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Dear TNT, I've been playing Key Quest for quite a while now, duly reporting the hiccups I am facing (btw, it's a SUPER game). However, not being very good at it, I decided to go to the Neoboards. I've seen lots of postings about alternate games there. I am most reluctant to enter one of those, and would like to be sure I am not doing anything illegal! Would entering one of them be allowed? Best regards. ~mimiouw
Taking turns winning is not allowed. We consider that cheating. Please play the game as it is meant to be played.

Hey TNT! I have a very quick question. If I have a Jetsam on my side account, can I battle it from my main to get the Jetsam "Wanna Fight" avatar? ~dragonsflame_uk
Yes, that's just fine. :)

What happened with the PPL this week? The Screal list only goes down to 80, and the youngest Screal on the list is over 1,500 days old. You KNOW there are Screals that were attached more recently than that... doesn't the PPL list usually go to 200? I understand why the list is shorter for rarer Petpets, but that's obviously not the case with the Screal. ~kiriath514
We thought that was kinda weird. We will see what we can find out and get it fixed.

Hi TNT, I am constantly seeing people ask for Caption Contest and Beauty Contest votes in the Avatar Chat (and even some other off topic boards). They ask for votes in their board title and sometimes even offer free avatar items for lending in the same board, yet I never see them get in trouble for it. Is this somehow okay now? I am very confused... ~[username removed]
No, this is not okay. If you see people spamming for votes outside of the proper board or rewarding people for votes please report them immediately.

Hi! When I logged into my account, it said that I have 250 NP. I went and put the 250 NP in my bank account and then didn't play any games. The next day I logged in again, and my account once again said that I have 250 NP. Should I panic? ~shorkio
It sounds like you might be in 3rd place on a High-Score Table. High-Score Tables reward 750, 500, and 250 NP respectively for first, second, and third place every night.

Is the book Cybunny Down a reference to Watership Down? I like. (Also, thanks for the blue-eyed Desert Usul... that reference made my day.) ~rarecollectorgal
Oh, that IS a coincidence, isn't it? *angelface*

Oh, I've got a funny feeling in my toe!

I know that you've been strict about this before, but could you please consider giving Neopets who have reached a certain age (perhaps over four/five years, to avoid mass hysteria) the option of having their name changed? I love my Neopets dearly and could never abandon them, but I didn't name them very well. I was young and naive, and now I regret it! D: ~[username removed]
It's not that we don't allow you to change the name of your Neopets to be mean or anything. We just honestly can't at this time without taking the site down due to some database thing (at least, that's what we can remember the programmers telling us when we've pestered them in the past).

Why is it that, when you give out the PPL award, there is no link to the Petpets? You just give the names, which of course you can't look up... as a result, there's no way to see these awesome old Neopets. They must be lonely with nobody to visit them. ~phial
The fact that they would point straight to old accounts and Neopets is precisely why we don't link to them. At the time the PPL was created we were having issues with scammers guessing passwords of old accounts and getting into them, so when we came up with the PPL and the programming for it, we made the tough choice to not link to the owners of these aged Petpets.

Hey TNT, have you guys ever spelled "cow" as "Kau"? ~mariyah
*blushes* Yes.

Hi TNT!!! *waves like a loony* Anyway, I've been wondering... the other day I went to visit the Money Tree and, man, was I surprised! There were hundreds of Scamanders there! Every time they would show up I would frantically click on one to see if I could grab it, but every time I got one a message would pop up that said something to the effect of: "You grab one of the Scamanders but it wriggles out of your hand, narrowly escaping into a hole in the ground!" My question is, is it actually possible to get a Scamander at the Money Tree, or are they just there? Is it possible that the "scam" in the first part of their name has something to do with it? XD Thanx! ~fairyflite95
Nope, it is quite possible to get a Scamander from the Money Tree. It's just extremely rare that someone gets a good enough grip on one to stop it from escaping!

There is a member of my guild who insists that Battledoming drives Neopia's economy. He says that most things of value, i.e. weapons, codestones, dubloons, and even books (because a Neopet's intelligence helps them in the Battledome) all contribute to this. Quite frankly, he belittles anyone who has no interest in Battledoming and doesn't see the purpose of any other aspect of Neopets. While his limited focus amuses me, it has made me wonder if there is any merit to his proposition. Is Battledoming the main purpose of the Neopets site? Does anyone track the economy of Neopia? How are most Neopoints earned and spent? Thank you for any response you can give me. ~emmakelsey1224
While it's true that most of the expensive items are Battledome items and those items hold great sway over the Neopian economy, battling isn't the main purpose of Neopets in the slightest. It's just an area where some players that have a lot of influence over the Neopian economy (due to their wealth) choose to spend their Neopoints. There are also Neopians that spend millions on painting and customising their Neopets, enhancing their shops, and just about everything else. If anything, the Flash games area of the site has the biggest effect on the economy, simply due to the fact that's where the majority of Neopoints are created. Don't think too harshly of your guild member, though. It's easy to think that the area you spend the most time with on the Neopets site is the most popular or important aspect. If you spend your days on the Battledome board, you might come to think it's the cornerstone of Neopia. If you spend time on the Avatar chat, you may think it's that area; same with the customisation boards, etc.

So, where do Lutaris actually go when they are placed in the Pound, anyway? ~snugs
They probably swim back to Lutari Island, we assume. It's a pretty nice place.

Secluded, colourful, always a nightlife...

Hey TNT - would it be okay to use a program to temporarily block some images when we're trying to get avatars that involve a lot of refreshing? I just refreshed the Game Graveyard page 400+ times and got to thinking that all those pictures probably start to add up in the bandwidth department! Please remove my username if you include this in the Editorial. :) ~[username removed]
We appreciate your thoughtfulness, but we'd rather you keep your account nice and safe by not doing anything that might make our site monitors suspicious. ^_^

Hey, TNT. Surprise, surprise, I have a question! Why is it that, on some food items, there is a little leaf in the bottom right-hand corner. What is it? ~animalcrossingbabe
These items are for a game that is currently in Beta at the moment. The game is called Petpetpet Habitats. We are hoping that sometime soon we will be able to open it up to everyone. *fingers crossed*

Hi TNT! As you know, Halloween is fast approaching, and I've been keeping my eye out for the Here Lies Fluffy trinket in the NC Mall. I procrastinated last year and missed it. My question is, has it been released this year? I know that it pops up at random times, but I've looked so often that I'm thinking it's not out. If not, would you please release it? If you do, I'll fill your treat bags with all the wax lips and soda bottles you could ever want. ~mom8139
We are sorry, but we are not planning to release that trinket again as a random item this year… but keep your eyes out / you never know, it might show itself in other ways.

What question would you have answered if you hadn't answered this one? ~piratepeople
None, actually. The Editorial does not work that way!

Two of my Neopets are "stuck" in the customization spotlight. I asked about this on the boards and discovered that it's a common problem. Every week when we go to enter our Neopets, they are already entered. Mine have been stuck for 4 weeks now. What if I don't want my Neopet in the competition? Can a Neopet win if it's stuck? Does it need to be unstuck and reentered to be put into the current week's competition? ~digitaldreams107
D'oh! x_X We'll pester the progammers so that, hopefully, we can see what the problem is and work out a solution.

Dear TNT, please go through your archive of items and release all the items that are currently unreleased. Collectively, we Neopians have been waiting years for some items to be released! I'm sure it's a tough task, but how are we ever supposed to finish our galleries and collections with so many items floating out in nowhere land? :( ~jesssares
This is being done as we type. We've called in the cavalry and are working to get those items released as fast as we can without flooding various departments.

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