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Hey TNT, thanks for the site. In last week's Editorial, in response to a question about trading customs, you said: "They are not obligated to give you their Neopet just because you spent Neopoints on painting or morphing your Neopet into something they wanted, even if they had agreed to trade with you if you did so." However, this is at odds with an earlier Editorial question (from issue 380) that stated: "By this stage it would be too late to cancel the deal. The other person has already invested Neopoints or altered their Neopet to fit the trade agreement." Which is true? Are there different scenarios where backing out after someone has completed a custom is okay? (This seems unfair to me.) Thanks, please remove my username. (: ~ username removed
We believe the confusion caused from past Editorials is that they have referred to custom Neopet trading with regard to Neopoints invested. For instance, Player A says they will trade their Royal Neopet for another Royal, so then Player B purchases a Royal Paint Brush to paint their Neopet Royal for the trade. Player A then changes their mind, leaving Player B upset and with an unused Royal Paint Brush that they had invested their Neopoints into for the purpose of trading Neopets. At this point Player B could sell the paint brush and regain all or nearly all of their Neopoints back. If Player B had painted their Neopet Royal before Player A had backed out, then they would have had enough cause to report Player A to our monitors for further investigation, but that does not mean Player A was in the wrong or a trickster.

When you agree to a custom trade, you are trading a Neopet for a Neopet. The cost of the paint brush or morphing potion cannot be considered in the trade, as that would be against our Terms of Service and trading a Neopet for Neopoints. No matter how much a paint brush or morphing potion costs, you are willingly painting your Neopet to match the trader's request, and should do so at your own risk. While we do not encourage players to back out after a Neopet has been painted or morphed, players can back out or change their minds at any time. If you think someone is deliberately abusing this to trick people, then you should report it to our monitors for them to investigate. We will warn or freeze players that we find repeatedly doing this to others.

*hands over plot to take over Neopia* Hi, TNT! On the staff contest page of the Daily Dare, there is a quote from each of the staff members that are playing. Some of the things they say are just plain random ("Never underestimate the power of daylight savings time!"). Are these inside jokes that you have with each other, or are you trying to be funny? P.S. Say hi to Dark L8r for me! ~ icestar556
Why our staff say some things is still a mystery to us. Some are trying to be funny and others, well...

Hey, TNT! *tosses various yummy Scorchio cookies* With Scorchio Day approaching, I know people will be creating Scorchios. I have a Tyrannian Scorchio, and my closet shows his Tyrannian Scorchio Wig as removable and wearable, but I cannot remove it when I go to customize him. Can you help? Thanks! ~ awbeewell
Oh dear, we'll have our artists look into this and see if it can be fixed.

Hi TNT, I was wondering: why does the Mutant Triffin have so many eyes? It just encourages Neopets to get a stick and go *pokey* *pokey* *pokey*. Why give it so many eyes when it's obvious that these poor Petpets will be blind within days of a Neopet getting one? ~ _totally_awesome_
Ack! Please put the stick down! We certainly hope no person or Neopet is poking a Mutant Triffin's (or any Petpet's) eyes out! As with all mutant Neopets, they each have some special characteristic that is exaggerated when transformed or transmogrified into a mutant. The Triffin's mutated burden is more magical third eyes.

Please, don't poke my eyes out!

*hands cookies and milk* I was just wondering: let's say someone pounded a Christmas Kacheek that someone else adopted and then zapped into a robot. Would they still be entitled to the Neopet? I saw this issue come up recently on the boards. ~ __hotcocoa_
Once you have pounded a Neopet, you are no longer entitled to it if another player has already adopted it. No matter what snazzy colour another player may have painted or zapped it into, it is no longer your Neopet. :( You are welcome to introduce yourself to the current owner and perhaps find a new Neofriend in the process, though. While seeing your Neopet change colours and owners can be disappointing at times, please remember that the Pound is open to everyone and should be used at your own risk.

If you report someone, is that user then told who reported him / her? I'm worried that, if my friend is doing something bad on her account and I report her for it, she won't want to be my friend anymore! I'm stuck! ~ username removed
Your username is only seen by the monitors going through our Abuse Reports and is never referred to if the reported person does, indeed, get warned. Please remember, however, to use our report system responsibly. Falsely reporting someone, reporting multiple times for the same abuse, or abusing our report system can get your account warned.

Dear TNT, why is it that, with most questions, there is usually a reference to some form of gift giving (such as *gives you chocolate chip cookies*)? Does doing this, perhaps, give me a better chance of getting into the Editorial than if my question is submitted without a gift-giving action? ~ everlasting_dream
While we appreciate the thought behind most gifts, gift giving to the Editorial seems to be a matter of tradition more than any necessity. Giving us cookies, old socks, or armies of battle Meepits doesn't improve the chances of your question being selected for the Editorial. *hands cookie*

Hey there, TNT! So the Millipod Pinwheel that was awarded for the Bumble Beams Daily Dare says it's a toy, but you can't play with it! My poor Neopets were so very disappointed, because who doesn't love a pinwheel? Could the powers that be please fix this? Thanks! ~ brsugarbaby
*gasp* Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have fixed this so now everyone who has the pinwheel can play with it!

Spin and spin and spin... wheeeee!!!

Hey, TNT! More and more I've been seeing people who want others to rate their applications for Neopets. Not only that, but they are making boards for references from people about how good an owner they would be. What is THAT?!? I was under the impression that applications as such were against the rules, yet we see them all the time -- and not just the kind where you have to send a Neomail, but all-out Neopet art, references, you name it. I have to admit, I am REALLY glad that I am not in search of a new "dream" Neopet... I could not compete! So what's the rule and how does one proceed when we come across this kind of behavior? Username removed, please. ~ username removed
As we stated in Editorial #342, extreme pet applications will not be tolerated on the site. What we mean by extreme includes requests for Petpages to be made for the Neopet as part of the application, the owner of the Neopet being refunded or gifted in any way to compensate for the "raising" of the Neopet, or anything beyond a standard application. If the owner wants you to write a little essay about why you would be a good choice, that is fine. (We encourage everyone to use their writing skills!) But going off the deep end of attempting to find a good owner for your Neopet to forcing people through hoops to boost your ego will not be welcome on the site. If you feel a player's application process falls into the extreme, you may report that player to our monitors for further investigation.

Hi, TNT! I was recently looking at the Notice Board and, well... I have looked EVERYWHERE, but I still can't figure out WHERE we're supposed to go to buy the rights to be on the Notice Board!!! Sorry for shouting, but this has really been bugging me. ~ princessamanda12398
When you go to the main Notice Board page here, there's a nifty button at the top that says "Add Your Notice." Clicking that will take you to the page where you can create and buy your own Notice Board. We hope this helps!

I saw a trade with a Pink Faerie Snowball where the user who created the trade claimed that this snowball could turn your Neopet into a faerie Neopet, and therefore asked 100,000 NP for it. I looked it up on the Shop Wizard and found that it was only worth about 250 NP. Is this scamming? Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Claiming a non-magical item has powers such as turning a Neopet faerie when it cannot is a form of scamming and should be reported. Occasionally some players will say things like this in order to trick newer players who may not know the true powers (or non-powers) of an item.

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