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It puzzles me to think that no one else has asked about this: Hoban -- is he yellow or is he gold? Looking at the Rainbow Pool, yellow Aishas are very pale. Hoban (on the other hand) is a rich, darker color. Gold would be the only answer staying in the same color assortment. So, would you shine some light on this? Yellow or gold? ~jujerz
Hoban is just a very bold colour of yellow. :)

I wanted to send a Neopet to a friend and could not find the link. The help menu said this: "Where is 'send a pet to a friend'? You can send a Neopet to a friend (or rather a recommendation of the type of Neopet you think they should create). Click on 'Pet Central' and then click on the image of a Chia jumping out of a box. The picture has 'Send a pet to a friend' on it." I tried to see the Chia jumping out of the box, I really did. I just couldn't, though. Can you please make sure he isn't an invisible Chia? Or, is this still an option? Perhaps I just need glasses, LOL. ~terilynnda
Don't worry, it's not you! We apparently haven't updated that help page since the site redesign. If you go to Pet Central and scroll down to the bottom you will find the link for sending your friend a Neopet as the first option in the "Etc..." area. It's now a Quiggle waving from an envelope.

What happens to all of the questions that DON'T make it into the Neopian Times Editorial? Do you answer them via e-mail or do you just delete them? ~xxcerberus829xx
Questions are only answered if they appear here in the Neopian Times Editorial section. The Editorial isn't a place where you just send a question and it gets answered by staff. It's simply a way for us to collect questions to put in the Editorial. Erm, did that make sense? If you're having problems with your account or have a question that doesn't fit in with the nature of the Editorial, it should be sent to email support.

You guys know we all love you, right? :D ~hauntedbywonderland
We think a few might disagree with you, but we hope you're right. It's nice to be loved!

Alright, so I was wondering this. Every time I use the Wheel of Monotony on my account, it takes at least 3 hours to stop. This is expected. However, I almost always take that time to just chill and listen to music or something. Whenever I come back, it is always the annoying screechy dinosaur thingy. Does this happen if you let it sit too long, or am I just really, really unlucky? Oh, by the way, please remove my name. I'm hiding from Lawyerbot. ~[username removed; Lawyerbot investigating]
Just unlucky, it seems! How long you let the wheel sit doesn't affect the outcome.


I remember seeing something about redeeming NC Mall cash cards in December and getting back X amount more of Neocash if you redeemed cards worth a certain value. My question is, do we have to click on anything to get the extra cash, or will you be distributing it automatically? Also, what's the link for the page? I can't seem to find it at the moment. Thanks! :) ~lucky13309
You do not have to click on anything to get the extra Neocash, it is given out automatically. If you bought a $25 Neocash Card, when you put it into the Neocash system to use it your log records should show both the 2,500 NC and the 150 NC (the extra cash). For more information about this, please click here.

I have been reading on the Help Chat that we are not allowed to rate anymore. Like, telling someone that we gave their User Lookup a 6/10. Is this true? ~mystroschick
This is fine, as long as people are not being malicious or harassing each other. Just saying that you gave someone's lookup a 5/10 is fine as helpful advice. :) However this only goes for Neopets, Petpages, User Lookups and the like. Under no circumstances are players allowed to post pictures (which you're not allowed to do anyway) or personal information to be "rated".

Is there a reason why the Berry Topped Frozen Yogurt cannot be fed to Neopets? ~betaylor
Oops. It wasn't flagged by our system as a food. It's fixed now. Nom away!

I was browsing Neopets when, one day, I thought of an idea. What if, somewhere, every day you guys put up a list of all the Neopians with birthdays that day? I thought it'd be a great idea! Please get back to me; I never get into the Editorial! ~im_not_watching_you
There are a couple of reasons why we have to say no to this cute idea. One, it's a bit of an invasion of privacy to basically post everyone's birthday. Two, considering how many accounts there are (divided by 365), I don't think anyone wants to scroll through a list of about half a million people to see who's celebrating their birthday. :)

Hey, TNT! I was recently looking for a MSPP lender. I offered to give a SF Code to say thanks, but soon realised it's tipping. I immediately closed the board and said I wouldn't. Because I didn't know, and I did close the board, does it mean I'll get frozen / suspended / warned over this? I did not get lent to, so I did not take ANY actions (please remove my username). Thanks, TNT. ~[username removed]
It really depends on the monitor and their decision. If they see the entire situation then they might be lenient or they might send a warning; it's up to their judgment. In general, even if a board or Neomail was posted or sent days prior you can still get a warning for breaking the rules, so "closing" a board or letting it drop out of sight doesn't mean you're off the hook. We do salute you for realising your mistake and doing your best to correct it, though. :)

Remember to think before you post!

Hi TNT! *hands out Flatfruit Tea* (We wouldn’t want you to get a cold, now would we? =3) Okay, here is my question. I am an avatar collector, but I also like getting new site themes. Since Valentine's Day is drawing near, I want the Valentine's site theme (I have seen pictures and it is awesome xP). I know that, to get it, you need to send A Mysterious Valentines Card to someone and then both of them will get the theme. I just wanted to know if it is against the rules to send it to a side account and then back to the main account? Thanks! P.S. You should really make new avatars. I'm running low on options. xP ~lathia_girl
As long as you purchase it with your main account, it's fine. It's not the way we'd prefer it to be done, but if you're unfortunate enough not to have any Neofriends then we suppose it is an option.

Are the creatures in "Sloth's Grand Adventure" available as Petpets? They sound adorable! :D ~websterpup1
Alas, they seem to only exist in Sloth's nightmares. Then again, you never know what's gonna turn up in Neopia.

Dear TNT, on the 25th of December you promised that you'd return after winter break with "something special." What was it? ~dark_riku_765
Ahh, that was the snazzy Neocash back offer that was mentioned a few questions earlier. Somehow "something special" got a little blown up on the boards and it turned into "a big surprise," and then "a new plot!" and yeah... we just meant a little something out of the ordinary, but it seems we accidentally excited you guys a little too much. Who knew? D:

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering, while looking at my friend's Kougra the other day, why do Kougras have a bite taken out of their ear? ~kitkatb300ol
Kougras are known to be pretty fiesty when they play, especially when they're young and have very sharp teeth. It seems just about every Kougra has a little wear and tear on their ears.

Hey, TNT! ^^ Luvv the website! :) Anywayyy... did you purposely name yourselves "TNT" (like a bomb) so you could make your famous "TNT" avvie, or did it just come out as a mistake and you decided to make the avvie like that? Thanks so much -- for everything! Bye! ~ravenhaf123
The acronym TNT came from The Neopets Team, and then we realised, "OH HEY, it's like dynamite too!" Since we're quite excitable, we decided to make the avatar play off of "TNT."

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