correct it so your efforts are properly rewarded.

Have you ever noticed that your default Techo avatar is like an optical illusion? I either see a Techo facing the left or a weird-looking dog facing the right. Look at the Techo's eye on the right. The little pupil is the nose of the dog. The whole eye is the snout of the dog. The two red dots are the eyes of the dog. ~extremegechoowner
We saw this question and just kind of stared at it for a while before curiosity got the best of us and we spent a minute gazing at the default Techo avatar. You're right, we suppose it kinda does. We decided to publish this just to watch how many people head on over to look at the avatar. We know you won't be able to resist. It's like telling people it's impossible to lick their elbow. Buahhaha!

Has anyone found the Wishing Well avatar yet? I wonder if they're keeping it to themselves. Also, I have a question regarding the avvy: if the avatar requires an item and the first person who figures it out starts hoarding that item to make it inflate, will that be against the rules? :P Delete my username, please! ~username removed
Just one... but she's the staff mastermind behind the avatar and she had to test it after we released it, so we don't think she counts. ;) She won't even tell the rest of us how to get it. :( Completely hypothetically speaking, if an avatar does require an item, and a (non-staff) person discovers it, it's up to them whether they want to share or hoard the items to make a profit. We suppose it's a perk for discovering it first, like the person who found the Almost Abandonded Attic before anyone else did. *grabs some popcorn and heads to the boards to watch them spring up with titles like "They mentioned the AAA in the Editorial! It must have something to do with the avatar! It's a clue!!!111SHIFT!!ONE!!"*

*waits for people to enter "It's a clue!!!111SHIFT!!ONE!!" as a wish in the well with a Chaosfish in their Inventory*

I was looking through the How To Draw section in Pet Central (it's very nice, by the way) and noticed that there wasn't a How To Draw for the Yooyu! They're very important Petpets, you know, especially with the Altador Cup going on! Could you please, please, please add a How To Draw for them? Thanks! ~chocolate_lover67
Well, we're already scheduled out far past the end of the Altador Cup, but just the same we'll schedule a Yooyu How To Draw during the upcoming months. :)

Please help! I can't find Chilli Chucks anywhere! The Shop Wizard recognizes the item, but never finds anything! Please fix this if it's a glitch! I tried the Trading Post, Galleries, everything! :( ~joaomarcosvelez
We looked this item up and, while activated, it was listed at r101. The item it was released with was r99, so we're thinking we just didn't set the rarity correctly. We've set the rarity to r99 for the Chilli Chucks as well, so they should begin appearing in Neopia.

I finally jumped on the customization bandwagon, and I've been tirelessly searching for the perfect outfits for my little darlings. The problem is, when I browse the clothing shops, I don't know which items are wearable and which are simply items! Is there any way TNT can update the shops so that we can see the difference before we buy? ~sorceressraichu
One of the improvements we're planning for the site in the future (hopefully by the end of the year) is adding icons to wearable items (much like how Neohome 2.0 items are labelled) to help avoid this very problem. :)

*prods cookies for you* Anyway, Plushie Paint Brushes are 15 million NP. They were around eight million about two months ago. Will you be making more plushie morphing potions or doing something to help deflate the Plushie Paint Brush? @_@ ~odis_4
/siiiiigh Yeah, we noticed the sudden price increase, too. More plushie morphing potions on the way next month! :P

Hello, TNT. I'm really annoyed so that's why I'm writing this. Recently, some Battledomers on the boards were discussing the use of Kacheek Flour and Chia Flour on unconverted Neopets. I think they have a right to choose what they do with their weapons, but since unconverted Neopets are immune from Random Events, shouldn't they be protected from those weapons too? I hope you will read this and, even if you refuse to protect unconverted Neopets, everybody knows about it. Thanks! *hands a cutie Grey Grundo Plushie* ~xeipernecs
Hmm... we're gonna say that Kacheek / Chia Flour is fair game. Unconverted Neopets will not be immune from this.

Hey, TNT! Why does the number 404 appear on a page when it doesn't exist anymore? Why not 363 or some other number? ~natymon1997700
HTTP status codes in the 400's indicate client error. 404 specifically refers to a page that cannot be found, but has a possibility of existing in the future. If the number were in the 300's, as you suggest, it would be a redirection error. :) If you want to know specifically why 404 was chosen, well, we suggest you take it up with the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

Are we allowed to talk to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity on our side accounts? There's nothing on the page warning against it, but I'd rather not take the risk of getting iced. I'm sure the little guy would like to be talked to as much as possible, even if he can't hear us. :) ~kiraragirl666
No. Since mysterious items or Neopoints tend to appear when one talks with The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity, please limit yourself to only visiting him on your main accounts. We're sure that, given his relation to an avatar, he gets plenty of visitors. :)

Oh, dearest TNT... I'm making a squid-themed Gallery and am doing great so far. I was wondering: could you make a Squid shopkeeper? All you have currently is a Draik wearing a Squid Hat and a Bruce holding a Giant Giant Squid. Oh, and have a squid! *hands you a squid* ~cameron_and_aspen
oO Suuuuuuuuure. Why not? We'll put it on the schedule. Oh, and while we're at it, we think someone else deserves a shopkeeper...


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