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Hi, I was wondering if you could clear up this problem that I encountered while trying to trade Neopets with someone. In my excitement at already having gotten my new Neopet on my main account, I switched to my side and sent my Draik to its new owner. However, in my haste I hadn't noticed that I had put in the wrong username. Therefore, the Draik went to a non-existent account. Someone then created an account with this name in hopes of being able to adopt the Draik. Draiks aren't available for adoption if you're under 4 months, though. However, since the transfer was sent before the account was created, would they have been able to accept the transfer? I'm asking because, according to the owner of the account, it was giving them the option to accept. ~crazy4csi85222
Well... that is a pretty crazy situation. We'll look into seeing if we can block Neopets from being sent to accounts that are existence-challenged, heh. For future reference, though, if you do accidentally send a Neopet to an account that hasn't been created, it'd be best not to go on the boards and say, "Ack! I just sent my Neopet to *some username* instead of..." to avoid people trying to take advantage of your mistake. We're not sure if that's what happened in this case, but we can imagine it happening.

Hallo. When the site was updated in 2007, every Neopet that had already been made had this displayed on their page (even though that's not necessarily what the owner chose): "... likes gathering food. When meeting others, ... would act very friendly." Is there any way to change this, or will there be in the future? Thank you very much! ~rj001261
/palmface We totally forgot about that. We'll talk to the programmers and see if it's possible to fix it.

Hi TNT, it seems that the Lenny Library notice has disappeared from Pet Central. I was wondering: has it been scrapped? Also, what would have been its purpose? ~proagain
Unfortunately, we have so much to do that the Lenny Library kinda dropped off our list of priorities and we decided to remove it. It wasn't going to be anything amazing or exciting, just someplace to divide up the Neopedia between stories about Neopia and the more factual style, encyclopedia-type entries that we have.

Is Lawyerbot more of a Mecha-style or R2D2 industrial-style bot? What robot Petpet does Lawyerbot most resemble? Is his nickname Robbie? Tik-Tok? Hal? Gort? Marvin? Chip? V.I.N.C.E.N.T.? Johnny 5? Also, if he's available, can you ask if Lawyerbot dreams of electric sheep? (Please remove my sci-fi / robotic-obsessed username.) *beep boop* ~username removed
Hal. Definitely Hal. He is all-seeing, all-knowing. We fear him!

Especially when he starts to sing songs.

*sets down a fish feast* Alright guys, let's get our food buffs before this encounter. So the filters were "glitchy" this weekend - glad they seem to be "fixed," for the most part. But I have to ask, of course (and I'm sure I'm not the only one): are these "newly" blocked properties going to be disallowed for good? I am aware that these elements were "blocked" before, and that all of us clever Neopians managed to get our codes through by simply altering our style tags. However position, display, margin, visibility (just to name a few)... they're all pretty key elements when it comes to personalizing the look of one's account. So, for the sake of clarification, I suppose I should state that my question is: will there be some change in the future that allows us to use these tags on our Petpages and Lookups (at the very least), or is this a permanent setup? Also, if possible, it would be lovely to know (specifically) why these filters have been put in place to begin with. c: Thanks if you get back to me on this! (For the Horde! *scurries off*) ~l3lo0
We are aware of these issues and have our programmers working on them, but don't really have much coherent information to offer at the moment. We will try to keep you updated with information if we can, though. :)

*hands basket of mandatory asparagus and other varieties of veggies* Well, my Lupe Citalopraam was named after a medication, and I think about 2-3 weeks later I saw the Editorial about the names not being allowed. I don't want to put her in The Pound, in case another user gets in trouble after adopting her. She is currently my lab rat, but I just want to know if she will be deleted from the system or what? Please answer soon. :) ~x_simpsons_rock_x
Ahh, yeah... that's a fine example of something that isn't quite appropriate for the site, and will unfortunately have to be sent to that special little pound in our database where we keep Neopets with bad names. (Don't worry, they're well cared for!) Thanks for reporting it to us rather than dropping it into The Pound and making it someone else's problem. We've removed the Neopet, but left you the Petpet and clothing it had on as a thank you for your honesty. :)

I was reading a past Editorial and it said that Edna and the Island Mystic had been turned into Neopets. What did they look like before? ~bleudaisy
Heh, quite a bit different. Edna was a more classic-looking witch and the Island Mystic wore the same outfit, but neither were Neopets so it was just... odd. We're not sure exactly what they were, but they didn't fit in and therefore their art was changed to be more Neopian. :)

Is it okay to change a different account into your main so that you can play the Lulu game challenge and then switch back the next day? ~jasperware
Uh, no. No matter what attempts are being made to justify it ("Oh, it's my main account... today."), multiple account abuse is not allowed. Rotating through accounts and tossing the word "main" around is no excuse.

It's a main account, not a Merry-Go-Round!

Hello, TNT. Exactly what time is it RIGHT NOW when you are answering this question? :o ~luke_is_cool44
2:44:16 PM. Yay! We love easy questions!

On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you for the beautiful makeover of Faerieland. You definitely didn't let us down! Do you have plans for redoing any other place? If you do, I hope that you'll design it as well as you did Faerieland! ~yay_for_fruits
We're glad that you like it! And yes, we are planning on revamping some of the other older maps as well. Goodness knows Tyrannia could sure use an artist's attention. D:

The new look for Faerieland is very nice. Shiny, too. :D I even learned something from the new look - I did not know the Healing Springs were that big! I always thought of them as a few small puddles of water, rather than this spa-like area. *thumbs up* So, my question is: where is the portal to Altador that used to be in Faerie City? I can't find it. I was using it every day. Do I now have to actually go and turn the world around to get there? ~kku88
We discussed the matter (yes, we really discuss bizarre things like this) and decided that there really wasn't much point in Faerieland continuing to have a portal to Altador. It made sense during the plot before it could be accessed by normal means, but the faeries are surely sick of using their magic to teleport you there when Altador has a perfectly fine harbour.

Have you ever found inappropriate names while doing the PPL awards? If you have, do you delete / erase the Petpet(s)? ~glittercucumber
Yes, we do look through the list of PPL winners and are sure to remove any inappropriate names we don't want to paste in a giant list. If it's a very bad name we may take some disciplinary action as well, but for the most part, any Petpet that is old enough for the award and has an extremely inappropriate name has already been handled by a monitor.

Hey! So I love the new Faerieland layout, but when I went I noticed the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity wasn't on the page anymore. I had gotten into the habit of visiting him while in Faerieland. It was my favorite stop. :( Is he gone forever, or will he come back someday? ~goatie66
Hahaha, we noticed a lot of people on the boards were having trouble spotting the little fella. (We perused the boards quite a bit, and we're glad to see that the majority of you like the new map!) The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity is still on the Faerieland map. Keep looking and be sure to visit him every day. He looks like he could use the company!

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