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I just noticed that there isn't an option to give the Christmas Crystacat to our Neopet! There must be a lot of sad Neopets in Neopia wishing that they could play with their little friend. :( ~armywyfe92m
We're afraid they were a bit traumatised from being stuffed in a box and given out to hordes of eager Neopians. Now that they've had a few days to recover, it seems they are more than willing to become friends with your Neopets!

Okay, I love playing Splat-A-Sloth. Every time I get 500 points the score gets reviewed and then is accepted, but still no trophy. Could you guys possibly consider giving everyone who gets 500 points a trophy like you do for Cheat!? ~ariesdragoncybunny
Alas, Cheat! is a PHP game, not a Flash game like Splat-A-Sloth, and has a different way of giving out trophies. While it would be nice if it gave out trophies for every 500 score, you'll need to land yourself on the game's High-Score Table in the trophy area to be awarded one, as that's just how it works. :(

I saw a nice Neopian on the Avatar Chat looking to be lent 600k for the Adam avatar and I lent it to her. She also had a friend of hers lend her some Neopoints. Therefore, she had two people lending her Neopoints for the avatar. I thought I was doing a nice favor, but after I lent her the Neopoints someone came on the boards and wrote, "I do believe this is item pooling and you just broke the rules." Can you clear this up for me? This was the first time I had heard of item pooling. Can you explain to me if this is item pooling, and explain what item pooling actually is? I really thought that I was being nice; I had no clue that what I was doing could be against the rules. I'm scared now. Please explain to me; I don't want to be frozen. :( ~saphirathedragon1988
Item pooling is when multiple people pool together their resources (NP or items) in order to purchase something or attain a particular goal (like getting the Adam avatar). While it was very kind of you to help another Neopian, yes, we do have rules against pooling resources for avatars like that (but not because of nice people like you, though). :) Just like in the real world, there are nice, decent people and then there are others who would take advantage of your kindness. Luckily it sounds like the person you helped was an honest one, but unfortunately (like the poster said) we've had to make rules against lending due to some selfish Neopians who prey on the kindness of others by taking items and NP lent to them in good faith and running off with what they've gotten. In order to protect honest Neopians from scammers we've decided not to allow item / NP pooling for avatars, as we previously had a big problem with people using item / NP pooling for avatars as an opportunity to scam. Also keep in mind that you are not allowed to lend anything to another user with the expectation of getting back anything besides exactly what you lent.

It's all fun and games until someone does something they shouldn't in the pool. D:

Hi, TNT. I was wondering if creating a comic or a story that breaks the 4th wall is allowed? For example: having a character eat the panels, or using a pencil to erase another? ~sorrowsky666
According to our beloved NT queen, "Within reason, yes." Just try to keep things in the Neopian spirit. :)

Uh, TNT... I was surfing the web and found a website that sells Neopets items for cash (I never buy anything from those sites, by the way). Is this allowed? P.S.: SURF'S UP! :) P.S.S.: Please don't show my username; it's a bit weird. :( ~username removed
Purchasing Neopets items / NP / Neopets for real life money is very much against the rules. We're not talking NC Mall here -- we mean off-site locations that often get their items by scamming players and stealing their stuff to sell for profit. Any account that is found buying or selling Neopets items like this will have all of their accounts frozen, as this is a very serious offense that we have no tolerance for. Participating in this kind of activity only hurts the Neopian community, which isn't good for any of us. Additionally, selling Neopets items is actually illegal, as it is our intellectual property. You can learn more by checking out our terms and conditions.

Hey, TNT. So this user and I were going to trade Neopets, but then they Neomailed me asking if I could attach a 50k background to my Neopet for when we transfer. Is this allowed? Please leave out my username if this gets in. ~username removed
No, this is not allowed. This player is attempting to circumvent the rules for trading Neopets and should be reported.

Hello TNT and Editorial staff! *offers tea and cookies* So, I have decided to start a coffee and tea related gallery. I was recently looking for an item and couldn't find it anywhere. The Shop Wizard didn't even know what I was looking for when I typed in Sludge Frappuccino. I mean, with unbuyable items he at least says the name of the item, but instead he only replies with "Searching for: ..." The item is supposed to be active; is there an error somewhere or am I mistaken? Please answer, my gallery depends on you. ~msdelirium
Did you know that the word "Frappuccino" is a registered trademark of a certain really popular coffee chain? We sure didn't when we named that item! Guess you learn something new every day, huh? The new name for that item is "Sludge Iced Coffee." Its rarity is 85 and it is active on the site, therefore appearing on the Shop Wizard. :) (And, before you ask next issue, no, we didn't get in trouble or anything. Someone in the office mentioned that little factoid and we changed it preemptively.)

So, we've all seen it... "POUNDING DRAIK!!!" then you click the topic and the person says "With a candy cane LOL." I've even seen one that just had "No" as the first post. The last time I checked false titles were reportable, but now they're not? Can you please clarify this (and please leave my username out, thanks ;D )? ~username removed
These false topics are considered spam and can be reported as such.

"Please report them for Draik abuse, too!"

Hi, TNT! I hope you had a great Christmas. :D Now, to my question: why do you have post delays on boards? (For example, "Error: You must wait 4 seconds before you can reply to this message board. These boards are meant for chat and not spamming.") It can get really frustrating. D; ~ashpika16
Back sometime ago we had an issue with players who would spam a board until it "exploded" (had over 500 posts) for some reason or another. We finally had to set a time limit between posts to stop them before the issue got even more out of hand.

Dear TNT, *tosses ancient faerie plushie* I have heard rumors... rumors of faeries during the very beginning of Neopia that had NO FACES! *shocked gasp* Since (of course) I didn't have an account at that time, I have absolutely no idea if this rumor is true! Could you possibly verify that it is or isn't true to put an end to my nightmares?!? Thanks! ~katrab285
Haha... they didn't, actually, way back when we weren't as *cough* artistically advanced as we are today. Hey, faces are hard to draw! We assure you though, the faeries have always had faces -- they just weren't drawn back then. If you want to see a glimmer of that faceless past, you need only take a close look at the ancient faeries that are still spinning the Wheel of Excitement. ;)

Hiya, TNT! *throws festive cookies* I would like to bring something to your attention, if you're not aware of it already. Please respond, since I'm very concerned: it is about the selling of Draik eggs and morphing potions. Before you turn around and sigh about how many times you hear comments regarding this issue and delete my entry, please hear me out. The listings in the search bar state that Draik eggs (of various colors) and morphing potions have an average worth of 60 to 80 thousand Neopoints. However, when some users obtain said eggs and MPs, they sell them for exorbitant prices closer to 10 million or more! THIS isn't just my opinion - my friends in my guild agree with me that these prices are insane and unjust exploitation. THIS part is my opinion - shouldn't this be considered an enormous act of profiteering (which is illegal and scammish)? Is there a reason why TNT hasn't done anything about it? ~dragon_imaginer
The estimated value you are referencing is the price we have selected to be roughly what the Neopian shopkeepers will sell the item for. For non-restocking items, it's basically an arbitrary number. We do not control the economy; players do. The reason players are selling these items for 10 million is because that's what other players are willing to pay for the item. The supply versus demand is what drives up the price, and unless there is some serious funny business going on (like sellers conspiring to drive up the price, for example) then it is in no way scamming.

'Allo, TNT! Happy holidays! Now, this has been addressed before, but I think it deserves another chance. Doesn't taking out love entirely on Neopets make it more kid friendly than the Disney princesses my three year old cousins adore? Cinderella got her prince, why can't my Xweetok? :o Just curious. ♥ ~pentachan
This is because those stories, like our own Neopian plots, are controlled. We know exactly what we are showing, and do our best to tell stories that are appropriate for our players. In the hands of some of our very creative role players the problem arises. We're sure no one wants to see Princess Amira involved in some bizarre cross-fiction with a certain sparkly vampire. (Okay, okay, maybe some people would, but the thought just makes us shudder.) Also, those stories can end up going places that just aren't appropriate. Additionally, with so many ways to tell a story, it'd be nearly impossible for us to set a clear set of rules, like "kissing in RP is only allowed under X conditions," or "hugging is the most you can do if your characters are at X locations," in addition to a ludicrous amount of rules that would just leave everyone confused. That's why we just say no to romance (in RP, stories, or otherwise) on the forums, and limit it heavily elsewhere on the site.

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