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Sorry guys, but I noticed a bit of a problem. A few years ago, the Altador Cup souvenir shop sold team posters. This year, a new set of team posters have been given out as prizes. Unfortunately, they both have the same item names as each other. Would it be possible to rename one of the sets to distinguish it from the other? ~_demon_master
Sorry about that! It's been taken care of, to clear up any confusion. :) The new posters are labeled as AC IV before the team name.

Recently I saw an article on Fox about Neopets security, I don't know what to believe since I haven't heard anything official from you guys but the guys at Fox have me scared. Can you please clear up this whole situation for me by explaining it? :| Love you guys, your awesome.;D ~overduse

We’re going to hand this one over to Lawyerbot.

As you know, Neopets security is as active as always, so no reason to be scared. You may have heard about some recent news in the press which has led to some confusion about Neopets’ actual security policies and measures. To be clear, Neopets actively restricts users from entering third party website URL links on its message boards or Neomails. In fact, we take substantial preventative measures to prevent the kinds of scams described in the news. Since scammers who want to trick you into visiting their websites can’t post their links they will try to trick you into pasting third party urls in your browser to get you to visit another website with promises of free Neopoints, free paintbrushes, etc. but most users recognize these as scams. We warn users about these scams on the Wall of Shame ( and we remind you never to share your password with anyone. Internet safety is very important to us and we appreciate users’ help in reporting scams and spreading the word about internet safety. As we often say, be aware that if someone is trying to tell you their site is related to Neopets to trick you into giving out your account information, don't give any information at all and don't download anything they may ask you to. This is true anywhere on the Internet, always check with your parents first before visiting or downloading from a website you don't know. Always remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you see what you suspect may be a scam, please let us know! Just go to when you are logged into your account and give us as much information as you can. We’ll look into it right away!

What?!? No Flotsam clothes on Flotsam Day? Did you forget? ~biipa
Embarrassingly enough, yes, actually. We made a scheduling error and forgot to include new clothing for Flotsams on their special day. D: No worries, though! Flotsams will have two new sets of clothing later this month! We're very sorry to any Flotsams and their owners or fans who were offended by our error. D:

Hi! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I haven't seen it: what was the very first item created on Neopets, and how many (if any) of them are still in existence? P.S. The Birthday NC Mall capsules = pure genius. ~neotdog
Item ID #1 is the Green Apple. We imagine that there are thousands upon thousands on the site, as well as plenty in the stomachs of Neopets.

In last week's Editorial, you said that only one person, Droplet, runs the whole Neopian Times. Whenever I look at the Editorial section though, everything is addressed to TNT. Should we start changing this to "Hey Droplet!" instead of "Hey TNT!"? Oh, and props to you, Droplet, because The Neopian Times is one of my favorite things on this site. *throws cookie to her* ~allyssa_renne
Hehe, nope... sorry. Droplet covers the creative writing / comic submissions by you guys. While published in The Neopian Times, the Editorial has always been completely different and handled by other staff. :)

Hey TNT! Great job on Neopets. Do you think you can make the minimum word limit for an article 500 words? I'm having an awfully hard time trying to think of ways to make my article longer, but I just cant seem to find a way. I am writing many articles, but they never have enough words! ~candyrabi
Sorry, but we think our 1,000 word minimum is pretty reasonable and don't have any plans of changing that.

Why can my Neopet eat the Yooyu Kite? Wouldn't that give him a stomachache? ~chocolate_fudge7
Whoops! We've corrected the item so that it's now properly categorised as a toy instead of food. TNT is not responsible for any illness that your Neopet may be suffering from due to foolishly attempting to eat a kite.


So, how come the Super Shop Wizard doesn't recognize the 100% Fake Uni Mask? I copy and paste the name directly out of my sales history and into the SSW, but I only get the following message: "I did not find anything named '100 Fake Uni Mask.' Maybe a more specific name might help." ~starry_night8806
The % in the item name was messing with the Shop Wizard. We've changed the name to 100 Percent Fake Uni Mask, as to no longer flabbergast that poor overworked JubJub.

To settle a little friendly rivalry between a friend and I, could you please say what someone from Shenkuu should be called? Shenkunian? We're both very confused. xD ~milliekinz
We believe the correct term would be Shenkuuvians.

You know how some of the games here have level creators that allow users to make their own levels? Will there ever be one for Let it Slide? That would be so awesome! ~exsanguin
Sorry, but that game is quite different from our games that have level creators, so we unfortunately have to say no to this one. We're glad you apparently enjoy the game, though. :)

TNT, I was browsing some trades on the Trading Post and I came across a trade by [username removed] that was free. In order to get it, you had to go to a "popular video site" and comment on a video to get it... just wondering, is this legal? Oh, also: if this gets published, can you remove all the usernames from this question? Have a nice day! ~[username removed]
This is very much against the rules. Never ever follow a link or visit a specified place off-site, especially ones that claim to offer free items or Neopoints if you do. These are always scams.

Hey TNT! I was just curious: your FAQ for the New Games Challenge says that a new challenge will be released every time a new game is released. So, does that mean this event will go on indefinitely, provided you keep making new games? ~memorysoul
Yes, the event will go on indefinitely (or until we tire of it). :) Each challenge will last until the next New Game Challenge is released. Bear in mind, though, that there may not be a New Game Challenge for every new game released.

Hey TNT! *hands radishes* :O I just wanted to know if the Coin Shop in the Art Centre ever restocks. Every time that I visit, there's nothing there! Are the items in there just really rare? Thanks! ~cooliozcoolz
It's a combination of there being relatively few coins in Neopia and the fact that many of them are of a fairly high rarity. It does restock though, we assure you. ;)

I remember that once, when browsing through the Trading Post while playing Neopets a very long time ago, I saw someone trading a "Monoceraptors Claw." What is this item? Was there only one ever made? Does it still exist somewhere in the Neopets universe? ~alex0003
The Monoceraptor's Claw is a long-retired item that was once available in the Hidden Tower for the whopping price of 24,000,000 NP. These days there's only a few left, and therefore they have a price tag in the hundreds of millions of Neopoints.

My price tag has an extra 0 these days!

Why do the Neopets in plots seem to not have any owners? ~jat881
The Neopets in plots live in a world where there are no humans / owners. It's the fantasy world layer of the site that is different from the internet site you interact with. We don't think Jeran or Lord Darigan would take it well if we told them that they were Flash images owned by sillyusername123_20.

Politics. Why can't we talk about them on Neopets? I don't see the problem with it as long as it's a respectful debate. This is one rule that I never got, and I do believe it's a bit foolish. Could you try and pull a few strings so that the enforcement of this rule becomes a bit more lenient? ~joey_blackwell94
Even if you are attempting to have a respectful debate online, that doesn't mean you're going to get one. Politics and religion are just too much of a hot topic, and too much a part of the real world that people are trying to escape when they come to Neopets to play.

Hiya TNT! This question might be random, but being the artist that I am, I'm super curious: do the (amazing) artists at Neopets use Flash or Photoshop to draw, or is it another program? Most of the drawings you guys make look like Flash was used, but at times the drawings look like Photoshop drawings. If the artists use Flash to draw, wow! That's incredible. Anyway, keep up the amazing work, Neopets artists! Your work inspires me to draw. : D ~grooviesmoothie
Inspiring you to draw is probably one of the biggest compliments that an artist can hear, so we'll be sure to pass your kind words along. :) To answer your question, yes, our artists primarily use Flash to do site art. On some of the fancier artwork they'll use Photoshop to add in finishing touches, but the vast majority is indeed done in Flash.

Can we meet up and go searching for unicorns, please? ♥ ~shiftingair
Okay, we think this is our favourite Editorial question ever. *heart* After a long day of searching through questions, and regrettably not being in a position to answer some that we really want to, it's nice to get something this lighthearted with which to end the day. Thank you. :)

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