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When does a shop restock? Is it after all the items are gone, or is it after the previous restock? ~yahoo_is_me
It's based off of the time of the previous restock; the number of items left in the shop do not effect the restock time.

I just found out that the Snowbunny is retired. Can you get it back? ~cutie_cute_lover_bun
Most unique items given away by the Advent Calendar become Rarity 180 (retired) after the event. This includes the Snowbunny. If you received a Snowbunny from the Advent Calendar and then sold it or got rid of it in any fashion, then no, you cannot get it back. If you want to own one again, you will need to purchase one from another player. If you mean "get it back" in general, we currently have no plans to re-release the standard Snowbunny.

Hey, TNT! :) I'll try to keep this brief. Recently, Punchbag Sid appeared in the Battledome and (not surprisingly) for the third year in a row it was at an inaccessible time for me and what I would imagine to be many people. Unfortunately, due to my time zone I've been at school during this time period and every year prior to it. While I can understand that you can't cater to everyone, the last 3 years' release times have all been quite close to each other (2 - 4 PM NST). So my request (if it's possible for me to make one) is that, the next time Sid shows up in the Battledome, could it possibly be at a slightly later / earlier time to give us international users a chance and shake things up a bit? Thanks for considering. ^.^ ~harrypotter3000174
Yeah, that's about the time when we usually come out of our food coma after lunch and remember to do things like make Sid available. We'll make a note to vary the times when he is out a bit more, but please do realise that we can only release him during NST work hours. D:

Do morphing and transmogrification potions fizz? ~ferret_lover__
Only if you shake them up first (not recommended).

This transmogrification potion just got a lot more dangerous...

Hi, TNT! Firstly, thanks for the new awesome plot and the stock market avatar! Yay! :D I wanted to ask about the multiplayer games (Kacheekers, Geos, and Armada). For quite some time now people haven't been receiving their trophies for these games. Is this permanent or a glitch? Thanks! ~xox_cloud_xox
Ack, they haven't? Thanks for alerting us. We'll talk to the programmers so they can look into this.

Hello, TNT! Like most other Neopians, I go to try my luck at The Fishing Hole every day. I have a Neopet who I keep as my active all the time just so I can raise her level in fishing. After some thought, I decided that I will transfer her to a side account. My question is this: can I still go to The Fishing Hole to increase her level if I don't go on my main? Thanks! (please leave my username out) ~username removed
First, you need to stick to your main account when doing dailies, even if you skip doing a daily on your main account. We appreciate the thought behind it, but it's still against the rules. Second, if you transfer your Neopet, she will lose all her fishing levels, just so you know! D: We would like to point out that players are more than welcome to visit The Fishing Hole with all four of the Neopets on their main account every day, though. Just switch the Neopet that is your active Neopet. :)

There's this huge rumor going around that users who've had warnings / suspensions are not very likely at all to get into the Neopian Times, like other users in better standing. Say it isn't so, TNT! Is it? ~kipsie
We'd say this is about 95% not true. Very occasionally account standing can be used as a tie-breaker, though. In any site competition, if it comes down to two entries that are both great quality and completely equal in every way, and the judge is sitting there without seeming to be able to decide who should win, then sometimes he / she will check out the account and see if that will tip the scales in one direction or the other. We'd rather see the trophy go to an upstanding account than to one with several suspensions teetering on the edge of getting frozen. However, please note that generally we do not look into such things or take them into account, and the vast majority of the time your account's standing with us has no effect on our judgment.

Hey, TNT! I was wondering why there isn't a Faerieland stamp collection? It's such a shame that we're unable to collect stamps of our favorite faeries. ~kiwibutter
Oh, hey... that's odd. There's a collection for just about every other world, huh? Good excuse to make more stamps, we guess!

I was wondering: how much fun did TNT have watching everyone on the Avatar Chat tripping over themselves trying to figure out the new avatar, then finding out Sid was in the Battledome? :P Was it as entertaining as it sounds? :o ~wwe_fan_2005
Very entertaining! Several of us watched the AC board for quite some time. We love watching you guys try to figure out the method to our madness!

Could someone pass the popcorn?

Hello, TNT. Mr. Insane looks EXACTLY like my history teacher. I suppose my question for the Editorial is this: is Mr. Insane's first name Sean, and is he an aspiring actor? O:-) If not... what IS his first name? ~username removed
Really? We're sorry. As for your questions: nope, nope, and Mr.

In the Help Chat there was recently a board where someone asked how they could get staff to IP ban them so that they would have no choice but to leave the site. What followed were posts telling the user to use cheat programs, send ridiculously high scores, and so on. I suggested that it might be better to simply mail you and ask if this could be done for them, rather than causing more work for the staff. I also suggested that directing people to cheat may get them reprimanded. I was simply told that they doubt it and that that was what the Help Chat is for. I really just want your opinion on this. ~ireland
UGH. Anyone who is encouraging another player to cheat or break the rules is quite likely to find themselves with a heavy duty warning / suspension or freezing. If you no longer want access to your Neopets account, we have a self-ice link. All too often we see people posting inappropriate stuff trying to get staff to freeze them, rather than using the provided link, which is just... well, we think our first "ugh" explained our thoughts on that. Situations like this should be dealt with by either using the self-ice option or contacting us about the matter.

Hi, TNT! So I was wondering: is the Neopets magazine still in circulation, or did I miss the memo that it was canceled? ~sleedom
That was quite some time ago, so we're gonna assume that you missed the memo. ;)

Have you ever considered implementing a system in Neopia's shops that clear out all the un-bought stock every hour or two? Right know there are many stores that are clogged up with items that, if they are bought, result in a significant loss of Neopoints, so they just sit there and stop more valuable items from stocking. Sometimes restockers even buy out all these unprofitable items themselves (just to make room) and a couple of hours later the store is completely full of them again. ~tammyisbored
Re-balancing the prices of some items that are clogging up shops is also on our to-do list after we manage to get past the holidays. Clearing the shops would also be useful, but we'll have to consult our programmers on that one.

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