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Yo, TNT! Can you get reported for quoting a person on the Neoboards saying something against the rules? (Like when you copy the user's message with the bad word and it appears in your message?) Please leave my name out if you answer this, mmk? ^^ ~username removed
Yes, reposting a scam, inappropriate words, links, etc. will also get you into trouble. Please either edit your post to remove these things or simply respond without quoting the player. We know it stinks, but if we delete that person's post we then have to delete the posts of everyone who quoted them, and so on. We're sure you can see the issue here. You are responsible for your own posts, so please keep that in mind.

Hey TNT, I have three questions about the retired items that you have made... retired and all. First, how did you choose at random? After all, certainly you wouldn't have put the newly-released items into the random drawing or whatever method you used because that would be silly. Second, I thought over-buying items and pushing the prices up to make certain items harder to get and more expensive was against the rules (according to an older Editorial), so what about the Mystery Island Aishas Stamp? Is that an exception to the rules since it is newly retired or what? I'm just saying because, should I ever want to get stamps on a side or need that stamp again for any reason, I wouldn't want to pay an outrageous price. You also said in an earlier Editorial that you would be helping out players with those hard-to-get stamps that are already retired and nearly impossible to obtain, but in a few years, this stamp will join their ranks. Please leave my name out. ~username removed
1.) Don't worry, we used the word "randomly" very loosely this time. Basically we just randomly went into shops and looked at the items that we clogging up the shop and put them out of their misery.

2.) Only if people are directly conspiring to purposely inflate an item are they crossing the line into scamming.

With regard to the rest of your concerns, we know retiring items will naturally make them inflate, because "investing" is a popular way of making Neopoints right now. We're sure plenty of you made out like bandits buying the stamps for a couple hundred NPs each and then selling them for more to other investors. We love refreshing the Shop Wizard and watching the prices climb, peak, and drop again as investors sell, hoping they haven't missed the top of the profit bell curve. We're not overly concerned with the Mystery Island Aishas Stamp. There's probably thousands of that particular stamp out there for every single Neopian who actually collects stamps. Therefore, while we're sure there's plenty of people who don't mind hoarding hundreds of them in their Safety Deposit Boxes for the next five years hoping to make a huge profit, we think finding buyers for all those who aren't simply other investors is going to be troublesome. ;)

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering: why isn't there a Stone Paint Brush in the Rainbow Pool? When you look up Neopet colors, I mean. Is this a glitch, or was it on purpose? ;) Have a great day! ~julie_fluffy
The Stone Paint Brush colour is retired. This is not to be confused with the Stone Paint Brush item, although that is also retired. This means that the colour was completely discontinued and made into another colour, much like we did with the ancient unicorn colour. These colours no longer exist, which is the reason why they do not show up at the Rainbow Pool. We haven't retired a paint brush colour since the early days of Neopia, though, so don't expect it to happen again anytime soon. Please note that retiring a colour is different from retiring a paint brush. For example, Faerie Paint Brushes are retired, but the colour is still available.

Just a useless relic from Neopia's past.

Hey TNT, I have a question for you: I've been seeing lots of Neopets with different eye colors (such as glowing, neon blue, etc.) on the boards. For example, I saw a pink Neopet with BLUE eyes! How is this possible? Was it a glitch? Thanks! ~travelingwind
Unless there is a glitch, we're going to assume you've been seeing the Icy Blue Eyes from the NC Mall and other similar items.

TNT, I have a question: why did you freeze the Pound_Release? I mean, isn't that a staff member's account? What will happen to all of the Neopets in there? Will all of the beloved unconverted Neopets be deleted? ~neoadopterz
We're very sorry that we apparently traumatised you guys, considering there were about four pages of panicked comments to the Editorial about this. x_X; We'd like to assure everyone that the account being frozen in no way impacts that account's capacity for releasing Neopets back into The Pound. The script that runs it will still function exactly the same. According to the programmer, it was simply frozen to keep players from visiting the User Lookup.

Dear TNT, could there be an avatar for getting zapped by Boochi? *begs* ~idogooddeeds
We suppose that could take some of the sting out of getting your pirate Draik zapped into a baby. We'll see if we can work it into our upcoming schedule. :)

*insert TNT compliments* Okay, so for the lottery, drawings haven't been going through since the 13th. Is it a case of Meepits biting the wires? Are you waiting for the prize fund to reach 5,000,000 Neopoints? Maybe you forgot? :O ~iluvpurpleroses
o_O It seems you're quite correct. We're gonna go with A.) Meepits biting through the wires. Hopefully the programmers (or an electrician) can get the Neopian Lottery up and running again. Sorry about that!

Dear TNT, on January 27th you announced in the news that 15 random items had been retired. Not long thereafter, the Neopian public soon found out that a stamp (the Mystery Island Aishas Stamp) had been included in the 15 items, instantly creating mass hysteria. Neopians quickly began to buy up as many as they could, since they were worried that the stamp's price would inflate into the millions. Obviously this didn't happen, and in the end none of the 15 items' prices inflated into the millions. My suggestion to you guys is that, maybe, you should release an avatar involving one of the 15 items? 0:-) ~__questions__
Hahaha, how about not? ;) We're retiring items to make room for new items to restock, not to make you all millionaires for buying a stamp or tomato that you couldn't be bothered to purchase out of a shop a few days earlier. ;)

Maybe it tastes better retired? Who knows...

Hi TNT, I was wondering whether, with all of the possible scams related to lending avatar items, if it is even possible for Hidden Tower items to be taken by the Pant Devil when they are in your Inventory? (I am mainly referring to the Faerie Queen Doll here, but also to any other Hidden Tower item.) I'm asking because, since donating them is not an option when they're in your Inventory, is it therefore possible for the Pant Devil to snatch them? ~purplebee2000
Yes, it is possible for the Pant Devil to steal Hidden Tower items from your Inventory. If, however, you're lending out a Faerie Queen Doll (for example) and the person you lent to swears up and down that it was stolen by X Random Event, we suggest that you report them anyway. That way we can check the situation out and make sure there isn't any funny business going on. ;)

Alright, so a few Editorials ago someone asked if there was a reason there was no shop number 6. Your short reply was "Yes." D: Could I possibly persuade you to tell us WHY there is no shop 6? I've only got one theory to go on, and I'm sure this is gonna drive me insane. D: ~kicho79
We'd be happy to tell you why, but we've actually forgotten the reason since then.

TNT, I got 50,150 points at Jumpin' Gem Heist before you changed AAA's score from 70,000 to 45,000. So, do I get a prize for beating him before it got changed? I'm confused. :S ~ddiizzzzyy
Sorry, you'll need to submit a qualifying score again. :(

Dear TNT, I have three questions. Question uno: the page for the Gourmet Club says that, for a food to qualify, it has to have a rarity between 90 and 100. Does that mean things that have a rarity higher than 100 DON'T count for the Gourmet Club? Question zwei: in the case of Grarrls and Skeiths, do non-food objects with a rarity between 90-100 count? Question troi: why aren't there more classy clothes for Grarrls? ~leeta
No, items that are 101+ do not count toward the Gourmet Club; neither do non-food items eaten by Grarrls or Skeiths. As for your last question, we think the Grarrl Waiter's Jacket is perfectly classy looking! :)

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