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Nice new [navigation] bar! It's kind of hard, however, to locate things that you used to know were there... me likes the customise button!!! ~12puppies
Haha, don't worry, we're also fumbling around trying to adapt to the new button locations just like everyone else. We're glad you like the customise button. We think you guys will get a lot more use out of it than the Neovision button that was previously offered. :)

Hello, TNT. The new navigation bar is great, but you included the "Create a Neopet" link twice. ~fc_barcelona09
That was on purpose. We think that it makes sense for it to be in both places.

Hey, TNT! I have a follow up question to last week's one about the Petpet Lab Ray. I know it's not fair to be able to unattach zapped Petpets and sell them, but what if they became non-tradeable items upon being unattached? That way, you could put them on another Neopet in your account or put them in your Gallery. Obviously you'd have to make it so that the Petpet's name were changed to something like "Zapped Petpet name" when unattached so that people wouldn't think you have the real thing or try to scam others. If that's still no good, how about a page that keeps a log of the Petpet species / colours you've zapped? ~subzeroace
Sorry, we don't have any intention of changing the way the Petpet Lab Ray works. Players who have spent tens of millions gathering extremely rare Petpets probably wouldn't be pleased with seeing galleries of rare Petpets that were created by a lab map that barely costs 9,000 NP, even if they were marked as zapped. The Petpet Lab Ray is mainly for amusement value, sorry. As far as creating a log of your zaps, many Neopians already do this by documenting zaps on their Petpages. :)

Can the same Petpet species receive the PPL award more than once, or are you going to go through a lot of other species before repeats? In other words, should those with a Ghostkerchief just give up now? ~eliz2170neo
There will eventually be more species repeats, but we are trying to go through all the different species first as best we can. Just a warning: there are a lot of Petpet species and colour combinations, so holding your breath and waiting for your particular Petpet to get the award will likely result in unconsciousness and is not recommended by Lawyerbot.

Ghosts aren't generally in a hurry.

How do you come up with all the names on Neopets? ;-; ~readler
To be honest, through very long email chains that often end up in complete wackiness.

Hi TNT, I have a theoretical question for you! Let's say that you are saving up your Neopoints for a paint brush that costs... three million Neopoints. However, you then get a Fountain Faerie quest, and the item she asks for is only one million Neopoints. At that point, you decide to solve her quest in order to paint your Neopet much more cheaply. My question is this: would there be a time limit in which you'd have to save up enough Neopoints to buy the Fountain Faerie's item before her quest expired, or would it exist until you either reject or complete the quest? Thanks! :D ~smoothiegrrl
Hypothetically, the quest shouldn't expire until you complete or reject it, so feel free to take your time.

Hi, TNT! *hands plate of cookies* I submitted a short story to the Neopian Times and got a response saying that my story was rejected because it was too short. Aren't you supposed to warn me that it's too short BEFORE I submit it? Please help before I give up on writing for good. :( P.S.: Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
Yes, the application in which you submit your writing to the Neopian Times typically checks word count before allowing you to send, but sometimes it misbehaves and doesn't always catch it. Most writing applications have a built in word count, though, so be sure to check that before you try to submit... and don't give up! :)

Hey there, TNT. I've got a question. Even though you are removing Neovision from the navigation bar, that doesn't mean you are deleting it, right? ~memory_of_friends
Unfortunately, yes, Neovision has left the building. It just wasn't popular enough to justify the resources needed to keep it going. Of course, that's bad news for those who enjoyed it, but good news for the majority of Neopians since we'll be able to apply those resources to other areas of the site that may interest you guys more. :)

Also, it limits Dr. Sloth's ability to broadcast his evil announcements.

TNT, I'm really confused. Just recently, I got a Neomail from you saying "Your Neopian Times submission was rejected because part of your submission did not appear correctly. Please use square brackets [ ] for any html tags that you wish to include, including any image urls." Here's the problem: I didn't use any html tags at all! A friend of mine suggested that maybe I needed to use [br] and [p] tags to put spaces between paragraphs, but another person told me that all I needed was to put spaces between paragraphs (which I did in the submission), and that [br] and [p] tags weren't needed. I figured I'd get to the bottom of this and ask you guys. Do I need to use [br] and [p] tags or not? ~[username removed]
No, there is no need to use [br] or [p] tags in your articles.

P.S.: Our resident NT queen has mentioned that she remembers your article, and was hoping you'd send the spiffier version that you have on your Petpage. ;D We've taken the liberty of removing your username so that no one will try to steal said article off of your Petpage and submit it.

Hi, TNT! I have a Dandan that has won a PPL award and I've been wanting to paint it faerie forever. What will happen to the trophy if I paint my Dandan? Thanks! ~jaylene232
Nothing at all! Once your Neopet receives a trophy, any changes made to your Petpet will not cause it to magically *poof* out of existence or anything of the sort. Once your Neopet earns it, it's all theirs. :)

Hiya, TNT! I was just wondering: if you were to make a new side account, could you use a referral link from your main account to make it, or is this considered cheating, since technically you're gaining a profit through a side account? ~shadow_kitten600
No, you may not refer your own accounts.

Hi, TNT! Like many Neopians, I collect plushies in my Gallery, and I was just wondering: how many plushies are there in all of Neopia? Thanks! ~beth_loves_darren
There are over 1,500 plushies to collect on the site. If you collected them all, the cost of the Gallery space alone would be over 8,970,000 NP! :O

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