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Could you please make a way to refresh our accounts completely, just like it would be if we were making a new account? You know, clear everything from the account but only leave the username so you could start all over? ~chompit
Sorry, this probably isn't a good idea, since if someone other than you accessed your account (a mischievous little sibling, perhaps), they could completely reset it, leaving you with a lot of heartache and us with lots of headaches trying to fix things for you, and we really hate to see you guys upset. :( If you really do want to start over from scratch, we recommend abandoning or self-icing your main and starting with a brand new account.

Why is it that, when you take off a pirate Krawk's bandanna and place it on a Krawk of a different color, the other Krawk's hair turns white? Does the bandanna have a stream of white hair attached to it or something? ~moon_hates_you
Yes, actually. We checked out the artwork and the bandanna does, indeed, have white hair attached to it.

I absolutely love the new game Spinacles, especially the music. I have noticed that, recently, the music to new games has been quite intricate and had more depth than the music of earlier games. I am interested in knowing how the music is created and by whom, what prompts the music's inspiration, if it is one person's creation or that of several people, at what stage in game production the music is added, and whether a traditional orchestra is used to record the music (or if it's all done on computer)? The Spinacles soundtrack reminds me a little of the ending to Neptune from Holst's The Planets suite; it shares the same ethereal quality. Beautiful! ~wingy1
Thank you so much! We really like some of our new music, too. We wait to decide on the music until the gameplay has a definite feel and is almost locked, and then we go through some licensed music and select what we feel goes best with the game.

Hai, hai TNT. *hands basket full of jelly* Have you ever thought about making more time zones' times? I mean, I know that you have your huge household in California, and the clocks are set to show your local time, but offering other options might be kind of handy to other people who live in different time zones. -winketh- ~flowergurl8993
Thankfully, we believe that the vast majority of computers have a nifty little clock that is easy to view when one is browsing the Internet. We prefer to keep the site's clock exclusively on Neopian Standard Time, as that's the only time that exists in the world of Neopia. Besides, it'd be really annoying to have to figure out when to visit Count Von Roo if you had to calculate time differences.

Thanks for the jelly, though!

Hi, TNT! Some users on the Neoboards have recently been getting together and trying to catch users who are under 13 and lying about their age. They do this by offering an expensive item to underage users only, and then reporting anyone who claims to be under 13 (whether they actually are or not; some were either joking or lying). The "underage" users then get their account age reset and are unable to access the boards, Neomail, etc. Is this allowed? Please remove my username. Thanks. :) ~username removed
Uhh, yeah... let's not. We know vigilante justice can be fun, but odds are that the exceptionally vast majority of people responding are lying about their age to get the item, and all you are doing is making a mess for our support team to clean up later. So, while we appreciate any good intentions you may have had in keeping those underage safe, we aren't going to allow this.

Hi, Neopian Times Editorial person! *hands over all different painted Faellies* So, when I looked at the new items, I saw that a tiny umbrella was one of them -- which is weird, because I bought one from Uni's Clothing Shop about a year ago. Can you help straighten this matter out? ~call_me_mar_bear
We decided that a miniature orange umbrella was just too nifty an item not to be wearable, so we decided to upgrade the item. :) It's kinda new in the way that it's now wearable, but the nifty part is that there are already plenty in the economy, so it'll be easy to get.

Isn't it a bit unfair that some avatars are no longer available? I mean, I get the rare ones... I'll even accept the seasonal ones... but what about those plot-based ones that are now impossible to get? Since avatar collecting is a high score game, it really isn't fair when there are some avatars that are impossible to get (especially for newer players, or players like me, who are late in getting into avatar collecting and didn't really participate in the plots). Those shouldn't count toward the avatar High Score Board. ~xx_neomania
Alas, some of us are bummed that we missed out on Woodstock too, but we weren't born yet. While it may not seem very fair, it's just the way things are. If things like that were always available, it would really take away some of the specialness of it. Players come and go, and there will be new avatars and plots that older players who have moved on will miss, so in the end things will probably even out.

I made a typo when I sent in my article to The Neopian Times. Do you fix them? Example: Ghost don't say "boo." Will you change it to "Ghosts"? ~krazycat927
Yep, we correct minor grammatical and spelling errors before we publish The Neopian Times. If articles are completely plagued by poor spelling and grammar (not to mention people who LEFT THEIR CAPSLOCK KEY ON WHILE WRITING), then we will most likely pass on them, though. So, yeah... just do your best, and if there are little errors we will fix them.

Hi, TNT. (: I know that in the past you've said that, if we want to return a painted Petpet to its original colour, then we should paint it with a Petpet Paint Brush of its natural colour. Now, let's say that I painted a Poppit "pirate," but then decided that I wanted to take it back to being an ordinary Poppit again by painting it "yellow," would my Poppit then be called a "Yellow Poppit," or would it simply be a "Poppit" once again? Thanks. (: *hands out cookies* ~pertaoiin
It would become a "Poppit" again, since there is no such item as a Yellow Poppit, because Poppits are normally yellow.

Arr! I be keepin' the accent, though! Arrrr!!!

Okay, first off... I LOVE YOU, TNT!!! Alright, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I have a question for you guys. I was looking through the PPL Awards when I started to think: you aren't allowed to earn ANY Neopoints of ANY kind on ANY account other than your main, right? Well, what happens if you win the PPL Award on a side account? I mean, it is earning NP (not voluntarily by any stretch), but you still gain Neopoints on that account for winning the PPL. Do the winnings go to that person's main account, or are they collected on the account that contains the Petpet? Does that person have a chance of getting their account frozen for winning NP from an involuntary contest? Go ahead and leave my name, it's okay guys. Thank you again for the BEST online game EVER; keep up the good work. ~raiena
Don't worry, PPL is something completely out of your control (like Random Events), so the Neopoints are yours to do what you please with them. You can either leave these Neopoints in the side account to help pay for your Neopet's lodging, or send the NP to your main like you may do for Random Events.

If you have written a story for The Neopian Times that meets all of the criteria but doesn't get accepted, can you enter it in the Storytelling Competition or make some changes and reenter it into The Times? ~lolrockstars
Erm, we think it'd be a bit difficult to fit into the Storytelling Competition, since we write the first section and all the others need to follow it. Therefore, a completely independent story wouldn't quite work. As far as reentering it, check out the Neomail we send you explaining why we didn't choose it. It should give you a good idea of what you should do, whether it's making some improvements or coming up with a new idea completely.

Alright, so... hypothetical question here. Say I wanted to quit Neopets but didn't want to leave my account to collect mold or waste my hard work by self-freezing. Is it against the rules to give my account to a friend and have them change the password so that I could never get back into it? I see people doing this an awful lot recently and I'm pretty sure it's not okay to do, but what's the official stand? ~tyler_vanvleet2
This is very much against the rules. By giving away an account, you put both your account and all the accounts of your friend at risk. When we take a look at things, we won't know that you're friends. All we're going to see is an account that's suddenly changed hands and freeze it for its protection (and freeze the person who took it for scamming). In fact, this is an extremely common scam. We know that's not your intent, but trust us, it's a very bad idea to give an account away. We keep our accounts very clean and mould-free, so if you don't have an interest in playing anymore then you can just leave the account or donate everything in it to the Money Tree. Also, be sure to give your Neopets a hug and put them in the Pound or find loving new owners for them directly.

*hands out toast* Mmm... toast. Anyway, on the 30th you guys released two new food items to the Merifoods shop. I have seen many boards about them, and people are saying, "ZOMG new Draik Eggs!" My question is this: ARE they Draik Eggs? ~my5cookies
Yep! Pirate and Desert Draik Eggs will soon be stocking in a Merifoods near you, so keep your eyes peeled!

It'll be The Neopian Times edition number 404 soon. Seeing that this is probably the most famous error message ever, do you have anything special planned? ~991e25
Sure! We've got lots of great things planned, lik--

Sorry! The page you requested could not be found on Neopets.

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