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Hi, TNT! *hands out cookies* Thanks for releasing the new Grapes of Wrath weapon. :D It is so cool, but I was wondering: do the smugglers have a thing for battle food now? First the 9 Pound Coconut, and now grapes?!? Please remove my username. :) Thanks. :D ~username removed
I think we just tend to come up with items right before lunchtime. That probably explains a lot about Neopia, huh? XD

I know you guys have about a bazillion things on your plate right now, but I've been wondering if you have ever thought about adding new smilies to the boards? There are lots of Neopets / characters that aren't represented, and I'm sure they feel like they're missing out. ;) ~staarbux
Oh, thanks for the reminder! That's one of the things we always mean to do but completely forget about when coming up with the content schedule. Okay, we're writing that down on our to-do list this time!

Dear TNT, *throws NC Mall capsules at you* my Closet is currently 25 pages long! Can I / we / you / everyone in Neopia please have a search function for our closets? Pretty please? New NC Mall items are being released daily, and it's a nightmare trying to wade through 25 pages of items to find what I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch! ~babybenner
Egads, yeah... back in the early days there weren't that many wearables, but these days (with so many available) we can understand the need for some closet organisation. We'll ask around and start pestering some programmers; hopefully we'll be able to set that up for you guys. :)

*gives major cred to the Battledome Mistress that's dreaming up these new weapons* I know something like the new Grapes of Wrath from the Smuggler's Cove brings out the best and worst in Neopia, and we all really appreciate it, but we have some questions. Does the Smuggler's Cove restock at random times? There is a rumor that someone "cracked the code" and is getting an unfair advantage by knowing restock times. Also, it seems that a lot of these grapes are disappearing into the same old accounts that already tend to have lots of uber-rare shiny treasures. While I enjoy sleeping on a pile of treasure as much as the next dragon, the advantage of being around when peas, Ghostkerswords, and Faerie Slingshots were more available seems to have given people a major advantage that allows them to control the market when new things like the grapes show up. Is there anything that can be done about people taking more than they could possibly ever use? It all just seems a bit greedy and unfair. ~stoicjohn
Yep, it's totally random. If someone thinks they've "cracked the code," then they probably just got a series of lucky refreshes. A nice thing about the Smuggler's Cove is that everyone has a fairly equal chance at getting the items there, as long as they have their dubloons at the ready. (You HAVE been saving your dubloons from Tarla, right? ;D) Of course, those big old accounts have some savvy players that are often on top of such things and do get a bit of attention because of it, but they're certainly not the only ones snatching up these Smuggler's Cove goodies. Not all those big accounts will be able to snag one themselves, which means other accounts who were lucky enough to get them can sell these items to those big accounts, which helps to spread the wealth from those accounts to others that might not have as much in the way of Neopoints and super-powerful items. In any case, be it for better or for worse, having a new big item in the cove certainly makes things interesting for a while!

*watches the BD Chat in fascination*

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering: can the Pant Devil also steal our Neocash items if they are left in our inventories? ~xxbowling_babexx
No, Neocash items are kept in a separate section that is protected from the Pant Devil and other unfortunate Random Events. Phew!

(Please remove my username, thanks! :)) Hey, TNT! *offers jelly* Recently, a friend of mine has been thinking of quitting Neopets, but doesn't want to just dump his account and Neopets. As such, he's offered to give the account to me for use as a side account. I don't mind taking over for him, but I am worried that it is against the rules and don't want to risk being frozen. So, is it against the rules? I would only use the Neopoints and items in his account on his Neopets, and I definitely wouldn't use the account as anything but a side. Thanks! ~username removed
It is against the rules to access any account except one that you made. This includes accepting an account from someone who is "quitting" (this is a common scam). In your case, even if you know the person in real life, you still cannot accept their account. It puts all of your accounts at risk, and is not allowed. They can donate or give you the items and their Neopets if they like, but no one else can ever have the actual account.

Hiya, TNT! I was wondering (since I've never been iced... *cheer*) how do people know why their account was frozen? It always confuses me when people make boards telling what you iced them for. Thanks a lot, and have a happy Snowickle Appreciation Day! ~vareesha12
Yay! Good for you! :D As for people who do get frozen, they get a message that says why they were frozen when they try to log in. This message is very general, though (as these reasons come from a dropdown and people are always finding strange new ways to break the rules), so we pick what we think best describes the situation. Our Monitors often leave other notes in the account, however, for our support staff to read and get a better idea of why the person was frozen. If you write in about your account, the support staff gets to play Sherlock Holmes by doublechecking the evidence and deciding if the account should remain iced or not.

Thanks so much for the new item (Grapes of Wrath), except... was it supposed to be multiple use? That instantly made it really expensive, even though the image looked like it would only be usable once per battle, as a bomb. Could we receive clarification that it will definitely stay as a multiple-use weapon? Thanks. P.S.: These grapes would look nice while fighting some plot challengers, no? ~patrick418
You're quite welcome. Hehe, yes, even though they look like a bomb, we're not planning on changing them to once-per-battle. Oh dear, we just heard a "ka-ching!" Was that the price going up another 20 million Neopoints?

A lot of people have been having problems with the Gallery of Evil, where they can only see Eliv Thade, no matter which villain they are trying to read up on. I can see every page fine (as can a few other people), but am wondering why the gallery seems to be choosy lately? ~soccagal45
We have been getting reports about this and will be looking into it. How odd! x_X

We doubt Eliv understands why people wouldn't want to look at just him, though...

Say a person submitted an Editorial question with a typo. Would you correct the typo before you posted the question, or would you allow Neopia to see how much of a fool said person is? :o This has been boggling my mind for precisely three minutes. Thank you. ~wundered
I think that, at some point, we finally fell into the habit of correcting typos and editing some grammar that might make the question a bit hard to understand. Generally speaking, though, questions that are well written are more likely to get in, just because, really, who wants to read something in all caps or with such poor grammar that you can't make heads or tails of what's being asked? Not us!

Why does Hubert's Hot Dogs have a lipstick for its logo on the stock exchange? Is there something in the hot dogs that we should know about, or are they coming out with a new "glamour" line of dogs soon? ~aliciar46
You know, we answer a lot of questions in the Editorial, but sometimes... we think it's best just to not consider the answers to some of them. x_X

Who controls the Neopian economy? Does someone from TNT just randomly come up with new items and their rarity? ~gunitcutie911
You guys do. XD We come up with the items, and then give some consideration to the rarity and price of the items based upon which shop the item is going to restock in and other such factors, but really it's you guys who determine the value of the item (unless we give it away on a large scale, which generally means rapid deflation for the item).

*gives marshmallows* Okay, so I noticed once in the Other Worlds Neoboard that you had locked a board but didn't delete it. Why is this? ~chinesekoi22
We generally do that to help educate the other posters on the boards that something is not acceptable, and why.

Is doing the Defenders of Neopia missions on a side account allowed? ~kat_leya
The only reward is a trophy (rather than Neopoints or items), so yes, that's fine. :)

Hey, TNT! *hands you a cookie* Lately I've been noticing that the majority of artwork in the Art Gallery is digital art, rather than good ol' hand drawn pictures. I'm wondering why that is? I understand that digital artwork usually looks better in terms of picture quality, but traditional artwork consumes just as much time. Also, not everyone can afford a fancy art program and such. Oh, if you do put this in, please don't include my name - I don't want the digital artists ganging up on me. xD Thanks! ~username removed
All artwork is welcome in the Art Gallery. Well-photographed traditional art is just as welcome as digital art (the key there being "well-photographed" or scanned properly). A lot of our traditional art comes in the form of some very blurry photographs, which causes us to select artwork that is clearer for display on the site. So, no need to have a fancy art program to win Art Gallery, just please make sure that your art work is well-represented when you send it to us. Thanks!

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