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Dear Neopets, I was wondering -- are you guys really as crazy as you claim you are? (P.S. Dragona rocks :P) ~rilor87
Nah, we have to tone it down a bit for the Editorial.

Hi. I was looking at the top Neopets list and I noticed that the Limited Edition Neopets have the amount released listed as well. However, I then saw this: "Draik: 12,281 (out of 7,000)." How can that be? Please explain this... oh, and I've wanted to tell you something for ages: tell the content writers who wrote the description for the book Meepit Carols (la la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE*) that that is simply pure genius. *dies laughing* ~swisscat
The amount released and the amount existing often differ. Aside from the 7,000 Draiks originally released, there have been thousands created through the hatching of Draik eggs, hence the crazy number.

To make my robot Snowickle into a Snowickle, do I use a Snow Petpet Paint Brush? P.S. Do I get a trophy for this? ~c1tyk4t
Hmm... we'd suggest trying a Blue Petpet Paint Brush. And no, you don't get a trophy for Editorial questions. ;)

+ =
It's like magic! Or um, programming. One or the other.

TNT, ifin's you want yer cookie you gots to do tricks! So here's the trick... ever notice that when your inventory is empty the link to the gallery magically disappears, along with some others? Think it might be possible to have at least a full time gallery link? Really... it would be nice. ~purestseraphim
Oops, heh. We'll ask our programmers what they can do about that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Hi and thanks for the Neopet transferring options. I'm really excited about them, but one thing has been giving me Sneezles and I really hope you can help me! I would just like to know whether, if you transfer a Neopet that still has its original artwork and has not been switched over to the new customized art work, will it automatically be switched to the new art work or will it stay the same if you transfer it to another account? That is to say, will it still be in its original old artwork form in the new account that it goes to? Did that make sense? I actually think I'm breaking out into NeoPox with worry. Will transferring an old Neopet change how it looks? My Cybunny, for example, won't suddenly be different? *gets on knees and begs* Pleasssse inform us, ye wise ones of Neopia! ~weavingsilver
Neopets will not automatically convert to new artwork if you transfer them. However, once it is in the hands of another person, they will have the power to convert them, so do keep that in mind.

There is Psellia the air faerie, Iyana the earth faerie, Fuhnah the fire faerie, Nereid the water faerie, and Maelstra the dark faerie, BUT... what about The Light Faerie? What is her name? Why is she forced to fly around Neopia nameless and unknown? WHY, TNT, WHY? ~j_elly_
All these faeries are just an example of their faerie type. Psellia isn't the only air faerie, just a particular one. If you're referencing the Neopedia entry A Light Faerie, that's just a (very old) story about a typical light faerie and their kind in general.

Why do you give the news a date that's different than what day it is? For instance, on Oct. 1st, the news was dated Oct. 2nd. Why do you guys do that? ~neopuffin94
Because, depending on what side of the planet you live on, tomorrow might actually be today!

I'm trying to get the "Drackonack eats cheese" avatar, but my Drackonack refuses to eat the cheese! Is it lactose intolerant? ~loadingplzwait
Just keep refreshing, and good luck to you! Unlike Neopets, Petpets aren't too picky about what they eat.

Look at the size of that cheese! No wonder it's taking him so long!

Can we report User Lookups? I'm asking because I've seen some inappropriate ones. ~lestyloo
Yes, please. If you see any user-edited area of the site that has inappropriate content on it, please report this immediately so our monitors can look into it.

I'm really confused! In the Neopets rules it says that you are allowed 5 accounts per person, but when playing games such as Tombola it says you are only allowed 1, and that having more is considered cheating. Which rule am I supposed to follow? ~tahnee_5
You may have up to five accounts. However, you may only play games and earn Neopoints on your "main" account. The other accounts can be used to adopt Neopets, set up galleries funded from your main account, and create Petpages (or anything else along those lines), as long as you don't use the account to earn items or Neopoints.

Why isn't the Mini Wocky Joke Book considered a book? Right now it is a toy. Could this be fixed, please? ~pidgeot

Dear TNT, I've noticed that, every time I play Key Quest (I love it, by the way), I always think that the Key Quest faerie looks like a fire faerie. Is she, in fact, a fire faerie? Thanks if you answer TNT, and PLEASE, do not include my username. ~[username removed]
Yes, she is indeed a fire faerie. :)

What is the World of Neopets called? Is it called Neopia or Neovia? Whenever I say "Neopia" on the boards, people correct me. The same thing happens when I say "Neovia." So which is it? ~_pinkflamestar94
The globe of Neopets is called "Neopia." Within Neopia there are other worlds, such as the Haunted Woods, which leads to Neovia.

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