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Can you change the Neopet that you are customizing from the customization page? Right now, I go back to the Quick Reference page and select the Neopet I want to customize (if it's not already my active Neopet). We should be able to change the Neopet we're customizing from the customization page. What do ya think? ~briamcdgallery
That's a brilliant idea, and one that's been implemented since customization first came on the scene. ;) You can change the Neopet you want to customise via the customisation screen by selecting "Presets" and then loading the Neopet you want to customise. :)

*Hugs TNT* I was wondering if simply having a bank account on a side account is allowable? I looked through the Editorial and found that collecting interest on a side account is against the rules, but I was wondering if actually having a bank account was also against the rules, too. I recently made a side account for the sole purpose of making a second gallery (love themed because I'm getting married!) and was wanting to allot myself a certain amount of NPs each month for that side gallery. For example, I was thinking that I would send over, say, 10k or something every month to upgrade and buy the items on my list. Additionally, if I have some NPs left over from that, I was wanting a safe place to keep them so that no tax collectors or Random Events take anything left on hand. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. (P.S.: If you really loved us you would give us a Chef Bonju clue :P) Please remove my username - thanks! ~[username removed]
Having a bank account is fine, though we do encourage players to keep their funds on their main account. Also, items should be purchased with your main account and then sent to the side account. :) Congrats on the upcoming nuptials, and we do love you guys, but no, we're still not giving you a clue! :D

Hi! I have been sending in some Editorial questions concerning the Neopian Times lately, and I was puzzled about the subject under which I should enter them. Why don't you include the Neopian Times as a submission choice? It would really make things easier! ~athinagreek
Honestly, we really don't sort them by subject when we look through them, so it doesn't actually matter much. Shhhhh.

Hey TNT, I have a quick question: is it possible to get the Meuka - Snotty avatar by achieving a certain score in the new game Snot Splatter (as well as by beating him in the Battledome)? I'm asking because I heard that rumor on the Neoboards and was just wondering if it was true. Thanks in advance! :D ~soccerstar_marina
No, you can't get the avatar by beating Meuka in the game; it is still only in the Battledome. Sorry!

Nice try, though!

So, I've been hesitant to play Better Than You recently because I enjoy having my runner-up medal from wayyyy back in the day in my trophies, but I would like to compete and (hopefully) get the avatar without it being replaced. Is there a way for this to happen (or does it already)? I really want people to keep saying "man, she's old" and "what's that?" when they see my User Lookup. ~stardust310
Ohhh, that's one you don't see too often! Alas, we have the sneaking suspicion that it would be replaced if you won 3rd place or higher in BTY. :(

Whenever I reach 5,000 NP and do something to get more Neopoints, it gives them to me but then later takes the Neopoints away. Can you fix that? ~dry_bone67
You need to verify the email account you have associated with your Neopets account. Unverified accounts cannot keep more than 5,000 NP on hand. If you earn more than that it is automatically reduced to 5,000 NP again.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people on the boards talking about how they're trying to get through to the number used for Premium-related things. They refer to this as calling TNT. However, many have been told that the people there are not TNT, and that they cannot help whatsoever as far as frozen accounts and the like. I called in to clear this up, and was told as much. However, people still don't believe this so I thought that you, TNT, might like to clear the issue up for everyone? ~nightified
Egads. The Premium phone line can only help with issues regarding the billing of your Premium account and other similar issues. The company is NOT Neopets, and does not have access to our Neopets admin. They cannot unfreeze you, ask someone to unfreeze you, explain why you were warned, etc., as they have no access to our systems / account information. So please, only use the help line if you have issues related to your Premium billing or webmail, etc.

Are avatars a dying art on this site? There hasn't been a new one in ages. Can the bizarre rumours of "it's because no one has figured out Bonju yet" circulating the Avatar Chat be true, or were they purposely discontinued, or perhaps they've just taken a backseat to customisation and Neohomes for a while and will resurface shortly? It's sad to be an avid collector of something that seems to have been forgotten about. Can you give us some hope to hold onto? ~kreepyjess
Funny you should mention that! We're already working on some brand new avatars! Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the avatar dry spell.

Are there any game competitions going on, apart from Daily Dare (which is now finished)? If there are, can you please name them because us fellow Neopians would like something fun and competitive to experience. ~angiebarham
Neopets is all about fun and competition, so there's plenty of places to find it. If you like games, we have several Multiplayer games, like Armada, Key Quest, and World Challenges. If you find that doing something creative is more up your alley, check out our Competitions page, or head to the Neopian shops to prove your mettle as a restocker and really rake in the Neopoints. ;D

Hi TNT!!! *waves furiously* I was wondering, since Lutaris (is the plural of Lutari Lutari or Lutaris?) run away when someone tries to transfer or trade them, does that mean that their names become available once that happens? For instance, if I tried to trade a Lutari named Snuggles and she ran away, would I be able to then go and create another Neopet with the name Snuggles, or would it still be in your database as my escaped Lutari? Thanks! ~nanook_o_north
*waves back furiously* When a Lutari is abandoned, it doesn't wink out of existence, it just runs away to someplace safe where no one can ever try to abandon it again. So, no, the name does not become available again.

P.S.: The plural is Lutaris.

You can't catch me!

Why, why, WHY do new users have to wait till their accounts reach three months old before they can see rare items restock in Neopian shops? I don't think I can last another two months. D; Please remove my username. ~[username removed]
Sorry, but this is for the good of all Neopia, since it prevents cheaters that have been removed from the site from hopping right back on and continuing their nefarious, cheaterly deeds.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering: what would happen if a member of TNT disappeared without explanation? ~demyx913
o_O Okay, this question was just so weird that it stopped us right in our eyes-glazing-over tracks. We, uhh... suppose we'd try to call after a few days, and maybe stop by their home and see if there were any odd smells coming from it? We actually have had employees randomly just stop showing up, heh. We just assumed that the Meepit overlords scared them off, though...

Hi guys and gals! I was just wondering: is this hypothetical situation allowed? Player A is visited by the Fountain Faerie. Player B then offers half the price of the item in exchange for their Buzz being painted a colour they want. Player A accepts, the Neopet is traded and painted, the player gets the avatar, and then the Neopet is sent back. Is that okay, or is it against the rules? ~sparky_boyce
Noooope. That player is paying Neopoints for a paint job. Stick to buying paint brushes with your Neopoints.

Hey, TNT! I thought up the following question during a particularly boring (and may I say ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS) R.E. lesson, and it's been picking at my brain ever since. Anyway, moving on... you remember one day last December (you DO remember, right?!?) when there was a Christmas Paint Brush given away in the Advent Calendar? Well, as most people know, that paint brush has a rarity of around 150. So, my question is as follows: how come the rarity of that item didn't go down when practically EVERY user in Neopia had it that day? Now, I know that some members of TNT might have been busy munching turkey and stuffing at their Great Aunt Hilary's around that time, but still... thanks, and I bet that (now that they've read this) lots of fellow Neopians are currently pondering this question. :) ~bacon_lolly
Basically, it's because rarity doesn't represent how many of that item are on the site, or the value of that item. Item rarity basically tells our system what to do with an item. Rarities 1-100 restock in shops. The higher an item's rarity number, the less that item gets stocked. Items with a rarity of 101 and above aren't sold in shops. That means the item is given out in a special way, or sometimes not yet released at all. Rarity 180 means that an item is retired now, and rarity 200 means it's a Hidden Tower item. Neocash items are rarity 500, and so on... hopefully you can see where this is all going. Rarity is a means for us of organising items on the site, and while higher rarity items are often more expensive, it's not always the case. (Like all those MEGA RARE omelettes, for example. ;)

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