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*tries not to panic* Greetings TNT! I was one of (probably) many who mistook the most recent Lenny Conundrum to be a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm a huge fan of the series, I even have a small gallery devoted to it. My question is this: What hoopy frood thought up that tricky question, and how many people guessed the incorrect answer of 42? ~fishkid1314
TEE HEE HEE. Erm, we mean, our LC creator was confused as to why so many people would submit such an obviously wrong answer as "42". *attempts to hide evil grin* It seems there's at least few thousand fellow Hitchhiker fans on Neopets though so you have plenty of company in your loss.

How many people actually got Lenny Conundrum Round 283 wrong? ~peanutbutter_thecat
At least 3,000 apparently! Oh man, if it had been more we could have said "over 9,000". Poo.

Hey TNT, I've been going over the rules of trading and I know you say NO TRADING PETS FOR ITEMS, but is it allowed to trade a Neopet for a Draik egg since it can be made into a Neopet? I don't intend to do it myself but I was just curious. ^_^ Heres a cookie. *Holds out CCC* ~ghostgirl777
Draik eggs are an item, so we're gonna have to say 'no' to say consistent with the rules, sorry. You could use the same argument for trading Neopets for morphing potions and whatnot, so we just don't want to go there.

Hey TNT! Just to clear this up as there has been a lot of hype on the boards, is a site owned by you isnt it? A couple of people have been saying its a fake login. Thanks! (Please take my username out.) ~[username removed]
Yes, is owned by us and is quite safe! If you're curious about Petpet Park, be sure to visit the Grand Opening Celebration and keep an eye on New Features for more information. (There will be more soon, we promise!) In the meantime, thank you for being cautious and doing your best to keep your account and your Neopets safe! :)

See ya there!

TnT! I always ask what I consider to be decent, relevant questions! Why don't you guys ever answer them? [At least one!] Its a dream to be in the editorial!! Thanks. ~hawaii_girly122
They key words here are, "what I consider to be". Not everyone shares the same ideas on what is relevant, and we're often asked questions we simply can't possibly answer, have answered endless times, or are not relevant enough to more than a single person. And then sometimes we just toss some oddball ones in so we don't go insane. :D

Hey TNT ^^ I'll get right to the point. I was lurking a scammer alert board, when I realized how easy it would be to frame someone as a scammer. I'm not going to list how I came about this, but screenies are easily faked, and not everyone can tell the difference. And if enough people believe it, someone could get harassed or innocently frozen. So I ask you, what do you do (or will you do) to prevent this from occurring? Please leave out my username. Thanks ^^ ~[username removed]
Altering screenshots to make someone look like a scammer is a great way to get your own account frozen. Such shenanigans are not permitted. This is also why we have monitors looking into things from the admin half of the site, where we can use hard evidence to figure out what went on.

I was talking to one of my university professors the other day and I told her "I'll send you a neomail" instead of saying "email". Boy was I embarrassed! Neopets vocabulary is so ingrained in my mind now... do any of you at TNT use Neopets words in real life? ~oqus
Oh dear, how embarrassing! But yeah, we must say it's really weird (especially at first) to say stuff like "Poogle", "Petpetpet", or "Meepits" in meetings and while chatting around the office or eating lunch.

What happens to all the questions that don't get answered in the Editorials? Do you keep them in an archive and answer them later? Or do they just go unanswered until enough people ask? ~vya
The Editorial is just someplace where questions that you'd like to see published can be asked. If they are not published, they most likely will go unanswered. If you have a specific question about your account, you should be writing to email support, not the Editorial. We do get quite a few questions sent to the Ed like "zomg, why'd I get warned" and whatnot, which we're sure most other players aren't interested in hearing the response to. We do our best to answer what we can, especially questions that are often asked, but sometimes it's not possible.

Should we be discarding items like sludge and old/rotten footwear as opposed to donating them and cluttering up the Money Tree? Also, what's the deal with people saving hundreds and hundreds of the same item and dumping them all at once on the Money Tree? Please withhold my user name. Thanks. ~[username removed]
We certainly wouldn't complain if you discarded junk items instead of donating them. We're sure the Money Tree would smell a lot better if you did. Also, some players tend to hoard items in their SDB, then go on a spring-cleaning frenzy. That explains the sudden massive items dumps you can occasionally see at the Money Tree.

Good thing this stamp isn't the scratch-and-sniff kind!

Hi TNT! *slides asparagus muffin* Im just wondering, how do you get an Attack Pea or Super Attack Pea? They are not in the Hidden Tower, nor in any weapon shop (obviously, because they are rare) I have seen. They are only in auctions and trading posts. Please tell me where they are or used to be. ~pepsi_lemontwist
All varieties of the attack peas came from those shifty-looking folk who hang out at the Smuggler's Cove. It seems there all out though. Pity, they could make a fortune if they had more in stock!

Locked boards- I saw one earlier, and it made me wonder... Why are boards sometimes locked and not just deleted? I have a hunch, but I'd like to confirm it. Thanks a lot, and if you use this, please don't include my username. ^^ ~[username removed]
Usually we lock boards so other players can see what behavior is not appropriate and make a nice mental note not to copy that behavior.

Heya TNT *gives cookie* I was wondering, is there a way to create an unconverted pet? Say you paint a Neopet royal, do you get the choice to keep it unconverted? Anyways, keep doing whatever it is you do! *thinks and gives another cookie* ~firstnewleafofspring
No, when you create a Neopet it will automatically be a Neopet with the latest art.

Hey... There have been some rumors going around lately on the boards stating that you guys will be auto converting all of the unconvert Neopets. Is this true? ): Please remove my username if this gets in. Thank you. ~[username removed]
What's with all the usernames removed today? Sheesh. Anyway, we still have no plans to auto-convert Neopets that are currently unconverted.

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