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You've got a lot of players ranting, raving, and foaming at the bit over the About Us page. Players all over Neopia are anxious to know if the page is down for good (since it affects getting an avatar) or if this is either an "Oops!" that needs to be fixed or just an overdue revamp of the page. Please, please, please let them know so they will hush about it. :-D ~wefix
Never fear! The About Us page is just down temporarily for a revamp. When it comes back up the avatar will still be available, so don't panic.

Hey TNT! *gives a carrot* O__o They're good for your eyes! Let's say we have the Petpet you guys have chosen for the PPL, but not the exact color (let's take this week's as an example, the green Mastyxi). If we had a regular Mastyxi and painted it green the day after you stated the chosen Petpet, would we still get Neopoints if it was old enough? ~dangerm
Nope! Once we run our program and it finds and awards the players with the oldest color and type of the Petpet we selected for that week, that's it.

So, in past Editorials we have been told that, if we accidentally play a game or visit a daily on a side, it's alright as long as we don't on our mains. My question is this - is playing a game on our side purely to get an avatar considered breaking the rules, even if we avoid that game on our main? Many of us like to collect on our sides, too. :) ~[username removed]
Let's clarify this! If you accidentally play a game on your side account once or twice, we're probably willing to forgive you. This is not to be confused with "it's okay" or "allowed." It's not okay, but hey, we've accidentally done it ourselves, so we can be understanding about it. However if you just "happen" to only "accidentally" play avatar-related games on your side accounts -- hey, we're not stupid here. We can see what's going on. Do not attempt to abuse our compassion or you will end up with a warning or your account frozen.

TNT, you have rejected countless questions of mine, so I hope this one will be published. :) Anyway... it says that the Turmaculus is a giant Petpet. But, if you wake him up, he may eat your Petpet. Does this mean that Turmy is a cannibal?!? Thanks a lot if you answer this! :D ~asiya12345
Uhh... only if he eats a Turmac? (Man, that'd really stink!)

I may look happy, but I'm screaming on the inside.

*Eats the cookies left that I didn't throw at TNT* I was just wondering... this one player left Neopets and has been gone a long time. It was (username removed). I was wondering if I could have her account? Can't you just, like, e-mail her a warning telling her that you're gonna give it away or something? Anyhow... I REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!! I'll give you more cookies D:! To sum my question up: can you give accounts to other Neopian users? (Please remove my username and the username of the account I want.) ~[username removed]
*blinks* We're not even sure where to start with this one. Just because you "REALLY REALLY WANT" an account that isn't yours, you didn't work for, and you don't feel someone else deserves to have anymore, does not make it okay to take it or even ask for it to be handed over to you for no reason aside from your desire for it. We could go on a nice long tirade about life, but we'll spare you this time. Suffice it to say, the answer is "NO."

Do you really think that people read the rules? :) ~ieva77
It's more of a desperate hope, really...

Hi TNT! So I was thinking -- thinking VERY, VERY, long and hard, and now I've decided to finally ask. If we submit something now, could it be used for a future issue of The Neopian Times, or do we have to submit it the week before we want it in? ~glady4321
Our resident Neopian Times Editor says:

"You can definitely submit your work ahead of time. (In fact, if you wait until the last minute, we might not be able to include it in the right issue.) If you have a particular issue in mind, then just put a note in your comments about what issue you want your work to be in and we'll do our best!"

Hi TNT! You guys get lots of cookies, which are bad for your health and go straight to your thighs -- yikes! So here are some carrots and vegetable dip! I've been a user on here since about the time you guys got started up. I really don't mean any offense, but how come we can't discuss any real world issues on the message boards? I completely understand that this is a website geared toward younger players as well as older ones, and that it is a game, but Neopets is a relatively safe website for the kids to be on. It's a safe online environment for younger people to become more educated on issues that affect them more than they may realize. I understand that people can get out of line, but people get out of line on discussing plot prizes just as much as they can on social, government, and ethical policies as well. I (as well as the many others who have wanted to share their thoughts on the events of 11.4.08) would appreciate some clarification on the reasoning behind the censorship, thanks! ~__stellar
It's because Neopets is not the place to learn more about political issues, discuss social policies, or promote your religious beliefs. When you signed up for the site, you entered into an agreement with us that you would not discuss these things, because it is not welcome here. Not everyone here wants to hear about politics or religion, and these areas are notorious for causing arguments. We can't imagine how many more people we'd have to warn or freeze daily from getting into heated discussions that degrade into insults. It's not worth the headache for us, and it's not what Neopets or Neopia is about. There are plenty of places on the internet to discuss such things. Neopets is not the place.

Just remember, if you're talking about politics on Neopets:

Did you guys change the board so that, any time someone typed the name of a Presidential candidate, it came up as "Dr. Sloth"? If you did, I'd like to commend you on coming up with such a hilarious way to brighten my day and end all this rule breaking! P.S.: You guys rule. *smacks you with a ruler of success* ~joshscogin
Oh dear, it seems our filters are misbehaving again. How odd. *grins*

P.S.: Remember, though... please don't purposely play with the filters, as you can still get a warning.

Hi TNT, I live in the United Kingdom and (as far as I am concerned) churros don't exist. What is a churro? ~cruisingdevil1234

They are a delightfully tasty fried-dough pastry that orginally came from Spain, we believe. They are often sold at amusement parks and fairs here in the United States. /drools

Hi TNT! My question is about one of the book descriptions: "Everything you ever wanted to know about the Acara that saved Altador." Since when is Roberta of Brightvale related to Altador? ~puffycute66
We're sure that, once this Editorial is published, you'll have plenty of Neopians Neomailing you to tell you about the heroic adventures of Roberta that occurred in the PS2 game, The Darkest Faerie.

Hey guys. I recently borrowed a Neopet for an avatar and had to shift one of my main Neopets to a side to make space for him. Once the avatar was acquired, I put the Neopet back in the transfer system. I then moved my original Neopet back to fill the space. It was a while after I had sent the lent Neopet that it was accepted. My question is, what happens if the transferred Neopet isn't picked up within the time limit, and as a result has to be returned? Would I end up with 5 Neopets, because I filled the 4th space? Cheers. ~lilithx
If the other transfer doesn't go through (it will keep trying for days), then the Neopet will automatically be placed in the Pound. You will not end up with 5 Neopets.

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