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Hey, TNT! *gives you peanut butter and chocolate cookies* I was wondering: where do all the discarded items go? Do they get regenerated into the shops they originally came from, donated somewhere, used as Random Event items, or are they simply deleted forever in cyberspace? ~ a_triss_triss_a65_a
Just like Neopoints spent in site shops or pulling the Lever of Doom, discarded items disappear into cyberspace. No one gets those items, nor are they recycled into Random Events. This is also why we ask you to use caution when discarding items, as once they are discarded, we cannot retrieve them for you.

I love the new items to customize baby Neopets that are now available in the NC Mall. Finally! Those poor babies have been waiting a long time. Will you be releasing regular Neopoint items for babies as well? Not all of us are lucky enough to have access to Neocash. ~ lady_of_the_lake_5
We're glad you love the new NC Mall wearables for baby Neopets! While we can't promise Neopoint baby items will be out in the near future, we do hope to eventually have them on the site.

Hi, TNT! So I know that this question has been asked before, but I was hoping you would make it clear just one last time. Are Random Events more likely to happen to newer accounts than they are to older ones? It's just that I've seen the owners of new accounts get Random Events that others haven't, even though their accounts are eight or nine years old. It just seems like these newer accounts are more likely to get Random Events (both good and bad) than others. Thanks! :) ~ __taanya__
Despite popular belief, Random Events are just that, random. We realise that it can be frustrating, being a longtime player who's still waiting for a visit from Dr. Sloth or the Fountain Faerie, but there is no advantage given to newer accounts with regard to Random Events.

Hey, TNT! *throws apples* I'm wondering, are there any rivalries going on between those participating in the Daily Dare Staff Tournament? Is there a prize for whoever is the best on the staff? Thanks. :) ~ dolphindancer789
We haven't gone so far as to sabotage each others' computers... yet. However, there is some degree of rivalry between those playing in the Daily Dare. We cheer each other on and support each other, but would also skip with glee if someone accidentally missed playing one day or just couldn't beat AAA. The only prize we get for participating in the Daily Dare is bragging rights (and maybe Jimmy James will finally get his stapler back if he remains in first).

Yes. I would like my stapler back, please.

Hello! I was wondering how you guys decide to come up with a new avatar. Is it like, "This event deserves its own avatar!" or more like, "It's been a while since we had a new avatar"? If not those, then how about "We tortured them too much with Bonju, we'd better give them another avatar to be nice"? Just curious. ~ 1992jk1995
Believe it or not, we get a lot of our avatar ideas from our players. Yes, we do read the boards. Other ideas simply come from searching the site and seeing what items, games, or site events would be fun to have as avatar subjects.

What are the names of the two Hasees in Hasee Bounce? I want to refer to them by their correct names from now on. :) Tell me, or else I'll tell them to throw doughnutfruits at all of you! :( ~ binformation
Woogy is the name of the Orange Hasee and Jimmi is the name of the Purple Hasee.

Hi, TNT! *gives basket of freshly made cookies* I have a puzzling question to ask that has mystified my Neopets and I, so we thought we'd come to you for help. Until just recently, the underwater fishing cavern found in Maraqua was called "The Underwater Fishing Cavern." Now, its name has changed to "Ye Olde Fishing Vortex." Could you please share some of your wisdom-y wisdom and tell us why the cavern's name has changed? This would be much appreciated and stop all the crazy theories my Neopets have come up with as to why the name has changed. Thanks! :D ~ _spotty_pup_lover_
A petition was filed with the Maraquan Neighbourhood Improvement Council, pursuant to the Maraquan Neighbourhood Improvement Council Charter of Y2, which allows for public participation in all political processes pursued properly. The petition stated that, as fishing cannot occur underwater, a new name was desired that would better express the nature of the area. The petition also sought to apply protected historical monument status to the fishing area (however this was rejected as it was deemed absurd). The petition continued by offering a variety of new names for the fishing area, the least offensive of which was "Ye Olde Fishing Vortex." Due to extreme lethargy on the part of the council members, the petition was accepted and passed without discussion.

Howdy there, members of The Neopets Team! I was just wondering: why is the Turmaculus so insanely tired? I mean, you would think that, after all the times that my Petpet has screamed and beaten him with a stick, he would have woken up by now. ~ l6314
If you had hundreds of Petpets screaming at you or beating you with a stick all day, you'd be tired too. :P

I'm so sleepy.

I have asked many people and everyone seems to have different answers. For the record, is it possible to get a Draik or Krawk from the Lab Ray? Thanks, TNT! *throws a cookie* ~ nicolechartrand4687
Just as not all paint colours are available from the Lab Ray, not all Neopet species are available, either. Whether Draiks or Krawks are one of those species, well, the world may never know...

Hail, Neopets site masters! *bows down on marble floor* I have a question for you that's been popping up on the boards for the past few days. A number of Daily Dare players have asked the following: if you challenged AAA on the launch day of a game, but only managed to beat Abigail when you played that day, would you be credited with beating Abigail on the launch day? Also, if that's the case, would you still be credited with an Abigail win on launch day if you beat AAA a few days later? Given that Uberiffic is a higher rank than Megasuperb, a lot of people have been wondering. Could you clear this up for us, please? ~ burning_shadows_79
If you challenged AAA but only beat Abigail on the launch day, you would be credited with an Abigail launch day win and eligible for Uberiffic status, so long as you continue to meet its requirements. If you beat AAA a few days later for that same game, you would then fall into the Megasuperb category.

Hey, TNT! I have a question I've been wanting to ask: are we allowed to go to the Magma Pool and get a magma Neopet on our side account? I know it's random at the Lab Ray, but what about going to the pool? Thanks, and here are some cookies! (please leave out my username) ~ username removed
You may not earn the right to visit the Magma Pool on your side accounts, as this would also earn you Neopoints, but you are welcome to visit in hopes of sneaking past the sleeping guard, as there are no Neopoints rewarded for doing so.

Hi, TNT. I have a side account named after my real life dog and I was wondering if I could put her picture on my lookup. I don't want my account to be frozen. If I make it into the Editorial could you please remove my username? ~ username removed
Provided that there is no other personally identifiable information in the picture or other things that go against our Terms of Service, it is fine to have pictures of your pets on your User Lookups or Pet pages. For your own safety, we do not allow users to post pictures of themselves, other users, friends, family members, or identifiable locations such as their home or school.

We'd like to note that we've received numerous questions with regard to the recent Neopet trading issues. We have not overlooked this subject and will be clarifying details in next week's Editorial. Thanks!

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