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Dearest and darling-est TNT, on October 3rd of 2008 you announced a series of new plushie Petpets that could become great friends with our Neopets! One of them was a Snowickle (another a Moltenore). I'll admit that I haven't been the most patient Neopian waiting for these items to be activated. My poor plushie Koi, Feishara, just wants a dear friend. Upon perusing the site, however, I couldn't help but notice that SOMETHING had changed the dear Plushie Snowickle that had been announced as a Petpet into a Snowickle Plushie TOY! This is both barbaric and deceitful; I'm hoping it's just someone's honest mistake (or a joke, haha!). I look forward to seeing this issue resolved. Thank you ever so much! ~marzifoam07
We've looked into the matter and, yes, it seems the news and the file names for the images reflect that these were supposed to be plushie Petpets. They've already been released as toys however and, well... looking at them, they seem to us as if they were drawn to be plushies, not Petpets. We're very sorry, but we've decided to leave them as toys. We'll see what we can do about releasing actual plushie Petpet versions of these plushies to help make things up, though.

Ahem, it seems that either the Customization Spotlight is rigged or ya'll can visit the future XD. On the "winners" page, there are winners from the week of January 6, 2011. ~krisdaniel
Haha, yes, we noticed that as well. The spotlight's caretakers weren't exactly sure how to fix it, but it's been passed on to the programmers. Maybe they can figure out this amazing programming that allows it to look into the future.

Why is the Neoadventure Spotlight still on the contest page when it's not accepting entries anymore? ~baila456
That's an awfully good question. We left it up there so that players could still go back and read the previous Neoadventure Spotlights. :)

Hey, TNT! Today I played a few games and, when I went to put my winnings in the bank, my Neopoints on hand did not increase like they should after you gain them from playing games. At first I thought it was a small glitch and refreshed. No change. I closed the tab and opened a new one. No change. I even went back to the games I had played and they said that I had already submitted my score three times, therefore reaching my limit. So I must ask: where did my Neopoints go?!? Thank you. :) ~ghoti__fish
Terribly sorry about that! It seems that some of our games were behaving oddly today with regard to giving out Neopoints. We've talked to the programmers and it seems that they had already heard about the issue and have since fixed it. Yay, programmers!

Hey, TNT! Something was buzzing around in my head while I was stocking my shop. Can items labeled "no trade" be stolen as a result of Random Events, etc.? Thanks! ~skippypets
Yes. With the exception of NC Mall items, items labeled "no trade" can be stolen by the Pant Devil and other Random Events. It seems they just have no respect for the rules!

Sorry, that's just how I roll.

Purge the pitiful! Why don't you guys just kill the old accounts whose owners don't go on anymore? It would make lots of people happy because they could finally make a Neopet with the name they have always wanted, plus it would clear up the servers and make Neopets faster, right? ~peppermint_patty_14
We're actually planning another account purge soon, probably during the upcoming months. So if there are any accounts that you haven't visited for years and would like to keep, we suggest logging into them to let us know you'd like to keep them.

I was just wondering if you knew how many books have been released since the beginning of Neopets. One of my most favourite things to do is buy books for my baby Lupe to read; she is always asking me how many books are in all of Neopia because she wants to read them all. You probably won't answer this, but I figured I would give it a go anyhow. Thanks. *leaves plate of cookies* ~ventrueprincess
It's good that your Neopet loves to read! She does have quite a bit of reading ahead her, though. It seems we have 2,584 books currently in our database. Tell her good luck, and watch out for paper cuts!

Hi, TNT! Well, I'm just going to get to the point. I have 20+ pages in my Closet of Neopoint items and NC Mall items (love the mall, by the way) and sometimes I don't use my Neopoint items and want to sell them (or, with NC Mall trading becoming ever-so-popular, it is very difficult to search through 20+ pages of stuff just to find the one item I need to take out of my Closet). So, I want to ask: can we please have a search box for our Closet like our Safety Deposit Box? ~harrypotterfanatic33
We greatly agree with you there. A search function would be very nice, indeed. We'll further harass our poor programmers (we seem to do a lot of that, huh?) to try and get them to add a search function for Closets.

Do any of the workers in your office ever submit Editorial questions to mess with you guys, or fake game reviews that might say something along the lines of "Tell Joe to lay off the doughnuts!" or something like that? What kind of pranks have you guys had pulled in the office? ~xmrsmorrisx
Oh, we're much more evil than that... especially on birthdays. People have had their offices completely filled with things like balloons and giant bean bags, or had their cubicles completely covered in aluminum foil. When we prank, we like to prank big. /cackle

DJ Skellington still hasn't forgiven us for plastering his cubicle with teenage heartthrob magazine clippings that one year...

Hi, TNT! I've been an avid Neopets fan for many years. :) I am quite curious as to why the National Neopian Bank does not offer the services that a real bank would? For example, why not have bank loans? I understand the risk of people creating accounts to get loans, buy items, and then transfer their purchases so that they don't have to pay the loans back, but for us long-term honest players I think it would be a great idea! Thanks!! ~klutzygirl1
That risk you mentioned is probably our top reason. Just think of it as us doing you guys a favour by encouraging you to only spend currency that you have rather than going into debt. ;D

Greetings! Alright, let's cut to the chase. Two years ago I thought, "Hey, I'm practically an adult, I shouldn't still be playing Neopets." (No offense to you adult users out there; that's just how my brain worked back then.) So I decided to delete my account. I gathered all of my items and Neopoints together and donated them, put my Neopets up for adoption, left my guild, and said goodbye to all of my Neofriends. But now here I am two years later, with a new account, a new Neopet, and working myself up through the Neopian ranks again. Can you explain this? I certainly can't. ~lovelyquarks
Maybe it's because it's nice to have someplace to come to have fun, relax, or socialise no matter how old you are? :) When we say Neopets is meant to be (and is) enjoyed by people of all ages, we really mean it.

Heya, TNT! *bows down, offering asparagus* Anywho, I was wondering if perhaps you wouldn't mind activating ALL of the magma Neopets? My poor magma Techo is quite unhappy being invisible. =( Thanks! ~mucka33
Oh, that's odd. Perhaps they were just being shy. We've talked to our artists and it should be fixed now!

Is the Tombola Guy Charm supposed to be a "no trade" item? I was hoping to sell it. ~john3637881
Whoops, no it's not. Thanks for pointing that out, and to everyone who is continuing to make sure that all of our items are released correctly. We've also fixed the doubles of the Chokato and Cherry Pies this week, thanks to reports from you guys. :)

Mkay, TNT, in a previous Editorial you mentioned that a voucher was defined as someone who trusted the lender, NOT someone who was promising to pay back the item should it be stolen. However, what if you the voucher actually said, "I vouch 1 million Neopoints!" That person is then obligated to pay back the amount they "vouched" for... right? Please clear this up! Thanks! ~hischerrypie
We'd really like to see you guys not do that. It just means that if something does go wrong, there's even more confusion trying to clear it up, not to mention that it just unnecessarily involves another player in a deal. We're gonna step up and say that we will not support this method of vouching, just so that this is not further encouraged. This means that we will not punish someone for not coughing up the Neopoints that they vouched for, making it all rather meaningless. You can speak up and talk about how wonderfully swell your friend is, and that they deserve to be lent to, but it needs to end there.

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