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Is charging people for using your Neopet-zapping feature from the Secret Laboratory Map allowed? ~elephantebabe135
That's a big, BIG "no." It's charging for a service!

Hey, TNT! *high fives* So, I was wondering if it was against the rules to get game avatars on your side accounts, because technically this is making Neopoints and you are only supposed to do that on main accounts. I know a lot of people (including myself) don't get the avatars for the Neopoints, but I just need some clarity. Thanks! ~luvahgurl
*High five* Please don't play games for any reason on your side accounts -- even if you don't send the Neopoints to your main, swear you'll donate them to the Money Tree, or promise your accounts are totally separate so you're not "technically" making a profit. Playing games, even just for avatars, is not allowed for reasons that we've expressed in the Editorial countless times already.

I have tried to add my friend (who is also on my Neofriends list) into the Neofriends list in Key Quest many times. However, every time I exit Key Quest and come back again later, my Neofriends list in Key Quest is once again empty! (I've asked my friend and she says she doesn't know how to accept the Neofriend request in Key Quest - assuming there even is one?) Are we doing something wrong, or is there some kind of glitch that clears the Neofriends list in Key Quest every time you exit? ~stargirl089
There's no difference between Neofriends and Key Quest buddies! However, since there is a limit on the number of Key Quest buddies you can have, only your VIP Neofriends will appear while playing Key Quest.

Will it ever be possible for NT readers to actually be able to keep a record of their favorite articles to look back on? I think it would be cool and very helpful. :) ~vioskye
Luckily this idea has already been implemented! Just go to the bookmark tab on your browser, create a new folder titled "NT" (or any other snazzy description you can think of), and bookmark away for ease of returning to your favourite articles! :D

If I believe someone plagiarized part of my application, do I have the right to Neomail the Neopet's owner and alert them? (Please remove my username.) ~[username removed]
Yes. If someone has plagiarized your art, writing, or coding you are well within your rights to contact that person and (politely, please) ask them to remove it. If it is directly affecting someone else (such as in your case), feel free to notify them as well about the situation. If the person refuses, by all means report them.

Borrowing someone's work without permission is theft!

Hey, TNT! So I was playing Dice-A-Roo on autopilot and didn't notice I had run out of NP when I got this message: "Oh dear, you cannot afford the 5 Neopoints it takes to play. Don't worry, click Games on the left hand side. We have lots of less expensive things to do!" D'oh! It looks like this hasn't been updated since the revamp. What about those poor little Petpets who get confused? Think of the Petpets!* (*This clearly does not apply to Meepits. We want them as confused as possible.) ~ lobstermagnetcty
Hahaha, whoops! We keep finding a lot of things like that, things that didn't get updated. We'll mention it, though it'll be pretty low on our to-do list. We can't imagine players running out of Neopoints playing Dice-A-Roo too often. It's kind of a disturbing thought, really. x_X

Okay, somebody posted this strategy on the boards for [specific Neopets game], but I think it's cheating: [User describes cheat in detail, which includes doing things outside game mechanics]. I tried their tips to see what would happen, and they work for me, but I didn't send my score because I was afraid of getting frozen. Is this tactic allowed? I don't think it is, but others disagree with me, so please clarify? You ROCK, by the way. ;D Also, I think Yurbles need a default avie. ^__^ ~pwnnage
Anyone who thinks that doing what you described by hitting keys and doing other things that are not part of the standard game mechanics and is not a special "cheat" code we purposely put in the game have no understanding of the site rules or are just deluding themselves. We've reported the exploit to our programmers and will be closely monitoring the high scores of that game until it is fixed. We know it's tempting to abuse exploits, but all it is is a great way to get your account frozen. Also, thank you for reporting the exploit in depth. We, of course, can't post it here in the Editorial, but it was very helpful. :)

TNT, this is a very unusual request from me. If you talk to anyone on my Neofriend list they will all tell you that I am such a sweetheart. Generally this holds true, but once you are rude to me or offend me I'd rather not deal with you ever again. I do a lot of shop sales and use the Super Shop Wizard to price, and boy was I five kinds of mad when I noticed that a user I have on my blocked list bought from my shop (and got a GREAT deal). Is there any way you can make it so that, once we block a user, they can't buy from our shop or bid on any item we auction?? ~woolviegirl
Placing a player on your blocked list results in them being unable to Neomail you or bid on your Trading Post lots, as there are ways they can harass you by doing both. There's pretty much very little a person can do to harass you by simply buying something out of your shop or bidding on your auctions, unless giving you Neopoints is now considered harassment. We know players can get on each others' nerves sometimes, but don't let it get to you. Just ask yourself if it's really harming you that they bought from your shop.

You said it was against the rules to agree to trade a Neopet for a custom and then back out once the custom was created, but what if you spent the NP or agreed to trade with a user and then your Neopet was hit by Boochi or another Random Event? What should be done in that situation? In a way, you shouldn't have to trade the Neopet, but you still spent all those NP's to make the custom to get the other Neopet. What should we do, TNT? These dilemmas make my head hurt. ~ hottie4jlo
We could play the "what if" game until the Kaus come home, but we can't make a clear cut rule for every possible happenstance. At this point you need to step up and communicate with the person you had the trade agreement with and work it out together. Consider it a good life lesson in learning to deal with less than ideal circumstances. ;D Also, if a Neopet is slated for trade, perhaps it's best to not keep it as your active Neopet, just in case a Random Event does head your way.

Diplomacy is an invaluable tool!

I just had my account unfrozen, as you know. xD *gives massive hug and cookies* I was wondering, could you change shops and galleries to be deleted if you move to a new account because it was just unfrozen? ~flamearceus
At this time we don't have a way for players to delete their own shops or galleries. If you're moving back to your main, just remove any items for sale from the side shop.

TNT, you deserve some cake! *hands you my last piece* Anyway, the 1,000th Caption Contest is coming up, but I want to enter both this one and the 1,000th contest. My question is: can you win in more than one Caption Contest? ~waterglide
Yep. You can even win twice in the same week. There is no max number of times you can win the Caption Contest.

Recently I accomplished winning the User Lookup Spotlight. However I did not receive the trophy, and I've noticed that past winners have not had theirs put into their lookup as well. Are we no longer getting trophies for it? ~eastcoastbabe
*waves* Congratulations on your recent win. Yes, trophies are still awarded for UL Spotlight. The problem we've been having recently is that ULs are so precisely customised that there isn't room for the trophy in the design. We've been leaving the trophies unrewarded for a while so people can view the ULs as intended before we throw them off with the extra trophy.

I was just wondering: what is the average amount of Editorial questions you get each week? I would've thought it was around 10,000. Am I near the total at all? ~sophii_louiise_x
Occasionally it does get that high. With February not quite over yet, we've received over 5,000 questions so far. :O

Hey, TNT! Is it true, that Petpets that are eaten by Turmy "come back" after a while as dung Petpets? o_O ~shigueru_kurosawa
ROFL! That's a great rumour, but no, Petpets eaten by the Turmaculus don't return as dung Petpets. XD *giggles sophomorically*

Greetings. I am a user who loves to give plushies to owners with a sad Neopet as their active Neopet (as a random act of kindness to cheer the Neopet up). My question is this: if the person that I offered the plush to makes a board about it, is it considered harassment? Please leave my name out of the question if it gets published. ~[username removed]
Aww, that's very sweet of you. :) As to your question, somewhere along the line players got it in their head that putting someone's name in a board title was considered "harassment" for some reason. This is not true. If they're actually harassing the person, yes, of course it's against the rules, but if it's a thank you board or just asking about someone it's not. If it's calling them out claiming they have smelly feet and everyone should send them dung, then it borders on harassment.

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