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Dear TNT, what happened to the Neopet Abilities pictures? They seem to have disappeared. Are you revamping them to make them look cooler? While that's going on, could you make the names capable of being clicked so that we can still select the ones we want to use in the Battledome? Thanks so much! Have a delightful day! ~vantine_harlow
That's odd! We redid them not too long ago and they were appearing. We'll look into it and find out what the problem is! D:

Hey TNT, I was just thinking: when someone gets frozen, their Neopets stay there in the account... gathering dust and being hungry. Shouldn't they go to the Pound, to be nice? ~sbojin
Until the owner of the account gets it returned, only to find out their beloved Neopets are gone?!? D: Much like accounts, Neopets (after being frozen for a long time) get a chance at new life through the wondrous miracle we like to call "database purge."

Hey, TNT. The other day I saw a board that involved restocking tips. In it, I saw someone post, "It is also handy to have the price on your ctrl + v." I was confused as to whether this was allowed or not. Can you clear the matter up for me? ~altaria11862
No, this is not allowed, and yes, we have caught people doing it.

A family bet is riding on this: could you please tell me what Dieter is saying at the end of a level in the game Snowmuncher? Is it "O-lay-hee" like a mountain climber, or is it "Old Lady" like a programmer was playing a joke? Thanks! ~kansas_2000
Hahahhaa. We hope your bet was on the mountain climber yodel, because that's what it is. :)

Hi there. This is about my third time writing in, and this time, I bring a Royal Paint Brush. *hands it to you* Anyway, I've never bought clothes from the General Store before, so I'm wondering: are they wearable? I'm just asking because I wanna make sure before spending NP into this sinkhole. ~ben_fraiser
The term is "NP sink," not sinkhole! He he. Although, a giant sinkhole in the middle of Neopia Central would be interesting... oh! Um, anyway... yes, the clothing at the General Store is all wearable. :)

I'm only 550 NP!

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering: have you ever considered making a separate Neoboard just for people who are older? Like, maybe 16+ or 18+? That section could only be accessible to people that age or older, and it would make it much easier for the older users to find people their age. Also, maybe the rules could be a little less strict, like allowing discussions about the real world, religion, or politics (as long as it doesn't get out of hand)? ~pink_penguin_sparkle
First off, loooove the username. It made us giggle. Second, there's no good way for us to enforce a certain age group on the forums. Third, even if we could have a forum for older players or accounts, they'd still have the same rules. Neopets just isn't the place for religion and politics, whether it's a polite discussion or not.

Hi, TNT! *tosses Rock Petpets* I have two questions. First, can you get Weewoos from the Wishing Well? If not, where do you get them? Second, while I know it's against the rules to discuss politics / religion on the boards, what about discussing these topics in a Neomail with a person? ~xallspark
Hi! Umm... hmm... not that we know of, but then again that Wishing Well does have a mind of its own. If you have Dubloons and are quick, you can purchase a Weewoo from Little Nippers. With regard to your second question, political / religious discussion is not welcome anywhere on the site.

Hi! This might sound silly, but so be it. After a pretty long dry spell (I know, I'm a bad Neopets player X_x;) I went and logged on to the Neopets homepage. Under New Items I saw the "Red Cookie Paint Brush," and I believe my face must've looked like a mix between: :O and :D. I was all kinds of excited about seeing some red cookie Neopets walking, flying, or swimming 'round Neopia. Then, upon extensive "Older News" searches, I found out that they are just cookies, after all. D: Could the name possibly be changed to "Red Paint Brush Cookie," or something similar? Maybe I'm just stupid, but the name confuses the Meepits out of me. (Please remove my username - if I am indeed just stupid, I'd rather not have fellow Neopians Neomailing me to tell me so. Ignorance is bliss!) ~[username removed]
D'oh! Good point. We originally called the item that so it wouldn't appear when players searched for "Red Paint Brush," but you're very right in concluding that it is rather misleading. It's now called Red Paint Brush Cookie. We hope that the rarity of this cookie will prevent people from using the item in a questionable manner (like the paint brush plushies).

Are we allowed to play the Daily Dare on our side accounts as long as we don't collect the prizes? ~debate_gal
Nope! (Whee! That one was easy!)

I have a question and it has been bugging me for some time now. Can I redeem a Neocash Card on a side account? I just want to buy clothes for my Neopets. Thanks if you can answer my question. ~gilford__gg
Yes, you're more than welcome to redeem Neocash Cards and use the NC to purchase clothing or other NC Mall items for the Neopets in your side accounts. Please remember, though, that you may not play Daily Dare or partake in any activity that will earn you Neopoints or Free Neocash in your side accounts. And, just in case you were going to ask, the NP items you receive when you redeem a Neocash card are our gift to you, and can be sent to your main account.

I'd like to know, TNT, how do you stay up all night to monitor the boards? Are you guys nocturnal, or do you just drink far too much coffee? Please answer! ~thezombiemuffin
Well, we probably do drink too much coffee, but that's beside the point! Our various site monitors take turns working in shifts all around the clock because, for some reason, they don't seem to like 24 hour work shifts. Funny, that!

Mmmm... coffee.

Hi TNT, is there any way you can add a time and date to items that are advertised in the Trading Post? It would be very helpful for people who are offering on items worth thousands of Neopoints. ~ocw900
Hmmm... well, you can already arrange the results in order of what was most recently placed up, and just because someone put an item up five minutes ago doesn't guarantee they are still online. We think the system we have now is fine. It can be up to the bidder to decide how long they are willing to let their offer wait.

As of late a trend on the boards has been to put pixel images of a nation's flag in one's siggie. It's very cute but has raised debate as to whether this is political (for example, the flag of a country that occupies another, or is at war with another). Where does TNT stand on the possibility of this causing offence? ~anjie
This is against the rules. We are sure that many would use it in an innocent way, but there will be those that make it dangerous and inappropriate for other users.

When it comes to submitting Editorial questions, if they don't make it into the following issue, should you re-submit for the one after that? That is, if it was something important (of course), or do you ignore the same questions every time? (Watch this be the one question I submit that gets in...) ~yes_that_kind
*evil snicker* Sorry! Yes, please resubmit your question each week, but if it goes for months and months without a response it may just be one of those questions we can't answer here, or not something we're likely to put in the Editorial.

I have seen a lot of disclaimers such as, "TNT: I use different computers, so don't freeze me!" on a lot of User Lookups. I use different computers, too, so what is your official rule on this? Do I need to write a disclaimer of my own? Thank you so much! ~thedaythemusicdied
Officially, it drives us bonkers. If we see a notice on an account that we are about to spotlight we will delete it from the User Lookup just so it won't spread or lead to confusion like yours. If you have such a disclaimer on your User Lookup right now, please feel free to delete it. Really. Contrary to popular belief, we're educated human beings that know people use different computers, have families, and pesky little siblings. If we have enough evidence to freeze you for something, a little notice on your User Lookup is not going to change our minds. :)

Why are there so many anger management books? ~0x_cupcake_kween_x0
*Glances at response above* Uhh... we have no idea! *shifty eyes*

Collect the whole set!

I saw a comic in Issue 384 that reminds me of a comic that I've seen on another website. In fact, it seems exactly the same, except for the fact the person changed the character to a Neopet. Do you mind if I send you guys a link to the original comic, because I think this is really quite unfair. If it's okay to do this, how should I go about contacting you guys? ~1338up
Sending it here to the Editorial works if we spot it in the deluge of questions (and you actually give us information to go by ;), or you can use the standard abuse form. If you use the abuse form, just select the stolen art dropdown, as it's the closest match.

Hi, TNT! I just wanna know if you could make The Neopian Times daily instead of weekly, and also, why isn't the age limit for the Neoboards lower than 13 or 18? Can't an 11-year old like me have the right to visit the boards? ~penshoppe_91
Sorry, no. The Neopian Times is a massive undertaking each week, and there's simply no way we could manage it daily. D: As for the under 13 age limit, it's US federal law. We're bound by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

Hey, TNT! :D I was just wondering -- do you read all of the Editorial / Caption Contest submissions, or just some? (Or most, or less than half, or half, or however many you can cram into your busy schedules, or... well, you get the point, right?) Thanks. :) ~bambam123706
Ummm... however many you can cram into your busy schedules. We'd love to be able to read them all, but the Editorial and Caption Contest just have more entries than can be read through given our work hours and other duties.

TNT, I was just wondering if I could attempt to write a story for The Neopian Times that includes a Darigan Lutari? I know the rules say that it won't be accepted if it has something non-existent in Neopia, but there are only, what, four or six special colors for a Lutari? And, it's not like a Kacheek-Lutari thing or a Mallow Lutari; it's a really common color and Lutaris aren't that old. I'd make it pirate, but that wouldn't really fit the story. I really want it to be okay because I'm good at writing and wouldn't want to see a good story go to waste. As you can see, I'm very literate when writing. Please and thank you! ~khoufu
Alas, rules are rules, even if they are inconvenient sometimes. If you really want it to be Dargian, perhaps you could select a different species? We're sure you can use your creativity to come up with a great solution!

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