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I've just started writing a story that involves all of my Neopets and I'd really like to know: what's the name of the Neopet who runs Remarkable Restoratives in Shenkuu? I'd rather not refer to him as "that shopkeeper" or "the Ruki." Thanks! :) ~magentamoose
Oh, that's Anshu. Almost all of the Shenkuu shopkeepers seem to also be crew members of the Cyodrake's Gaze. If you joined the site after that logic puzzle plot, or perhaps missed it while it was going on, you can familiarise yourself with these characters by visiting here.

There are rumors of a new paint brush coming out, yes, a CLOWN paint brush. Creepy. Is this true? ~txrox1
Nope, sorry, just another false rumour. We're waaaay too scared of clowns to make that brush. The artists simply can't draw when they are cowering under their desks. :(

Hey, TNT! Can we collaborate with another person to work on an entry for the User Lookup of the Week Spotlight? For example, say one person creates a layout in a paint program while another person codes it. If both people are credited, may we submit it to the spotlight? Thanks! ~nahile
Sorry, this isn't allowed. It is your User Lookup, and since we allow you to use our art, we want you to create your lookup on your own.

Hey, TNT! *hands you Faellies* Recently I was on [a popular video site] searching for the best ways to get a few Neopoints. Apparently your "ex-staff" use this website (along with other hackers) to retrieve our usernames / passwords, claiming that they are staff who have been fired, but since their accounts are still activated they can get you a ton of Neopoints. Could we get frozen for getting Neopoints like that? By the way, I love your site! I have been playing for years and getting Neopoints the old-fashioned way. Oh yeah! Please remove my username. Thanks. ~[username removed]
*headdesk* ANYONE claiming to be staff, ex-staff, children / siblings / second cousins of staff and claim they can give you stuff for free are lying scammers. EXTREMELY few staff even have the ability to give items or Neopoints, and if a staff member leaves, their staff access is immediately removed. We know the promise of Neopian riches is an alluring prospect, but always use your head. No one is putting Neopoints in your account if you give them your password, and there's no secret code that gives you ten Baby Paint Brushes. If it was as simple as that, Baby Paint Brushes would cost 12 NP by now. So please, no matter where you are on the Internet, please be aware that there are dishonest people, and that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, pro-tip: There's NO reason to go offsite to learn how to make Neopoints. There are countless guides on Petpages that are much better (and safer) than what you can find offsite.

Why is it that I never get the option to create a limited edition Neopet when I go to "Create a Neopet?" I really want a Poogle. ~xxxcutie__alixxx
That's what we mean by limited edition. ;) Those Neopets are offered in different ways, which make them rarer than the others. Typically, as part of the annual celebration of a Neopet species' special day, more Neopets of that species will become available for adoption, but not always. There are also other different ways to acquire these limited edition Neopets, or change existing Neopets into those species, as we're sure you'll learn as you spend more time with us. :)

Important lessons come with time.
Like the fact that Poogles have a nasty bite, for example...

Hi, TNT! I was wondering something. I saw a board where a person pointed out that there was a 49 hour old UC (uncoverted) blue Grundo. Naturally, I was unable to believe this and commenced with going to View - Style - No Style to see the page without coding / styling. The Grundo, unsurprisingly, turned out to be converted, while the owner covered up its image with that of an unconverted Grundo. So, my question is: is this against the rules? I'm not sure, but I thought that covering up stats wasn't allowed on User Lookups / Pet Lookups, and this person did the UC Grundo image on both. Additionally, they were offering to trade the Grundo to people for Neopets with expensive, Lab Ray-only colors. I'm not sure if he was telling them that the Neopet was unconverted or not, though. Anyway, the entire point of this tirade is, is it against the rules? Oh, and... *throws cookie at you* (: ~letsgoeatsomecereal
This is very much against the rules, for exactly the reason of what this person was doing. You may not misrepresent your account or Neopets, and certainly not as a means of tricking someone for your own profit. If you still have the username handy, please report this person so that they may be properly frozen for scamming. Also, always use caution when trading Neopets. Checking source code or doing what this person did is a great way to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Greetings, oh benevolent ones. *hands you mandatory cookie* Anyway, I just have one question: how do you select material for The Neopian Times? I mean, is there one person reading a billion comics, stories, and the lot, or are there a bunch of people? I mean, even with a thousand staff members, it'd be tough to pull off. Thanks! ~i_live_under_the_bed
Believe it or not, The Neopian Times has always been handled by a single staff member. Yeah, crazy huh? :O It's a full-time job to be sure, requiring a solid week of work to produce each issue. So, huge props to Droplet for remaining relatively sane while handling The Neopian Times!

Hey there, TNT. I have a very confusing question. Do warnings count toward a toll? Like, if I did something bad (but very minor) and only deserve a warning and not a suspension or a freeze, will it still be a warning if I already had a warning? Like, does it add up? I know a suspension can add up to a ban, but do warnings add up, or are they just warnings and really have no effect on your account in the future? ~pjri
Yes, all warnings (and suspensions) count against your account. Eventually they will clear, but it takes a long time. If you get a minor warning, it won't do too much harm unless you break the same rule. At that point it's likely to be a suspension to make it clear that such behaviour isn't appropriate. The more warnings you receive, the more likely you are to get a suspension. The more suspensions you get, the more likely it is that you will continue to get suspensions instead of just a warning. The only type of warnings that will not negatively impact your account are the non-warning messages we occasionally send. These are clearly marked as such, and are much more rare.

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